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New Apparel Fashion Brand UNEEDNOW

The press conference has ended!
Sakura Miyawaki and NGT48 Rie Kitahara, posing for a cool 2shot📷


Moments of members singing DiVA’s Lost the Way from the making of the 2012 and 2013 Unit Matsuri concerts. 

Everyone’s got the Lost the Way fever. 

Shows just how catchy and awesome the song and DiVA itself are to Takamina and members who are DiVA fans and all DiVA fans.

Takamina and Sasshi going “Give me a CD!” in the beginning. And Yuko imitating Sayaka. XD


Sayaka being targeted by Team B in the Word Dodgeball event.

Kinda silly that since this is the dodgeball game where you badmouth your target before hitting them, all the Team B members that targeted her here only insulted her with:

Myao: Uhhohho! (This is the second time she targeted Sayaka with that.)
Kitarie: Uhho!
Tomomi: Uhho!

Poor Sayaka. Really, come on girls. Surely you can think of something else to say other than “Uhho” can you?

Aside from the fact that Sayaka got out, I’m quite amazed at her reflexes and speed to avoid the ball, even at her last attempt to dodge before she got hit.

But fortunately Sayaka’s efforts didn’t go to waste. Because you see when a curious Nacchan came closer towards a fallen Sayaka…

Ucchi avenged her captain by using a last minute sudden attack on Nacchan while she wasn’t noticing and got her out. Nice move there Ucchi. XD