na realidade percebi que o problema sou eu. eu te projetei na minha mente como outra pessoa. eu criei uma porra de uma ilusão. a culpa não é sua, a culpa é minha. por esperar demais, por querer demais. aliás, será que você existe mesmo? talvez seja só mais uma paranoia, uma miragem. uma miragem bem bonita. a questão é que eu preciso seguir em frente, mas fica difícil quando a merda da miragem/paranoia aparece a cada 5 minutos na minha mente. eu estou cansada.
tudo se tornou
e a culpa é minha.
—  ou quem sabe, nossa.
January - So many amazing places!

Its nearly February already! I have een to so many places the past few weeks!

Before Christmas and new years we visited some amazing beaches…

Coins in the rope….apparently 5 yen is the luckiest coin.

This beach was breathtaking..

 We were lucky enough to spend the new years with a Japanese family….We all visited Dazaifu again together, we left early to beat the crowds. There was so much lovely food!

Jack and Corey decided they wanted to make some model Gundam so we went back to otaku city! I finally got around to watching some of the anime that these statues are based on too….

Apparently it’s traditional to visit three shrines for new years..beautiful!

Things to burned..

I thought this shrine was particularly beautiful, i love the colours.

We also took a ride up to a temple in Moji where some of Buddhas remains are said to be kept…found an abandoned house on the way up the mountain…

The sunset at the top was out of this world….

A few days later we visited another temple which also claimed to house some of Buddhas remains. The route we took was beautiful..

Another abandoned shack in the woods…


We had a calligraphy class…..


Another shrine visit….

Visited a beautiful lake with a Chinese pagoda…

Found another abandoned hotel and craft work shop…..