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The Templar's Daughter

Because I see all these wonderful ‘Cullen has a mage child’ headcanons floating around, and I thought I’d pitch in.

              Cullen having a mage child makes my heart smile because it gives him a chance to start over. Sure he’s a new man with the Inquisitor, but she knows his past. She knows how dark and damaged he’s been. How damaged he still is. This child—this ray of sunlight in his life—is his chance to get it right. Completely right. His chance to treat a mage well, with love and care. To make sure she is safe and happy, but not in the way a Templar would make sure a mage is happy. In the way a father would make sure his daughter was safe and happy.

              But I imagine it’s a great source of fear too. I imagine that Cullen, who is already plagued with nightmares, now has dreams about his little girl getting possessed. Cullen checking on her in the middle of the night because he can’t sleep—and he has to be sure his nightmares don’t become real. Cullen being awake before anyone in the morning so that he can reassure himself that she’s fine. That nothing happened while she was dreaming.

              And then there’s the fear of how the world will treat her. Thedas isn’t safe for mages. It’s full of people who fear magic, and rightly so. It’s full of people who will hate her simply because of what she is. People who might hurt her because of those gifts. People who might exploit her for them.

              Cullen fearing, as she becomes stronger, that she might lose control. What if she loses control? What if there’s something going wrong and she can’t stop it. What if she hurts herself? And he can’t do anything about it. Only he can. So he starts taking Lyrium again for that extra ounce of control. For that layer of safety just in case something goes wrong. Just in case she needs him to protect her.

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