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I just saw your text post and I hope you feel better and that everything is going well

Oh yeah I’m fine now! i was hearing things earlier and i got scared and made my sister come home (sorry zoe)


Assalam alaikum wr wb
Saudaraku Odojers yg saya cintai karena Allah, menjadi penting kita sebagai hamba selalu bersyukur kepada pencipta kita, because without Allah, we are nothing. Kalau langkah kaki kita selalu dibarengi dgn syukur maka Allah tidak akan segan2 menambahkan rezki kita semua. So, tunggu apalagi, mari sertakan nama Allah disetiap desahan napas kita.

Well guys, the important thing above is the word ‘rezki’. Saya rasa kita semua sudah paham adanya.
Kalau ngomongin rezki, tapi bukan rezki seniorku lho. Mungkin da yg bertanya berapa banyak rezki yg telah digariskan oleh Allah untuk kita. The answer is not in your diary book, but we can recognize them through how the way Allah gave us.
Nah, coba kita simak sejenak cara Allah memberikan rezki kepada kita, asal loe tau aja yaa, ada 4 cara, camkan baik2 itu, ada emmpaaat!!!

First, rezki yg dijamin oleh Allah, kalau anda anggap sy berbohong coba buka Al Qurannya, jgn hanya tau baca, pahami juga isinya, padahal sy juga, hehehe. Pada QS Hud:6 “dan tidak satu pun makhluk bergerak (bernyawa) di bumi melainkan semuany dijamin Allah rezkinya.” artinya Allah akan menjamin setiap makhluk termasuk manusia atas segala rezkinya, seperti Allah memberikan akal, tangan, kaki, umur panjang, rahang keras, dll tanpa usaha pun Allah akan memberikan

Second, coba simak QS An-Najm:39 “bahwa manusia hanya memperoleh apa yg telah diusahaknnya” pd ayat ini Allah mengingatkan kepada kita bahwa rezki itu datang sesuai dengan pekerjaan kita, tidak pandang bulu mau muslim atau bukan muslim. Misalnya kita punya gadget yg paling mahal, gadget itu kita dapat karena kita kerja siang malam, Makanya kita dianjurkan untuk bekerja teman2, agar kita mendapat rezki dan jangan harap lebih kalau pekerjaan kita tidak lebih. So, it’s imposible for catching your dream, if you are not hard work.

Third, rezki itu ada kalau kita bersyukur. Kalau ngga percaya, mari sama2 kita buka QS Ibrahim:7 “Sesungguhnya jika kamu bersyukur, pasti Kami akan menambah (nikmat) kepadamu, jika kamu mengingkari (nikmat-Ku) maka sesungguhnya azab-Ku sangat pedih.” Disini Allah memberikan keistimewaan rezki bagi orang2 yg bersyukur, misalnya ada orang yang memiliki kendaraan banyak, ada kuda, jaguar, panther, kijang, byson, dan teman2 yg lain. bukannya kesenangan yg didapat malah kekwatiran, takut kehilangan hartanya, tidak ada nilai plus hadirnya makhluk2 tersebut. Seandainya semua harta yg dimilikinya disikapi dgn banyak bersyukur maka yg didapat adalah kesejahteraan, ketenangan, ketentraman. U got your achievement is double. kata La ode Asis ‘senang di atas, senang di bawah’. Yg punya rahang keras bersyukurlah sebab itu membuatmu istimewa.

The last, ini yg terakhir teman2 sebelum berakhir, mudah2an teman2 belum bosan dgn celotehku. Yakni rezki didapat karena beriman dan bertakwa. Supaya lebih meyakinkan buka sendiri QS At Talaq: 2-3, baca sendiri jangan manja, tidak ada kata manja digrup ini. Kedua ayat ini Allah memberikan rezki kepada orang2 tertentu,

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"ask me about my demons"
belphigor: if you could pick 3 forms to shapeshift into, what would they be?

“Hm… well first, I like the idea of flying. And the Noivern is one impressive-looking Pokemon, along with its high speed, so Noivern would be my first choice.

Second, I’d like to easily explore the depths of the oceans without the need of a rebreather or Dive so a mermaid. Plus, I’ll still be beautiful in that form, heh.

And lastly… something with sharp fangs and teeth to let my enemies know that I won’t hesitate to rip their throats out if they ever piss me off.”

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"ask me about my demons"
baal: if you were a god, how would you prefer to be worshipped?

What do you mean ‘if’ I were a god? I would require offerings of the finest and the most delicious pastries… and alcohol.”

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"ask me about my demons" 
jezebel: talk about a time you used your sexuality to get your way.

“…Are you really asking me to pick one time?

…I may have persuaded a certain attractive yet idiotic grunt into spilling certain details of their team’s hideout. Took the whole night too but only because I was trying to pick out words through their moans. That’s all I am sharing.”

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Gimme gimme gimme!

Send my muse “Gimme gimme gimme! And I’ll randomly generate a number from 1-45 to see what my muse gives yours from the list below. All simple or fluff!

42. A picnic basket full of goods

"Um I guess this is for ya? Its got your name scribbled on it." Kita thrust a picnic basket into Akio’s hands which was filled with… cupakes. Giant giant glorious cupcakes.

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♤ ((yes yes best way to initiate interaction whoops))

Send me a ♤ and I will generate a number for what my muse will say to yours. ANGST VERSION


Who did he think he was? Did he think that just because she was a woman and was caught snooping around meant that she needed some big, strong man to “rescue” her from her troubled life? How cliche. Huffing, she placed a hand on her hip with a cruel smile etched on her face.

"You can’t fix me."

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An Altaria with a small satchel around its neck lands in front of you. It gives soft coos as it nuzzles against your face. It isn't long before small Swablu trail along joining it and surrounding you in a fluffy cuddle pile. After an intense fluffy cuddle session the Swablu part ways and the Altaria lets you take the satchel which has a box of cookies and a note. It reads 'You are a lovely wonderful person. Beloved by all. Don't let life get you down. Smile lots and stay happy. You're awesome!'

//thank you for sending this, anon! you are a lovely wonderful person as well! had to draw this because this picture in my head was too cute to pass up.

Put a ₱ into my inbox, and I’ll randomly generate a Pokemon for my muse to give you!

          Professor ~

                    I know that this may seem out of the blue but I was hoping you could do me a favor. Inside this Pokeball is a Milotic that I found wounded in the wild. I’ve taken him to the PokeCenter and the nurses have done everything they could but they  informed me that he can only recuperate fully where there’s water. I cannot think of releasing him back into the wild at his state but I cannot let him stay with me in an apartment that’s way too small for him. Could you please let him stay in the garden pool for now? I’ll come by tomorrow to check on him. Thank you.

          ~ Kita

P.S. Be very gentle with him. He still seems to be in shock from his attack so he may lash out if you make sudden movements. Also do not stare at his tail. It’s all bandaged-up yes but fyi, some of his scales have been cut off.

Send ✿ for my muse’s reaction of yours showing up at my doorstep with flowers.

Among her hopes and expectations for her visit to Hoenn, it definitely did not including having a strange cute girl with flowers show up at the door to her room at the inn she was staying at for the day. On the other hand, meeting a cute girl was on the list so this was close enough. And the flowers were a plus (even though they were likely not for her). Smiling, she leaned against the doorway…a knife tucked into her belt behind her in case this was some trap. “Well good day, miss. Are you perhaps lost?”