“Well, I asked them to send up one of the more mature looking slaves as soon as one was available,” the master admitted, grabbing his shirt and some pants. Had he known the slave would have been here so soon would have been been dressed for it. “But I didn’t expect it to be instantaneous.” he chuckled. “Come in, Love.”



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Work Hard. Play Hard. Look Fabulous.

The school year means lots of late nights (studying in the library, of course) followed by early morning classes. Our college survival kit will make it look like you got your beauty sleep, even when you didn’t go to bed until the sun came up.

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i love how the fandom has basically decided that garrett hawke is this big dweeb who makes bad puns and is an irl excitable puppy dog

and then marian hawke is like this fierce beautiful goddess who will crush you with her armoured boot and you will thank her for it



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DIY Wooden iPhone Dock

Full Tutorial:

A piece of wood
Lightning cable
Dremel or rotary hand tool
Hot glue gun
Cabinet makers’ wax
Thick, self-adhesive felt base