kit's an idiot



  • Name: Kit
  • Nicknames: Kulu/idiot/Panda-Devil
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2*
  • Species: ….
  • Class: Hacker
  • Type Blood: AB

Personality: personality is complex. Going by the differences in the way he conducts himself when speaking to others and the way he speaks in his own head or when he’s alone, it seems like his way of being so creepy and enigmatic may just be a facade to put people off or conceal his thoughts. 

He just likes practical jokes and often takes them too far.

Atk- ….
Def- 70
Hp- 40[srsly?]
Lvl- 50->60

Weapons: His Lab is a weapons, hacking

[ He doesn’t like join fight spmetimes. that’s all/ too lazy]

VG idea by @blogthegreatrouge [ i should join too X’D ] 

Nick and Judy adopting little newborn bunny kit, and Nick constantly worrying about their growth and development.  Like meeting important milestones when they should.  But Judy assures him that everything is fine and normal, and tells him to relax.

Then later they adopt a newborn fox kit and Judy is immediately and constantly concerned about their growth and development.  So she looks to Nick to support, but he’s just like “I don’t freaking know, why would I freaking know.  Crap, our kit’s gonna die, Carrots” and generally freaking out just as much as her.  Which of course is no help to the situation.  And the two of them are a mess until Mrs. Wilde comes and tells them they’re being ridiculous.

Kai 8x14: Reaction Kit

Idiots trapping Kai in a prison world for the third time in a row.

If Kai’s trapped again, he’ll find a way to escape. Even if it takes him all of BBt’s human life to do it, he’ll find a way out, he’ll wait it out if he has to. Tho maybe they’ll release him to bring Elena back, who knows. Cuz how else is she going to wake up, anyway? (If you say the twins, Imma flip).

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Kai will get out of this. He has to.

He always does, because “You win some, you lose some. Except for me. I always win.” He’s already beaten the impossible before, so this is nothing new for him.

Kai will always win.