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LOS SPOILERS/ Major question!

So I don’t need to point out that this contains Lord of Shadows spoilers. You’ve been warned and spoilers are tagged.

1.) Where the fuck are Jace, Clary, Jem and Tessa? I mean they are obviously doing something important.

2.) Who is this Shade Warlock? Cassie constantly points that he has green skin. Is Ragnor alive?

3.) Is fricken Bridget from TID alive????

4.) Jessamine gives me life. I would never have thought that I would like her so much.

5.) All the references from TLH and TID are killing me.

6.) I fear for Julian. This death will destroy him. Do you think he will try to bring her back?

7.) Kit Herondale is a blessing to the Shadowhunsters. Don’t tell me otherwise!

8.) Kit calling Will an idiot gives me life too.

9.) I feel so sorry for the Lightwoods. Not another family member!

10.) To the poeple who said they don’t like Livvy. She deserved to grow up next to Ty, to have a life full of experiences just like she told Kit.

What are your theories?



  • Name: Kit
  • Nicknames: Kulu/idiot/Panda-Devil
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2*
  • Species: ….
  • Class: Hacker
  • Type Blood: AB

Personality: personality is complex. Going by the differences in the way he conducts himself when speaking to others and the way he speaks in his own head or when he’s alone, it seems like his way of being so creepy and enigmatic may just be a facade to put people off or conceal his thoughts. 

He just likes practical jokes and often takes them too far.

Atk- ….
Def- 70
Hp- 40[srsly?]
Lvl- 50->60

Weapons: His Lab is a weapons, hacking

[ He doesn’t like join fight spmetimes. that’s all/ too lazy]

VG idea by @blogthegreatrouge [ i should join too X’D ] 


Rare video of Kit being calm.  He is cutest.

Yvonne vs. THAT Scarf.

Extract from Yahoo Style article.

She filmed the series during her first Canadian winter and like Serena Joy, she learned how to knit, crafting a scarf that she gave to the showrunner as a wrap gift. Picking up her character’s hobby helped her connect with Serena Joy, in a way.  “Because it’s so unrelatable to me, I’ve had a hard time trying to understand her,” says Strahovski. “What made her heart hurt and what made her heart happy?”

The miniseries explores her backstory in greater detail then the book, showing her earlier life in flashback scenes, when she had a career as a champion of traditional values and a platform, and hot, passionate sex with her husband (Joseph Fiennes). She’s a former author who, as all women, was then forbidden to read and write.

Read the rest of the article here: [x]

Bruce Miller must be thrilled. :P

Recruitment (Or, What to Do With a Dreadlord)

“Alright Evie, stay here, I’m going to clean up camp,” Kit said, looking down behind her as she climbed out of her bag, “And then we’ll get back on the road, we’re gonna meet…”

“Hello Kaelona.”

She had one foot still in the bag, and she jumped, whirling and hitting the intruder on the head with her polearm, then jumped back, wincing as the bag flew from the kick and hit the tree.

Maybe Mira’s spell will keep things from getting jumbled around…

“What are you doing here?” she demanded, pointing her spear at the nathrezim, “And why the hell can’t I get that stupid mark off.”

“Owww,” he rubbed his head, “You infused your staff with that…” he sat up, his form changing to that of an elf, “I’ve been watching you…”


“And you were promised to me.”

“Again, disgusting. And that’s a promise Alandrine made, not me.”

“Look! I just know that when a soul is given…”

“No, she played you. And the fact that you’re trying to get me to pay up for her idiot games, line up! And if we’re talking about my soul, I already gave it to Evie!” she snapped, “I’ve got nothing to do with that bitch… who by the way is DEAD!”

He blinked at the outburst, then sighed heavily and pouted, “I…”

She crossed her arms and he swallowed.

“You’re acting like a spoiled brat,” she sighed, “You can’t get me, I’m engaged already, of my choosing. But I bet I can ask if you can get a job, and do something useful other than stalking me,” she reached for her communicator, “Unless you want to keep working for those jerks in the Legion.”

He blinked, “I don’t have a choice there. It’s the…” she whacked him with her polearm again, and he fell back, clutching his head where the jade light surrounding her spear connected with his skin.

“You know I heard of one of you becoming a paladin,” she said, moving her weapon to rest across her shoulders, “Course it could be rumor only, but come on, do you really want to work for a bunch of idiots like that? Look at the damage you did to Val'sharah! And for WHAT exactly, huh?”

He didn’t answer, instead peered at her from behind his hands covering his face and turned away, “What else am I going to do?”

“Like I said, get a job,” she pressed her ear set, “Hey Mirrles, got a question, and I figured you’d know… how do I go about reforming an idiot dreadlord?”

Kit blinked, “When she stops laughing, I’m sure she’ll have an answer.”


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#19 for the "Lord of Shadows" Asks 😍😍 This is incorrectdarkartifices btw :)

19. Kit. Go.


Kit is my ultimate favourite character, i don’t know whyy, i seem to have a thing for falling for characters that haven’t got any character development (yet). 

sO Kit, the protagonist for The Wicked Powers along with Ty (fight me on this) I mean it’s kinda disappointing that he isn’t afraid of ducks cause i was hoping the Blackthorns would prank him with duck alarm clocks shit, but i do hope he does has a quirky fear (like Alec is afraid of umbrellas, same man..)

I’ve said this totally unnecessary theory before but, i think (i’m also pretty sure) that Kit (being the idiot he is) runs away from the institute, he’d probably head towards the Shadow Market and look for Wren (unbeknownst that she’s dead). Failed attempt.

Kit likes reading? In an ask Cassie said Kit complains about someone scribbling “Will H.” in all the books, he was reading some of the London institute’s books? Another bookworm Herondale?!

I also headcanon Kit watching Ty training and saying that he is taking notes when actually he isn’t focusing on the moves whatsoever but admiring Ty himself.

Kit is an angsty teen.


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Ok but Lance doing something funny/endearing/sweet/whatever and Keith having a Gay Epiphany as he realizes he has a crush on his friend. But then the next second Lance does something stupidly Lance and Keith immediately feels Gay Regret because there's 6 other people on this spaceship and he has to get a crush on THIS IDIOT.

YALL DONT KNOW HOW MUCH I NEED MORE OF PINING KEITH especially because lance is freaking infuriating so it’s basically like

lance: [being lance]


“Do you want red or white wine with dinner tonight, sweet pea?”

Rebecca Carlisle, Maddie’s stepmom, glances over at the blonde and smiles innocently, but something about the hungry, expectant look in her eyes stops Madeleine dead in her tracks.

It’s a test, she realizes, sensing a breathless anticipation hidden beneath the older woman’s sugar coated words. Becky wants to see if I’ll drink the alcohol.

“Neither!” her sister Natalie cuts in loudly. She’s not drunk yet, but judging from her increasingly boisterous tone she’s not far from it. “Maddie wants to drink my homemade margaritas tonight!”

Madeleine rolls her eyes. “But that means you’d actually have to share some of that tequila with the rest of us,” she chides.

“Honestly, that’s the last thing you want. If I get drunk enough, I may forget what a loser your new boyfriend is,” Natalie retorts, smirking at her over the top of her salt-rimmed glass. “Although I doubt there’s enough alcohol in the entire city to make him look good, especially in comparison.”

“You must have had more of those than I thought. You’ve started talking gibberish,” Maddie laughs, but her entire body buzzes with anger.

“You know exactly what I mean, and so does everyone else. Trading Kit in for that idiot?” Natalie snorts. “You’re losing your edge, sis.”

“I liked him,” Gabrielle, the middle of the three sisters, chimes in quietly. “He seems nice, and he obviously cares about you, Madeleine.”

“Yeah, as I said. What an idiot.” And with that, Natalie turns on her heel and saunters away.

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Super protective badboy!cal please? Like really intimidating but super sweet with you?

“Touch her again and I’ll kill you,” Calum spat over the limb body below him. He stumbled as he stood. You swooped in and held him in an upright position. All of the people that were gathered around parted ways as you guided Calum into the house. You knew parties were a bad idea with Calum. You could never escape without causing a scene. Weather it was Calum getting into a fight or getting a homemade tattoo on the back patio. But the recipe for disaster with Calum is for someone else to mess with you. This time, you were especially glad Calum swooped in. The guy who was messing with you was not taking no for an answer.

Once you had carried Calum up to the bathroom, you sat him up on the counter. You rummaged through the cupboards for a first aid kit.

“Sorry I’m an idiot,” Calum said while you pressed a cotton ball soaked in alcohol to his split chin. “I just don’t want anyone to touch you when you don’t want them too. I know that freaks you out.” He brushed the hair away from your face and laced his fingers in your hair. You continued to disinfect and bandage the wounds on your boyfriends face. He didn’t have too many. He was rather experienced. “Are you mad?” He was acknowledging the silence.

“No,” you said softly, continuing to clean up the dried blood. “I’m glad you stepped in when you did.” You were still shaken from the encounter. Calum could sense it. He placed his hands on your waist and pulled you between his legs. You leaned your head against his chest and closed your heavy eyelids for just a second. Calum’s palms rubbed up and down your arms soothingly while he pressed his lips to your forehead. Calum took his giant arms and wrapped them around your whole body. You let your arms snake under his and around his back.

“I’ve got you, baby girl. I’ve got you.”

My Weakness (Bad Boy Luke)

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 2.1K

As you guys know I have been ridiculously busy, but I finally got this out there! Definetly not my best work, but it got me out of my writer’s block! Hope you enjoy, feedback is my fave so message me if you liked it!

calum // ashton // michael

“Oi, you’re gonna kill him mate that’s enough! I said that’s enough,” Jeremy’s voice was stern as he pulled the boy up off the ground, shoving him back into the group surrounding him. I groaned, trying to keep myself from hurling on the sidewalk, which was swimming violently below me. I wasn’t used to this position; I hardly ever fell in a fight. I tried to keep my eyes off the sneaker poking out from behind the tree behind the horde of boys, but I couldn’t. I knew Y/N was back there, waiting. Knowing her she would have been out here ten minutes ago; she’d tried to interfere as soon as she heard them yelling, but I’d shook my head at her as discretely as I could and she’d scurried behind the tree to wait it out.

“Let’s go guys, before somebody finds him,” one of the boys perked up from the back of the group. He was a follower for sure, a newer member who had only gotten a few kicks in to my ribs before getting pushed back. They weren’t hard kicks, and I could tell he didn’t really want to be there. I closed my eyes when they punched him hard in the jaw, laughing as he stumbled away, following him and finally leaving me alone, yelling over their shoulders “Whose so tough now big boy? Serves you right Hemmings.”

I waited until they were out of earshot before coughing up the blood that was pooling in my mouth, unsure of which blow had caused it. My muscles relaxed involuntarily when I felt her hand on my back, rubbing gently.

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