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How Big Is Your Strap-On by Kit Yan. Some love for Slam Poetry about gender issues!


It’s that time again! Introducing…

Bail and Bree, the peacock and peahen who spend most of their time wandering the gardens near the Naboo enclosure.

Quinn the Grey Kangaroo who somehow always manages to escape from his enclosure and can usually be found in the Temple irritating Ben. Is usually trailed by his long-suffering enclosure mate…

Alya the Eurasian Otteralso spends a good deal of time either the Temple or, strangely enough, hanging out with the small pack of local canines that somehow always manage to get in. She is partners in crime especially with a Jack Russell Terrier named Bly (according to his collar)

Duke the Persian Cat comes and goes as he pleases. Through a very odd and very hilarious of events he helped raise Jinn and still visits the Temple enclosure on occasion. Still treats Jinn like a cub who never got any bigger than him. Tolerates Ben, even seems to like him on occasion and has been seen trying to, apparently, persuade him to leave the zoo with him. Loathes Ani. Argues with Grinch incessantly, much to the amusement of the zoo staff.

Kit the Sea Otter technically lives in the Temple enclosure’s saltwater pool, but usually ignores his enclosure-mates in favor of interacting with the visitors. Most common visitor of the animal persuasion is Alya.

Shakti the Bengal Tiger is a resident of the enclosure behind the Temple exhibit. She is very calm and has a habit of temporarily adopting anything that moves.

Sri the Sumatran Tiger is Shakti’s enclosure-mate and has a long-term friendly rivalry with Ben that seems to extend, in a much more antagonistic form, to Ani and (As of yet undetermined identity for Ferus Olin)

I honestly don’t remember which of these were my idea and which were @zannatinuviel‘s. We brainstormed this several nights ago.


I AM: Trans People Speak- Kit Yan


Kit Yan - 26 Steps (by Kit Yan)

A love poem.

The latest by Asian American trans slam poet Kit Yan. Kit has been featured in HBO’s Asian Aloud, and the queer poetry anthologies Flickr and Sparkle and Troubling the Line. Kit is a tireless promoter of queer and trans* visibility, working with OUTmedia and Campus Pride on “Be Queer Buy Queer” and the “Queer It Up” campaigns.

Fans of Kit can win a chance to meet him at Heritage of Pride, NYC, this year! More details at OUTmedia OUTloud’s Launch & Giveaway post!

Catch BK Kit on the LES @ Sidewalk Cafe tonight @8!


i want this relationship.


Last weekend some of our students and our wonderful coordinator Jen Hsu went to the 2015 MBLGTACC at Illinois State University! The Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference is the largest LGBTQlA college conference in the nation. Here are some great photos of their adventure and some great familiar faces such as Laverne Cox!


Kit Yan performs “3rd Gender” at the University of Vermont.


Kit Yan knows exactly how I’m feeling today.

“3rd Gender” - Kit Yan at UVM (by Kit Yan)

My ethnicity is...fuck you mind your own business.

Sometimes it just really bothers me how often people ask me what my ethnicity is because as a biracial woman it’s not immediately apparent “what” I am. I know some people ask because they’re curious about my cultural heritage but I think most people ask so they know how to stereotype/judge me. 

Also this title is taken from the spoken word poet Kit Yan (who is awesome) and he states in one of his poems “My gender is fuck you mind your own business” which I thought was absolutely brilliant. So thank you Kit for your powerful and inspiring words.


Pride Week Rundown!

This last week was intensely busy for OUTmedia, being the run up to Pride!

Things started off Tuesday with the Trans Pride Storytelling Night, featuring  Janet Mock, Red Durkin, and OUTmedia’s good friend & queer trans poet, Kit Yan.

Next up, on Friday, Kit & queer comedian Jessica Halem performed at the Heritage of Pride Rally. They went on right before secret guest star Lady Gaga.

Earlier on Friday was the Trans Day of Action, which I (social media intern Marty) attended with a group of friends and a hand-made sign.

Speaking of friends, Team Kit’s Erin got married on Saturday in the wake of DOMA and in anticipation of her spouse Amanda’s military deployment in the second week of July. They had a beautiful DIY ceremony. Hopefully federal benefits will be extended to her now that section 3 of DOMA has been struck down.


Seeing him on Thursday. Excited :)


Kit Yan, nationwide famous slam poet and spoken word artist, performing his trademark poem “3rd Gender” - a satire of society’s perception of gender, sexuality, and dichotomy.

Hopefully Tulane will be graced with an appearance by him sometime in the near future.