kit this

Kent gasps, big and melodramatic. “Is that…a baby cat?” Kit jogs up the side of the bed and kisses his hand a few times. “Does she love me?” The cat walks up onto his pillow before turning round and settling in, snuggling her face into his hair. “She does, she loves me!” He plays up the awe in his quiet voice, knowing how much she loves the attention, and ruffles the fur between her shoulders.
“Of course she loves you,” Jeff mumbles into his neck. “You practically worship her.”
Kent tucks his chin to look down at the other man. “You jealous?”
Kent laughs and kisses his boyfriend’s hair.


Random newly arriving plunder post.

Even though I have no interest in Funko figures like most of the masses, and there’s something incredibly wrong with a happy, adorable Wily, I caved on the Dorbs set. Essentially getting them for free helped, but they actually fit in with Bobble Buds, minus the bobbling.

I totally forgot the Worlds Unite collections were a thing that actually got printed, considering the status of Archie and all. So I picked those two up while they are still in print, since I never actually read that whole thing, not being a Sonic subscriber when it was going on. ‘Course, if Volume 3 never comes out, I guess I never really will read the whole thing, will I?

And then, finally, a few cheap deals. Took forever to find anyone selling the X novel, and even though I can’t really read it (until the fan translation is done at least), man there are some tasty Iwamoto pics in there. Also got Izuki’s Rockman and Forte omnibus, complete with Rockman Burning Shot and R10 Extra F (R10 Arranged CD) comics, plus nice bonus images from Ariga and Iwamoto at the end. Wrap it up with one last model kit, Bly Noise. I think for Mega May, I’m just gonna focus on putting together all these kits. They’ve piled up since Hobby Rock…^^;