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I think I dislike the word “hunk.” I’ve been asked about it a lot. It came up at a kind of HFPA conference. Someone said, “Do you like being referred to as a hunk?” And I went, “No, I don’t like being referred to as a hunk.” It’s a fucking ridiculous thing to be referred to as. It’s like calling a girl a “babe.” It’s frankly offensive.

Playing the Game of Face - Make a lie sound like the Truth. - The second, that Arya would ever wonder what it was like to wear all of Sansa’s pretty dresses was hint 1). that she was lying. Of all people, Sansa knows Arya doesn’t want to be a “proper lady”, never has. Arya could have a pretty dress made for her like she had her fine light armor made, if she really wanted. But Sansa still went snooping for some stupid scroll instead of coming to her directly. She doesn’t trust her sister enough to respect her by a direct confrontation. And she really buys that Arya would kill her like LF implied!

That last bit irritates the fuck out of Arya – she’d rather have lost the game this time – but again, Arya doesn’t realize Sansa’s brain shut off and she’s mentally back a few seasons. So she tells Sansa “You lost the game” by handing her the dagger instead of stabbing her. She waits for Sansa to take it, and gives her a moment to hold it. She’s giving her the only final clue she can: A non-verbal one. We came here looking for our enemy. I’m not your enemy. Here’s how you find the real enemy – you brought him into Winterfell, and he brought this with him. And remember how you can get proof.“ Of course the plot could have just stopped and started with that reunion, but it would be far worse of a dodge than at least trying to let the audience wonder how things will go down.

And she leaves Sansa with the (all male) faces, as if to say "Here, if you still don’t trust me, here’s some real blackmail material (my precious faces). Freely given. I know you’re smarter than this. I only told you about what I found (the letter) and told no one else, as you must know. I trust you to keep my secret. And it’s one I really will die for telling if you blab.”

- ChicTucker

At the end it was all a lie. The dagger was turned around, the blade pointed at Arya’s stomach. The pause with Sansa holding it there. This is Arya confiding it was all a lie: Arya would never kill her just like Sansa would never kill Arya. But Arya was also sending two messages: 1). LF is our true enemy and this is his weapon. 2). I told you my secrets, leaving you to hold my dagger, and all my precious faces that includes fucking Walder Frey. I am trusting you not to condemn me and giving you all the evidence to do so. I’m trusting you not to use it. At this point in E07, all the Starks will begin to work together.

This leads to Sansa putting Arya on “trial” after Bran exposes LF’s past lies and plots. Sansa gives Arya back her dagger and she kills LF.


Part 1 of 3

I think the directors and writers have been very deliberate with how they’ve been setting up scenes between Jon and Daenerys. I’m not sure if anyone else has really noticed this or not since I haven’t seen many comments on it (of course, if you’re like me and reading into every Jonerys interaction, you’ve probably noticed this), but the framing in every Jonerys scene is very symbolic. 

The first time they meet They’re so far apart. Jon enters the room and here’s Dany sitting on a throne, neither is on the same level, Daenerys is sitting Jon is standing, Dany is elevated and with her people while Jon is amongst strangers and on the floor. The meeting does not go well as neither is willing to bend. By the end of the scene Daenerys has moved from the throne to stand in front of Jon, they still aren’t facing the same direction, they’re in opposing directions, but she’s come down to his level with a certain respect for him.

Later in the episode when Daenerys is convinced to let Jon mine dragonglass he comes to meet her. This scene is interesting because they’re finally alone, yet they’re still facing different directions, but they’re closer together than they were in their earlier interaction. They start off not meeting eyes, but as each tries to sway the other they look at each other. The scene ends with Jon slightly turned to Daenerys, symbolizing that he is grateful to her, but still not abandoning his own mission. When Jon leaves, Daenerys looks back, she’s slowly respecting him more and more.

In the following episode Jon comes looking for Daenerys. Again, she’s in a different position than him. She’s surrounded by her followers, but she chooses to go down to meet Jon, unaccompanied. She doesn’t make him come to her, instead she goes to him, symbolizing her beginning to trust him and come around to seeing his side. When he takes her to the cave she leaves her guards and enters with him, going deeper and deeper into the cave. The framing in the cave I love. You have Jon and Dany both in there, close together, coming together, as Jon shows her that the threat he’s been warning about is true. She starts by following him in showing she’s believing him more and more, getting deeper and deeper. Then as he’s looking at her we can see her expression soften as she takes this in. Then Jon reaches out and takes her arm (melt!) and he turns her toward the wall as he steps behind her, they’re looking the same way and moving the same way. This is the moment where despite her wanting him to bend the knee, they respect each other and trust each other completely.

Then as they exit the cave we get one of my favourite shots of the entire series, Jon and Daenerys, side by side. I love everything about this shot, the framing, the lighting. It’s the first shot that shows them in the same frame completely equal. I especially love the fact that Daenerys has that blue lighting on her side, she’s always symbolized fire and this is the first time she’s really had a strong blue light, symbolizing ice, cast on her. Jon is lit in red and he has the torch, symbolizing fire, even though he’s always represented ice. This is where we see them moving forward in the same direction without one guiding the other, and that together they balance each other and are a song of ice and fire and they emerge from the darkness.

I am posting this video for those who feel a little disheartened, and are losing their faith, after watching the scene between Jon and D. in 7.06, and for those who are going to feel, even more disheartened, by the scene we’ve yet to see in 7.07.

I find it hilarious, how Kit said this sentence with such innocence, and yet it came out so, so wrong, and he only realizesd how wrong it sounded, only half a second, after, the sentence had already come out his mouth, bless his heart. 😂 

“I’d like to put myself into a wolf“, which absolutely, everyone, in that room took as, “I’d like to put my “sword” into a “wolf”. 😏🤣

Now, this “misinterpretation”, led to Dan giving us such a sweet Easter Egg 🙃 Pay attention to what Dan B. Weiss replies to what Kit said, “l’ve got two
words for you, Season 6, Season 6.“, and what happened in season 6? Yep, you guessed it, Jon and Sansa reunited.

And well, we all know, how their scenes were filmed/directed from then and onwards. Tender forehead kisses, lingering looks, lip staring contests, sweet touches, sweet head caressing, sweet hand grabbing/holding, just sweetness, so much sweetness between the two of them, scenes in cadle lit rooms, fighting, and then heavily panting because of it, literally like a married couple, Jon cloaking Sansa into his old cloak, Sansa cloaking Jon into a Stark cloak, made by her, one that looks just like the one, Ned, used to wear, and that he wears almost at all times.

We got, “I’ll never let him TOUCH you again. I’ll protect you, I promise. *almost punches Ramsay to death.”, and “TOUCH my sister and I’ll kill you myself. *almost chokes LF to death*“, and “Does she miss me terribly? *silence and death stare from Jon*”, and “What you did for her, is the ONLY reason I’m not killing you.”, and “You’re as far from Joffrey as ANYONE I’ve ever met.”, and the list can go on, and on.

My fellow Jonsa shippers, Dan B. Weiss, LITERALLY, confirmed Jonsa, by telling us, that Jon will make love to/put himself into a wolf, and that it’ll all start in season 6. The “wolf” is not Arya, for obvious reasons, so that leaves us with Sansa.

I just want to add that this was filmed before even season 5 aired. D&D planned
Jonsa to happen a long time ago, it was not a decision of the moment. I read somewhere that they had planned since season 2, to marry Sansa to Ramsay, and then reunite her with Jon in season 6. They made all the changes, so that they’d reunite as soon as possible, to build their relashionship up, to subtly build them up for romance. Also, I read that early on, Sophie asked why she needed to dye her hair red, and that she was told, her having red hair is, very, important for the plot/story, and well, we all know Jon likes redheads, so there ya go. 

Have faith, and patience, sweetlings, Jonsa is Coming.