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He Was My Downfall

well, guess what? chapter four is here and yes, this one was easier to write than the last one because not sex here (sorry to dissapoint you loves) but here you have it, i hope you like it and enjoy it…i don’t know what else to say, so i’ll just put the chapter now but let me know if you liked it or not

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The so-called Trivulzio Diatreta Cup, a late Roman luxury glass

A splendid example of highly prized workmanship from the 4th century AD, the Trivulzio Diatreta Cup (known by the name of the collector who brought it to Milan in the 18th century) is a luxury cup consisting of an inner beaker and an outer cage of decoration with circular geometrical patterns and an inscription. The cup was part of the rich funeral kit laid in the marble sarcophagus of a high-ranking personage buried in the Novara Area (Italy).

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Can you do a Homeless au? One where Hiccup is like loaded from Stoick owning some big shot company, but they had a fight so hic moves out and is still going good. Then hic finds Jack being beaten by some snotty kids and takes him home to clean up. Hic convinces jack to stay after a while and they get together after sometime? It sounds so much better in my head, man!

I tried?? Idk it’s not exactly what you asked for, but I hope it’s close enough. If not I’m so sorry…

Warnings: Jack gets beat up, blood, and I think that’s about it? Idk slight age difference but they’re both legal.

I apologize for any mistakes made. 

“Daddy’s boy,” Hiccup muttered to himself, “that’s what they think.” He grunt as he threw the heavy trash bag into the dumpster. If only the kids from his class could see him now. He clapped his hands together as if that would rid them of filth and turned to leave.

“There he goes!” Hiccup jumped at the shouts and was nearly mowed down by a man with blinding white hair. Some other guys followed after, shoving Hiccup against the brick wall in their hurry.

Hiccup rubbed at his shoulder and was nearly ready to leave them alone when the sound of flesh hitting flesh stopped him. The white haired man was on the ground, covering his face as the three guys kicked and punched him. Hiccup chewed the inside on his cheek and cursed himself, grabbing his phone. “Hey! Hey, I’m calling the cops!” He held up his phone, daring any of them to argue.

One guy, the ringleader Hiccup supposed, looked at him with a snarl. “Fuck, let’s just go. He’s worthless now.” He spit at the ground, an inch from the stranger’s head. “C’mon guys, fuck this place.”

All three of them glared and leered at Hiccup as they passed, shoving into the wall once more before disappearing. Hiccup waited a moment, allowing his heart to calm down before going to the stranger. “Hey, are you alright?”

He groaned, pushing himself up. “What do you think, Kid?” He wiped at his nose and sighed at the blood he found. “Well shit,” he muttered. He spat and more blood showed up. “You got any tissues?”

Hiccup shook his head, suddenly worried if he just put himself in danger. “I can bring you some though. My apartment is right there.” He ticked his head to the building next to them. He backed away, pulling out his keys. “Just stay here, I’ll get some.”

He unlocked the door and stepped inside the hallway. He had to go up three flights of stairs and down the hall until he reached his door. He was about to put his key in the lock when a low whistle startled him. He turned and the white haired man was looking around, using his tattered tank top to wipe at his nose. “You must be loaded to live in a place like this.”

“I’m not really,” he said tightly. “I told you to wait outside.”

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