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Kryptek kydex tungsten carbide fire- steel striker I recently made up for a US LEO .

This version has a removable fire steel holder to take a 6mm thick ferro rod with shock cord tether . The main striker unit has double sided cyflect Glint & Glow markers and multi -cam 550 cord  lanyard .

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Back to Basics Pt. 9 | Rucas Fanfic

Riley Matthews lived in NY for the majority of her childhood. That is up until 6th grade when her father was offered a job in sunny California, which he accepted. Riley was forced to leave behind everything she knew, her school, her teachers and her small group of best friends. Fast forward 5 years where Riley and her family decide it’s time to move back home. Now a junior in high-school Riley has to figure out where she belongs after being gone for so long.

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Chapter 9 - “Tie-dye & Kisses”

He couldn’t even look at me. Riley thought to herself as she took the elevator to her floor. He broke up with me in his car and he didn’t even have the decency to look me in the eye when he did it.

She was surprised by her reaction. When he said he “couldn’t do this anymore” she just closed his door and walked away. Told herself not to look back, and she didn’t. Instead of crying or getting angry, she felt numb. It was almost like it wasn’t real.

She opens the front door and sees her parents and brothers, sitting at the table having dinner.

“Hey Riles, we saved you some.” Josh says holding up a plate.

“I had some takeout at Charlie’s…I’m just going to go to bed.” She walks by them, ruffles Auggie’s mop of curls and heads into her room.

She doesn’t bother turning on the light. She just kicks off her boots, slips off her clothes and climbs into bed ready for the day to be over.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

In the morning she still feels numb. She takes a shower and eats breakfast with her family because she knows Lucas won’t be waiting outside their coffee place to pick her up.

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One possible version of a PSK or personal survival kit .

 All the above items fit into a belt wearable pouch in this case a Kifaru GPS pouch , this can also then be fitted to other kit such as packs or to a larger knife sheath via the malice clip  .

My personal choices for this kit include energy tablets ,small survival tin , a Spyderco Native 5 , TOPS folding saw , Boker Ti VOX tool with bottle opener and tungsten carbide breaker .

A Leatherman PS4 multi- tool , refillable Peizo lighter with fuel window and built in red LED flashlight , Fire steel wrapped in jute tinder with tungsten carbide striker and a silver foil emergency blanket .

 Also included are a Fenix PD20 180 lumen with SOS and strobe with a 66 hour run-time on low 9 lumen setting plus a spare CR123 battery in a Delrin case, a Cyalume 10 hour Visipad , wet fire tinder and several feet of Kevlar sleeved cord from

 The small Tin is 11cm long x 6.5 wide and only 1.3cm deep meaning its compact enough to stash away in clothing if I need more space in the pouch .

It features a basic personal first aid kit compromising of steri-strips ,plasters , disposable gloves and a resuscitation shield and water purification tabs .

The lid features a mirror circle , 3m orange high reflective and a GITD dot , £40.00 in tenners , x3 4hour mini Cyalume light sticks and a micro fire-steel with needle .

Also included are a folding razor /saw , mini tungsten carbide saw , photon freedom with a 12 hour run -time , P38 can opener , surgical blade and a custom made fire spark'er with jute tinder wrap .

All these items can of course be interchanged with other kit depending on the carry needs and environments traveled in and would always carry a more comprehensive first aid kit as standard .

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On offerings on a budget

If you work with spirits of any kind and you like to give them things, its good to know different ideas for gifts to them.

Often some of the people who have upkept traditions have also been the poorest. And what they had to give the spirits is often telling. We seem to have an expectation today that you must get fancy expensive things. When in reality there have always been folk practitioners, and they have long given gifts to their spirits that match their station.

Some of the most popular gifts for folk to offer their spirits are as follows:

Music: this can be as simple as playing on a harmonica (a very affordable instrument, mine was 3 dollars), a small drum, clapping, singing, or even lovely recorded music.

Moments of silence: a bit opposite, but powerful nonetheless. Taking a few moments to just dedicate your focus and thought to the spirit is a lesser known, but time tested dedication to your spirits. From meditation, to just a moment of stillness during a busy day, this is a very meaningful offering.

Poetry: read, recite or compose poetry to the spirits. For most well known spirits (read gods) there is already a body of literature out there for them. Often free online (like at You can copy it out nicely and put it on the shrine for them, you can read some aloud to them, memorize it and recite it. Or if you are so inclined you can write something new for them or adapt something for them.

Incense: sometimes this can be expensive, but often it is not, some times you can get a pack of a dozen incense sticks for a dollar. Burning a little incense even just a part of the stick is a very traditional offering to spirits. They like the scent.

Water: there are a number of spirits for which a clean glass of water is a lovely offering. In some traditions water is left for ancestors, for example. Desert gods probably would cozy up to some aqua too.

Art: If you can draw or even trace something special for your spirits or gods, it can be much appreciated. If you are so inclined, most families have those water-color kits, markers or crayons. You could color in a coloring page that fits or even do something somewhat abstract or pattern based if you like to play with colors but don’t feel confident drawing something your own.

Compost: If your spirits are land spirits, garden spirits or earth spirits, conscious donations of compost to the earth are much appreciated. Much of what many people throw away, can enrich the earth. This is not the same as giving the spirits scraps, it is actually making compost for them doing the whole composting process which benefits the soil, plants and animals of your area.

Dance: If you like dancing, many spirits and gods like dancing. A lot of energy is raised dancing and it can be shared with them.

Praises and prayers: Just stating plainly and aloud to the spirits that you appreciate them and are grateful to them is big. Even better is telling their stories to people who want to listen. Telling about the feats achieved by a heroic spirit carries on their legacy and that is no small thing. Many of these stories are free to read online.

Computerized shrines: tumblr blogs dedicated to a spirit, a screen saver on your phone, and such things are good ways to keep the spirit or god on your mind. Pretty pictures, poems and writings shared on a blog or facebook page are not only good for the spirit, but also enrich the community of others interested in that spirit, the building of community also being an offering.

Games: many spirits and gods are recorded to have a love of games. Playing games like checkers, chess, cards, and even physical games like tug of war can be dedicated to please spirits and gods. Ever thought about the lore of challenging the grim reaper to a game? He is just one example of spirits who like games.


Ru Titley kit markers in use .

Andrew from twin Brother recently completed a Help for Heroes Saharan challenge which included trekking one of the worlds highest sand dunes .

Fitted to his Hill People Gear pack he choose to fit a mini sawn- off Strip -lights (top of pack in first pic )  which he had asked to be prototyped and fitted to the sides a red and green 10 hour mini chem- light holder  as kit markers both of which helped him to keep a tab on his pack in the sever sand storms they encountered .

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Out and about today on the Jurassic coast to test out a pimped up Brasher hiking / photography pole .

I personally think with all these markers on its a little over the top but I wanted to make sure there were no issues with any of them so just screwed them all on for the test .

A mix of my MK3 double sided Glint & Glow markers in Cyalume Cyflect and 3M orange Coast guard reflective tapes  screwed on using kydex hardware .

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A small Glint & Glow package I put together for a UK customer .

Consisting of a Cyflect ‘Strip- light'  and x3  GITD micro dots , x4 cyflect and 3M orange reflective backed mini MK3’s , x2 Velcro backed MK 4’s in 3M orange reflective and a multitude of GITD / SOLAS micro dots .

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SOLAS Saw Strip-light.

Just a bit of fun to see what different scissors do to the tapes I generally work in .

The SOLAS tape with its smaller hexagons is easier to cut than the textured Cyflect and gives a saw tooth effect , joining two or more together to make different shapes can also be done .

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Trit Armor.

Etched and stone-washed steel reinforcing armor over the top of 2 Firefly tritium kit markers and the wire gear rings have also been stone-washed after brass blackening .

The armor looks pretty cool but also adds a level of protection to the poly-carbonate casing preventing them from being scratched in key ring use and as these are currently in use with a law enforcement officer will probably see some hard use .

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Post Apocalyptic toxic kit marker .

A meld of Steam and Cyber Punk here in the form of a high and low tech hammered copper amulet /kit marker coupled with Cyalume Cyflect hybrid glint and glow tape .

The copper has been shaped , hammered , etched in ferric and then brass blacked before being rubbed back with wire wool and then riveted .

The cord is natural 3 strand braided sinew which has been dyed using leather dyes , the copper was sourced from old Soviet ordnance crates  whist the Cyflect is from Joe at Lumisafe LTD  .

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