kit locker

Ultimate school locker kit

 “Emergency” bag for your locker ideas:

  • Chapstick
  •  Hand lotion
  •  Extra headphones
  •  Tissues 
  •  Tylenol/midol 
  •  Feminine products
  •  Hand sanitizer 
  •  Cough drops
  •  Sunglasses
  •  Sunscreen
  •  Comfortable sweater/jumper
  •  Safety pins (possible wardrobe malfunctions)
  •  Lint roller
  •  A little extra money
  •  Re-usable water bottle
  •  Extra pen/pencil
  •  Wet wipes
  •  Mints/gum
  •  Travel sized mouthwash or breath strips,
  •  Mini toothbrush for after lunch
  •  Tweasers
  •  Mini mirror
  •  Extra pair of comfy socks (if it rains and your socks get soaked)
  •  Plenty of hair ties/elastics
  •  Bobby pins
  •  Hair clips
  •  Bandaids
  •  Deodorant 
  •  Extra set of house keys (if you forget yours at home)
  •  Perfume
  •  Tide to go (In case you spill something on your clothes)
Spilled Milkshakes

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Summary: Reader works at a drive-thru of a fairly popular fast-food restaurant, and one night, she spills a large strawberry milkshake on the lap and car of one person (or two) she reeeeeally didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of.  

Warnings: good milkshake being spilled!!! Richard Speight Jr being Richard Speight Jr!!! 

A/N: Hi. You must be wondering why I am, once again, posting a random one instead of…say…your request, or the first part to that Chuck series, or the next part to the Billy series…well. I’m procrastinating. Again. 

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like, bev and richie’s friendship???

  • they can tear into each other ruthlessly but know it means nothing
  • always making up dumb nicknames and then fist bumping (some include; carrot top, bottle face, and gaylord, to name a few)
  • beverly goes to richie when she first starts liking girls, and richie does the same with boys
  • bev didn’t even realize richie was trans until henry deadnamed him once; now she helps him bind and cuts his hair
  • she and eddie came to cut richie out of ace bandages once, then the whole gang saved up for a binder (richie cried when he put it on)
  • richie lets her sleepover when her dad is too much
  • they crash at eddie’s or stan’s if both of their parents get out of hand
  • always cutting class to smoke
  • the best wingman for each other
  • (think of barney and james from himym)
  • of course bev helped richie ask eddie out!!
  • she told him to call eddie and say “eat ass, skate fast”
  • he did it, and he still thinks eddie is a little bit traumatized 
  • they!! doodle!! on!! each other!! all the time!!
  • but they had to implement a no dick drawing rule after richie got detention
  • not allowed to be partners for projects anymore because they get too out of hand and will end up making a 3D model of the big bang, complete with a glitter explosion
  • both have an emergency kit in their lockers full of cigarettes, music, comic books, tampons, band aids, and gum (’always be prepared, isn’t that right stan?’)
  • “we invented bisexual culture”
  • just really good pals who deserve everything
do i love you more than you love me? [mingkit]

Summary: ming is big, bright, and loud. he is “i love you” in sky writing, a thousand paper cranes, and limitless amounts of PDA. kit is reserved, private, and sensual. he is “i love you” in soft kisses, reminders to eat, and eyes that trust. ming learns that love isn’t just about showing; it’s also about seeing.

[from ming, with love]

“so handsome.” ming said as easily as he breathed, pulling kit’s necktie through the loop. he traced down kit’s chest with one finger.
“talking about me or the tie?” kit joked.
“well, i wouldn’t have bought it for you if i didn’t like it.” ming pulled the tie tight and grinned at kit. “i like you too, of course.”
“shut up.” kit blushed after staring at ming a little too long. he rammed his bag into ming’s chest and huffed. “let’s go.”
“as you wish!”

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Aw I loved that friendship hcs! Can I request more por Yaku, Suga and Iwaizumi?



  1. That “no-bullshit-gonna-give-it-to-you-like-it-is-even-if-you-cry” friend. Definitely no sugar-coating when it comes to advice. It has definitely struck a cord with you more times than you would have liked, but you know his intentions are honest and good and he’s only looking out for you. He also sincerely apologizes after hurting your feelings and offers to buy you ice cream afterwards.
  2. Would literally beat the shit out of someone if they made you cry (unless it’s a girl, then that’s a different story).
  3. The one friend that is never prepared for anything at all and relies on you to have whatever he needs.
  4. Likes to debate a lot and will stand his ground on a certain topic until he’s proven wrong. You both are always up really late trying to decide who’s right and then you keep score. He’s also very competitive, so Iwaizumi is that one friend you always play board games with, having eating contests with, see who gets the highest score on an exam, etc.
  5. Is a literal child when he gets sick; he doesn’t eat the soup you make him, doesn’t take his medicine, and is very grumpy. You’re definitely the mom in the relationship.
  6. That friend that puts ugly Snapchat filters on your face and puts them on his story for 10 seconds.
  7. Iwaizumi is social media-illiterate, so you made all of his profiles on every platform for him. However, you put “_____ is the bestest and sexiest friend in the entire universe” and he doesn’t know how to remove it.
  8. In sum, he’s basically the annoying twin brother you’ve always wanted.


  1. The “hey, who’s your cute friend?” friend.
  2. Posts your face on every social media platform possible.
  3. Picks all of your outfits for every occasion for you.
  4. He prepares gifts for you about a month in advance. Everything he has ever given you is filled with memories of the year and he puts his whole heart into them. Some times if it’s past due, he tells you to wait because it’s not perfect yet.
  5. The “I’m-gonna-go-to-the-bathroom-but-I’m-really-paying-for-the-bill” friend.
  6. The hugging friend! Whether you’re seeing each other, if you’re leaving, if you’re upset, if something exciting happend to you, he’ll hug you. His hugs are always tight and meaningful and they smell like vanilla.
  7. Definitely the mom in the relationship. Knows exactly what you need if you’re feeling sick, if you’re upset, having cramps/soreness, lethargic, you name it. His methods aren’t conventional, either. He has weird liquids and medicines in jars that he has at home, like an apothecary. You questioned if he was a wizard once.
  8. The friend that would fight you if you didn’t agree that House Ravenclaw was relevant.
  9. The friend that likes to punch people when he’s laughing. Your arms get bruised sometimes and Sugawara would be worried that someone was bullying you, but then you yell at him saying that he was the one bullying you and he would be like, “Oh, that was me?”
  10. Like Asahi, he’s very attached to you and is used to seeing you every single day. If you missed a day of school, he would text you all day. In the college world, he would have his laptop out and facetime you with headphones on.


  1. The friend that mooches off of your plate and leaves you with like two grains of rice and half of a spinach leaf.
  2. Probably has the largest first aid kit in his locker you have ever seen. You’ve never gone to the nurses office because Yaku’s your nurse.
  3. Has the ugliest picture of you as your contact picture on his phone.
  4. Anywhere he goes, even if it’s just the neighboring town, he’ll always bring you something back with him. If he’s far away, like in another country or island, he’d get you something that place is known for, but if it’s the neighboring town, he’ll get you like a bun or something with food.
  5. Gets you something cat-related every birthday. There’s the main gift and a side gift with something cat related because he loves cats. It’s weird, but you have about seven cat-related things from him, so you just collect them as the years pass.
  6. Also the mother in the realtionship, although he’s like the stricter, scarier step-mom. He scolds you for forgetting your homework, for getting sick, for not getting enough sleep, etc, but then proceeds to finish your homework for you or bring you soup and medicine when you’re sick. He’s very tsundere about it; “Gosh, you’re so irresponsible and you never take care of yourself! Not that I care!!”
  7. Would also literally fight anyone that made you cry.
  8. The “text me when you get home safely” friend.
  10. Is quite the jealous friend. If he sees you with someone else doing something you two would normally do together, he’d be all pouty and tsundere about it the next day. He’s one of those friends that needs to be validated that he’s special, so he enjoys being the only friend you do special things with.
you’re melting me //part II

a/n: hello! this is part 2, to the part 1 of my first series! not really sure how i’m gonna get  link to the part 1 but i’ll figure it out somehow. enjoy! here’s part 3.

warnings: none

summary: after arriving out of surprise, y/n seeks to find stiles, who everyone knew took the most damage to her disappearance due to a crush he had on her. but now that she’s back, what about malia?

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After class was finished, y/n was invited by her old friends to join them and their new friends for lunch. Y/n agreed as she did want to sit with them though she would never admit to her longing and missing of them all. As they walked to the canteen, Lydia’s arm linked with y/n’s, asking her all kinds of questions about her hair and her change of style. Lydia was almost about to say something about the whole supernatural situation, but Scott gave her a strong look and so she kept her mouth shut.

After taking their trays of food over to a table, they sat down. It all went suddenly quiet until Kira and Malia joined them. Scott smiled at Kira in a certain way that y/n noticed. “So are you two dating?” she asked abruptly which made Kira and Scott almost choke on their food, feeling uncomfortable. “Um…” Scott started and looked at Kira who was blushing, staring down at her food. “I see” y/n said and smirked. They clearly were dating just not with the title. Lydia giggled and then said “We should introduce you guys. This is Malia, she joined us recently because… uhm…” Lydia almost slipped out that Malia was a werecoyote that was found by them. “…..uh she exchanged schools” Lydia lied. Y/n already knew about Malia, not that her and Stiles were dating, but that about how she killed her family and is the daughter of the desert wolf. She knew about everyone. This was because when she left, she was actually sent off by her parents to join her aunt and his family of wolves. She was a born wolf, finding out that her parents weren’t actually her real parents had a toll on her and she turned one night out of anger. It turns out her uncle and aunt were bitten wolves and took her to train her, teaching her how to control herself, how to heal, how to take pain from others and such. Because she turned when she was so young, it took a few years to get the grasp of things. It was tough. “and this is Kira” Lydia continued and Kira beamed a smile. ‘Kitsune’ y/n thought and smiled a little back. There was one person she wanted to see the most. Stiles. Little did anyone know but what helped y/n control was Stiles. Throughout the years, whenever she was chained to a wall and forced to control herself when they were teaching her control, the twelve year old beaming, goofy and freckled face that she imagined was what kept her sane. “So where’s Stiles?” y/n asked looking up at them. They all looked at Malia, strange to y/n’s thought but Malia shrugged. “He ditched history and I haven’t seen him since. He’s supposed to be keeping me from ditching not the other way round” She said and frowned. ‘study buddies?’ y/n thought and clenched her fork starting to get agitated. She finally stood up which shocked them. “I’m not so hungry, I’ll see you guys in chemistry” y/n lied and took off, leaving the others in shock as they watched her leave.

“Okay is it just me or is y/n really different?” Lydia said in a whisper to the group, not knowing that y/n could still hear. Scott nodded in agreement. Then Kira popped up. “Wait. she isn’t the y/n that you’ve talked about before right? Didn’t you say she was always smiling and laughing? And friendly? The one that cried when she accidentally gave you a bruise?” Kira said with furrowed eyebrows. Lydia and Scott nodded. “She’s the one” Scott said and sighed. “You mean she was the one” Malia said “I’ve got a bad feeling about her, her scent is…different”.

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Y/n wasn’t just going to class early. She was trying to find Stiles. This was a good opportunity because everyone was in the canteen apart from a few teachers, but they were all in the staff room. She walked past each class and office, trying to hear for anyone. Until, she got to the boys locker room. Where she head shaken breaths. She opened the door slowly, still seeing no one. Only sweaty lacrosse kit and lockers. She stepped inside and closed the door behind her, walking toward the sound of shaken breaths and then seeing a boy with dark hair, sitting on a bench, staring at the ground. But he suddenly shot up with a yelp, seeing a dark figure coming toward him, not knowing it was y/n. “Oh my god, you don’t just creep up on people like that” He said out of frustration but then realized who it was. His, back hit the lockers and he made eye contact with y/n. Who looked upon his face, how he had changed but still was the same face that she had imagined every time she was about to turn. “y/n…..” he mumbled, his throat closing up again. “Stiles..” y/n said. Somehow her throat had closed up too. She couldn’t say anything. She had so much to say that had built up over the years. But now that it had come up, she had no idea what to do. Instantly Stiles wrapped his arms around y/n who strangely didn’t pull away yet. This not only physically warm feeling around her, but mentally of being in his arms comforted her and made her feel okay again. She almost wanted to cry but wouldn’t allow it. Suddenly reality snapped back into her and she pulled away out of the hug. Stiles looked hurt and didn’t know what to say. Y/n rubbed her forearm awkwardly and looked down at the ground. Instantly she felt the craving for his arms around her again, but knew that it would never happen again. It couldn’t have. She could feel Stiles’ heart racing like crazy. “So, uh…how have you been?” Stiles’ asked awkwardly. “What were you doing in here?” Y/n asked dodging the small talk. Stiles swallowed hard and scratched the back of his head. “Uh well, I was gonna get ready for…uh…practice” he lied and looked at her hopefully. Y/n knew he had lied instantly and said “so you’re on the team….” she mumbled quietly “but don’t we have chemistry next?” she said, butterflies bursting in her stomach. Stiles squinted his eyes and bit his lip. “Yes yes you’re right, we do uh have chemistry…” he mumbled into a whisper as he looked into her deep y/e/c eyes. His heart fluttered. “…next” he finished. Y/n’s cheeks turned a little rosey and she chuckled, pointing to the door. “So we should probably go..” She said, the two still not breaking eye contact. “Y-yeah” he said. Both their hearts racing just by the glance of each other. The silence was intense. “We’re already late so..shall we?” she said though what she wanted to right now was to stay with him. “Y-yeah, uh sorry I just uh….yeah…let’s go” He said and swung his bag over his shoulder.

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Y/n and Stiles walked into class late. Y/n having a smirk on her face and Stiles beaming with happiness so much that Scott, Kira and especially Malia could smell. Stiles apologized to the teacher before the two of them joined their friends at the back. Malia, giving y/n a glare that could cut glass. She could hear the two’s hearts racing, giving the wrong impression. Scott noticed it too and was happy for them both. But then looked over at Malia who did not look happy at all with gritted teeth…

i hope this did part 1 justice! part 3 coming up..


HC  -  some little JDonica things (please don’t reblog)

- whenever JD isn’t wearing his trench coat, veronica steals it and wraps herself up in it. she’s so smol that the hem of it reaches the floor on her.

- they’ve definitely made out in a 7-11 and been asked to leave more than once.

- they’re also totally that teenage couple that goes to a movie/drive in and doesn’t even remember half of the film because they were making out the whole time. At least Veronica probably tries to pay attention at first.

- they go to the library a lot and about 90% of the time they curl up and read together or read to each other quietly. the other 10% is more making out bc they’re teenagers like lbr.

- JD does more cooking than Veronica, but she helps out where she can and at least commits to learning how to make a few of his favorite things and they like to surprise each other with their favorite dinners.

- they make mixtapes for each other because they’re huge fucking nerds. the glove compartment in Veronica’s car is just filled with them and they’re all a weird mix of jazz, rock, punk and classical music. Veronica also sneaks some Madonna on there. JD isn’t complaining. they probably sing along.

- skipping classes to go lay in the middle of the football field and watch the clouds go by and talk about the universe. probably making out on the football field as well.

- leaving notes in each others locker and not always cute tuff but sometimes just dumb shit and inside jokes that nobody else understands.

- JD getting detention for getting into fights and Veronica either just staying with him or getting detention herself so she can stay. the monitor makes them sit on opposite ends of the classroom bc it’s supposed to be punishment, not cuddle time but they just end up throwing shit at each other and moving around whenever the monitor isn’t looking until they’re siting beside each other.

- also veronica keeping a small first aid kit in her locker for whenever he gets into fights and insisting on patching him up as much she can. and eventually she runs out of regular bandaids and starts giving him hello kitty bandaids lmao

- the two of them going to the mall and trying on the most ridiculous clothes there. poofy dresses and bedazzled jackets and laughing at each other and being dumb.

Veronica and JD just being normal teenagers in love and having fun and being kids and doing dumb shit and taking care of each other that is all.

locker room surprise

author’s note: requested! i hope you enjoy :-)

It’s an El Clasico game day, which means that she’s scheduled to work.

She grabs a few of the fresh, clean kits – as many as she can hold in her arms – and makes her way down the hall to the locker room. It’s her job to set out the new kits before each game and to clean up the dirty kits out of the locker room after each game. It’s pretty easy work and she likes getting to see behind-the-scenes on match days, but she’s never been lucky enough to interact with the players.

Of course, she gets close – she’s even watched a few of the games from the sidelines, but she always manages to miss the perfect opportunities to talk to the players.

So when she rounds the corner into the dressing room and sees Rafinha – who must have arrived early – sitting on the little bench in front of his locker playing his guitar, she’s so surprised she drops a few of the kits.

“Hi,” he greets her cheerily with a big smile.

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friendship hcs for tsukki and yamaguchi? (in love w ur blog it's so great i love it i love u)

AN: Aight I’m on mobile so I’ll format this later but I’m writing this on mobile cuz I’m on an 8-hour drive lol

Also I love this? i love u also ur gr8


  1. Most of his friendships are frenemy friendships. He would compete with you in class for the highest grades, push you aside (gently) when you’re in his way, and tug on your ear when you’re being sassy with him. He’s like the annoying brother you’ve always wanted.
  2. Even so, when you need him, at 3am because you’re sad or at 2pm because you forgot a pencil, Tsukishima will be there for you. When you call him at night, he’ll naturally answer, “do you have any idea what time it is?” but once he realizes it’s you, he’ll shut up and listen.
  3. Always takes the strawberry off the top of your cake slice.
  4. When he notices you’re sick, he’ll toss a bag of cough drops and dayquil in your face and click his tongue. “You’re always so reckless.”
  5. He easily lets his walls down around you when he’s upset, especially when he starts feeling like he’s not good enough. At first he’ll close himself off from everyone for the day, but once you actually ask him what’s wrong, he’ll finally give in. He’s not the type to talk about or express his feelings, but he’ll finally show it in his face. It’s up to you how you handle it, but he just needs someone to be with him when he needs them the most.
  6. He says he doesn’t want you show up at his games, but gets a little excited when your stubborn ass does show up.
  7. The type to buy you a cake for your birthday and buys himself a separate strawberry shortcake because that’s the only one he likes.
  8. Whenever you both go on a trip together, he makes you listen to the playlist he made with him.
  9. Refuses to let you pay for anything whenever you’re together.
  10. Hates hugs, but if you really really really need it, he’ll pull you into an awkward shoulder-pat hug.


  1. Another mom friend, but to a lesser extreme than Yaku. If you’re extremely clumsy and reckless, he has a small first aide kit ready in his locker. If you’re sick, don’t even bother going near him.
  2. Sings every song that plays in the car and expects you to sing with him, especially sad, old r&b songs.
  3. He doesn’t normally ask you to go to his games because he’ll think it’d be a waste for you to sit for so long to only see him go in once. He gets embarrassed when you show up anyways, but lowkey tears up because he loves his friends so much!!!!
  4. Any mention of sex in front of him, he’ll die of embarrassment and run out of the room, but then ask you about it later. You were basically his sex-ed teacher.
  5. He frequently feels inferior compared to Tsukishima, so he’ll come to you a lot when he’s feeling self-conscious. He doesn’t really want someone to tell him what he wants to hear, he’s more of an ‘actions speak louder than words’ type of person, so he wants you to push him out of his comfort zone.
  6. Gets nervous around your birthday because he likes making it a surprise and he’s afraid he’ll spoil it because he’s an open book around you. He treats your birthday seriously and wants everything to be perfect.
  7. Loves watching dramas with you because he’s not afraid to cry in front of you.
  8. Keeps you grounded. When you’re asking for advise, he’s a little strict on his answers because he’s only looking out for you, but then proceeds to apologize frantically for being so harsh on his words.
  9. The “why don’t we do anything like that *pout*” friend.
  10. Gets you matching pajamas one day because they were on sale.

Y/N = your name
Y/F/N/I= Your First Name Initial

Stuart’s POV

I walked into school with Stiles at my side, he’s slightly shorter than me and I’d never let him forget it so just before I disappeared to my locker, I patted his head,

“See ya, midge”
“Piss off, Stew” he grumbled and walked over to Scott’s locker.

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So I was taking a look at @studyquill ‘s 30 Day Summer Studyblr Challenge and I thought: Why not make something like that for back to school? So here it is!

If you don’t know what this is, basically you have a prompt for every day for a post centered around a certain theme. (in this case, back to school stuff) 

Most of these posts would be great with pictures, but if you don’t want to, that’s fine! If you don’t like the prompt for a certain day, skip it! Feel free to interpret the prompts however you want. Make this challenge individual to you :)

Remember, it’s okay to skip a day (or five), and tag everything with:

 #Studyblr Back To School Challenge

Day 1: Write down your goals/wishes for the new school year

Day 2: Your 1st day of school outfit

Day 3: Favorite school supplies

Day 4: Your backpack/book bag

Day 5: Favorite school lunch

Day 6: Your agenda/planner system

Day 7: Locker “Emergency Kit”

Day 8: Your fave study spot

Day 9: Studying/productivity playlist

Day 10: Favorite after school snack

Day 11: Funny school-related story

Day 12: Your clubs/extracurricular activities

Day 13: Your pencil case

Day 14: School-related advice

Day 15: Your study method(s)

Day 16: Apps that help you with school

Day 17: Your study session essentials

Day 18: Self-care/what you do in a study break

Day 19: Your afterschool routine

Day 20: What you would tell your younger self about school

Day 21: Photo of your notes

Day 22: Books you’re reading/book recs

Day 23: Favorite studyblrs (spread some love !!)

Day 24: Handwriting tag 

Day 25: Your locker

Day 26: Favorite study snacks

Day 27:Your favorite motivational quote

Day 28: Advice for a subject you’ve already taken

Day 29: Masterpost for a subject you’re currently taking

Day 30: Reflection of how your school year has gone so far

And that’s it! Don’t hesitate to message me with any questions :)

Exhaustion (H/C Bingo; Steve/Bucky, no major warnings)

(Bingo card/masterpost)

Steve puts the quinjet down on an empty stretch of tundra in the middle of god knows where. This far south, the snow has melted away; tall sheets of wiry grass ripple away from their landing site to the distant horizon. Somewhere behind them, the JCTC will be setting up a perimeter at the Siberian base. They’ll be gathering evidence, interviewing Tony and T’Challa, combing through the old files archived there. It won’t be long now before they start their pursuit.

A fine mist of exhaustion has descended over Steve’s eyes. It doesn’t matter if the JCTC are right on his tail, breathing down his neck; he needs to rest.

In the back of the quinjet, Bucky sits slumped in a shadowy corner on the narrow storage shelf where Steve left him. He’s asleep, or maybe unconscious. A thin string of bloody spittle hangs from his lower lip, dripping red down the front of his jacket. The stump of his left arm is a mess of torn wires and jagged plating. He needs first aid, but Steve has no idea where to start.

“Buck,” he says softly.

Bucky opens his eyes and blinks at Steve, sluggish and disoriented. His pupils are dilated – concussion, maybe. God knows he was hit hard enough. “Where are we?”

“Russian Steppe, I think,” says Steve. He can’t remember the last time he lost track of his coordinates like this. He’s been flying on autopilot, navigating on nothing but his own blind urge to get as far off the grid as possible. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” says Bucky. What a stupid question – of course Bucky’s not okay. He’s drooling blood, his fucking arm’s gone. “We’re stopped.”

Steve’s eyes feel scratchy when he blinks, dried out by too many days on next to no sleep. Every minute they spend grounded is a minute the government could use to catch them up, but he’s so tired that he’s run out of anxiety to spare for the thought. He needs to sleep – but first he needs to look after Bucky. “Hold your head still. I’m going to check your pupil response.”

Bucky’s eyes drift closed again. “Think I’ll just sleep this one off.”

“You could be concussed.”

“And what are you gonna do about it if I am? Stay out of my face, Steve.”

“Not until I’m satisfied you won’t fall into a coma while I’m asleep. God, I don’t know why you’re always like this.”

Bucky cracks an eye, just barely. “Always?”

“Since we were kids,” says Steve. Getting annoyed won’t do him any good. “One time we were playing ball with the neighbour’s kids, and one of the older ones knocked you down. You brushed it off and stayed out playing for hours. When you finally went home, your mom had to cut your pants off you because it turned out you’d bloodied your knees so bad that the fabric got all stuck in the wounds.”

Reminiscing about the past has always been a surefire way to get Bucky’s attention. But the magic doesn’t work this time, and Steve’s concerns about the concussion are deepening. A few silent moments pass, and it becomes clear that Bucky isn’t going to say anything. “Okay, fine. Tell me what year it is.”

Bucky’s mouth flattens to a thin, irritated line. “Two thousand and fuck off.”

“Why are you being like this?”

Bucky opens his eyes again, but he doesn’t look at Steve. His gaze is downcast; his throat bobs. “Sorry,” he says quietly. “It’s 2016, Matthew Ellis is is the president, the Sokovian Accords are signed and sealed and the whole world wants us locked up or dead. I’m banged up, but I’m not brain damaged and I don’t feel concussed. My memory’s no worse than usual. Can I go back to sleep now?”

The dim light and dark bruises make Bucky look gaunt and vulnerable. If Steve feels tired, Bucky must be worse. He’s been fighting for his life since Romania. Steve makes one more valiant effort to remember that.

“Come sit in the passenger seat, at least,” he says. “You’ll be a lot more comfortable.”

“I’m fine here.”

He could just admit that he’s in too much pain to move. Part of Steve wants to cry with frustration. “It’s only a few steps,” he says, as gently as he can manage. “It’ll be worth it. I’ll help you.”

“You’ve done enough.”

Bucky,” says Steve through gritted teeth.

At long last, Bucky looks up and meets Steve’s gaze. There’s blood caked in his eyebrows and dirt and grime smeared all over his skin and forget tired, his eyes look dead – dark and bleak and drained of all life. “You’ve done enough,” he repeats without inflection.

If only he could think straight, Steve would know what to say in response. He’d see the guilt behind Bucky’s prickly bravado, the hopelessness, the self-loathing. He’d sit down on the bench beside him and wrap an arm carefully around his shoulders and tell him he doesn’t regret a single decision he made if it meant getting Bucky out alive.

Later, when he watches the glass frost over on Bucky’s cryo tank, he’ll blame himself for not speaking when he had the chance.

But right now, with the prospect of sleep dangling inches in front of him and Bucky’s sullenness the final obstacle, Steve doesn’t have the patience or the strength to see it through. “Fine,” he says. There’s a first aid kit in the overhead locker; Steve tosses it down on the bench in easy reach of Bucky’s remaining arm. “I’ll be up front if you need anything.”

The pilot’s chair, thank god, reclines almost horizontal. Steve falls asleep the moment his head hits the backrest.


This is for omgericzimmerman’s 13 Days of Halloween fic-a-thon. I started writing the prompts in advance at the beginning of October, but school has really be fucking me up lately and I didn’t manage to come up with anything I really liked, so I haven’t posted anything… until now! This is the only thing that I wrote that I actually liked and it’s very short, but here. Have some General Autumn Goodness


         Dex is leaving his building for his early morning jog when the pile of leaves outside the door starts moving.

         Dex, understandably, jumps about a foot in the air and swears. “What the fuck-”

         He’s cut off by a deep groan emanating from the pile.

         “What the fuck,” Dex says soberly. He approaches the pile slowly, hoping that it’s not a wounded animal or something equally worrying. His hope is rewarded because, when he gets close enough to the pile, he realizes that the sound came from a person.

         Not just any person either; one Derek Malik Nurse.

         “Nursey, what the fuck.” It’s not a question; Dex is so incredulous- but then, he’s also not that surprised because it’s Nursey- that he’s lost the ability to wield question marks.

         Nursey groans again, beginning to sit up, and about a handful of leaves fall off of him. It’s nothing compared to the number of leaves that don’t fall off of him. His head looks like one of those fall wreaths suburban moms hang on their front doors. Nursey blinks, causing another leaf to fall, and squints up at Dex, confused.

         “Wha happ’n’d?” he slurs.

         “You fell asleep in a fucking pile of leaves,” Dex says. How the hell does this happen? How in the hell does Nursey’s drunk ass just decided to take a nap in a pile of leaves?

         “Oh.” Nursey looks down at his make-shift bed and pats the pile softly. “Chill.”

         Dex sighs, looking upward for some kind of divine patience to help him deal with this situation. “Come on,” Dex says, stepping forward, “let’s get you into an actual bed.” He helps Nursey stand, brush off the majority of the leaves, and starts helping him into the building.

         It takes about four minutes longer than it should to get to Dex’s floor, as dealing with a hungover, leaf-covered Nursey kind of hinders Dex’s ability to walk. But they reach Dex’s dorm and he lets them both in, thanking God that he doesn’t have a roommate this year, and he plops Nursey down on the edge of the bed, sitting upright.

         “Thanks, Dexy,” Nursey says, smiling sleepy-drunk up at Dex. Dex refuses to acknowledge the warm, melty feeling in his chest and crosses his arms over it in an attempt to stifle it.

         “Sleep it off, Nurse,” Dex says. “I’m going on my run.”

         After setting an alarm for Nursey, since Dex knows he has a class in two hours, Dex does actually go on his run. He jogs his route twice just to get rid of the anxious energy buzzing through him. Dex doesn’t know what it is about finding Nursey asleep in a fucking pile of leaves but the whole thing has just managed to further endear Nursey to Dex.

         So after running his route twice, he stops in to Annie’s for a cup of coffee. He figures that he’s earned it, what with the extra running and all, and maybe Dex is trying to eat up time in the hopes that Nursey won’t be in his bed when he gets back. He takes his coffee black to stay and drinks the whole thing while sitting at a table and going through the few social media accounts he owns.

         He’s eaten up a good twenty extra minutes by the time he throws away his cup, so he deems it safe enough to head back to his dorm. Fortunately- or unfortunately depending on what part of Dex is asked- Nursey is not in Dex’s bed when Dex gets home. Dex sighs, angry at the part of himself that’s disappointed, and sits down on his bed to untie his shoes.

         However, as he sits, he hears a crinkling sound. He looks under his comforter to find a crisp orange leaf. He smiles and sets it on his dresser before continuing to untie his shoes.

PIMP MY LOCKER! The only time it’s okay to say pimp at school.....

We’re not going to beat around the bush here…. We’re not going to dip it in glitter and tie pretty little bows all over it. We’re not going to say things like; ‘Head back to school in style!’ or ‘It’s back to school time- yay!’ or the dreaded ‘Back to school and lookin’ cool!’ Excuse us while we puke a little. Nope, we can’t do it to you guys because we know you’re probably not THAT pumped about heading back so, we thought we’d soften the blow by creating these DIY locker kits and accessories so you can personalise the sh*t out of your locker. 


It’s so damn personalised that if you stick your head in your locker, you can pretend you’re in your room and not at school at all! 

1dream-ech0  asked:

Yay! Aca-awesome to know! Ok AU Prompt of badass Chloe and preppy smart (maybe even a cheerleader?) Beca. They've known of each other but never crossed paths before. Until one day, a guy was harassing Beca and Chloe steps in and decks him in the face. And then from then on, Chloe is like Beca's guardian angel...who will punch anyone in the face who messes with Beca. (Kinda like that insta pic of Brittany and Anna during their Back To School party). And again, your writings--- looooove!! :)

She’s seen her before. Red hair hidden under hoods and smoking on the bike-rack outside of school, she had a way of slipping into the background of Beca’s everyday. Like when you lose something even though you feel like you’ve seen it in the same spot a hundred times before losing it. She was red and black and hints of grey, and it was just enough for Beca to know that, in some capacity, she’d seen her everyday. 

But now, with blood on her knuckles, she is red and black in an entirely new way, and Beca thinks that she’s never really seen her before at all. 

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