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The Winter King and the Salesman, from a children’s book I made back in uni. I’ve recently been getting around to updating the character, with the intention of remaking the book. 

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He was an odd little thing, too young to be handsome but with big blue eyes that made you want to trust him even as he was picking your pocket. He had a gleam of mischief about him…
—  Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows
  • Ty: Kit and I are going to hang out by the beach.
  • Julian: The beach? You hate the beach.
  • Ty: No, I hate going to the beach with you. There's a difference.
  • Julian: Okay, well don't do anything I wouldn't do.
  • Ty:
  • Ty: *winks*
He Was My Downfall

well, guess what? yeah, the first part of my new story is here and this one has a title too…im making progress with my work and im really proud of myself…so this one doesn’t have sex because it’s just the beginning but i can’t tell you how many parts it’ll have, i know they’ll be more than two probably, i want to try to make it a long story because i think this needs to be well done so here it is for everyone to enjoy it

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Kit Walker Imagine.

Request from @alexisw19 :) Imagine being locked in Briarcliff with Kit Walker and falling in love with him It was raining a profuse amount this night, lightening crackling through the sky, the chill being felt through the shitty windows they had. Kit and I were in charge of organizing the library, allowing us to play the radio, though the reception was fuzzy. “I love this song!” Kit exclaimed as he grabbed me. I squealed as he started to make me dance with him. We dipped me down and smiled at me, part of his hair falling in his face. The lightening cracked as he did, and I bit my lip, examining his face. Kit didn’t know how I felt towards him, but I thought he had feelings for me too. I giggled as he pulled me back up, “We are going to get in trouble if we don’t finish the library,” I said wiping dust with my finger and looking at it. Kit lit a cigarette and shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t think it could be any worse than it has been, people accusing me of murder and all that.” He said looking down at his feet. Suddenly the power in the asylum went down, as a bunch of patients started to scream. Kit started to laugh “It’s so dark, I can’t see anything!” I laughed. I reached out to grab him, “ Kit where are you?!” He laughed as he grabbed my hand “Don’t be scared, i am right here.” He said as he put my hand on his chest. We both went silent for a moment, and that’s when he grabbed me and pulled me over to him. He wrapped his arms around me, and put his chin on my head. I held him back, inhaling his scent. He let me go and held my face his hands, he traced his thumb over my lips, his warm breath hitting them. That’s when he kissed me, first gently, then growing more firm and passionate as he grabbed a handful of my hair, and held me closer. My lips moving in sync with his. His tongue parted my lips, as he began to explore my mouth. His breath starting to quicken as it got more intense. I bit down on his lip, and he let out a soft moan, his breath catching also. He moved his hands onto my ass, lifting me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. I could feel how hard he had become under his pants, as he grinded against me, from under my skirt. He shoved me against a bookcase that was against the wall, books falling beside us, he continued to kiss me. He began to kiss my neck, as he unbuttoned each one of my buttons on my shirt. Kissing further down with each button he removed. Kissing down my chest, and grabbing my chest as he did. He stood back up, locking his lips onto mine as I heard the jingle of his belt being undid. As his pants dropped, he felt between my legs, moving my underwear aside. He put his fingers inside me, and I let out a moan, moving my head back. He kissed my chin, as he continued to move his fingers inside me, then rubbing me as well. That’s when he pulled himself out of his briefs, lining himself up with my opening. “I love you,” He whispered into my ear, as he pushed his length inside me. I wrapped myself around him, he was so big it was almost hard to take in. He stayed there motionless for a moment, then he began to thrust, slow at first. Then quickening his pace. He went harder with each thrust, keeping his lips on mine, the book shelf hitting the wall “Shhhh!” I said as we both laughed. That’s when he laid me down on the desk, and continued to thrust into me, harder and harder. His pelvis rubbing against me, bringing me closer, and closer until I could not hold back. As I climaxed I arched my back, my legs starting to shake as I moaned into his ear. That’s when he finished in me, making sure he was deep as he did. He collapsed onto of me, laying his head on my chest. “Now we have a bigger mess to clean up.” He said breathless. We both laughed, as he kissed me again.

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