swan queen - doin’ dirt

dedicated to kristina: first of all i know you’re probably like ‘omg how did you make this so quickly?!’ but thats just ma skillz ok ;) ANYWAYS happy birthday my precious soulmate!! ily so much and im grateful that i have you as a friend, i have no idea how i survived without knowing you because i know i couldn’t live without you now, you’re amazing and hilarious and well.. a little insane XDD i hope you have an awesome day and enjoy this poorly made video ^_^

ballion  asked:

This is weird, but I watched all episodes of Once in like two days and I'm in love with The Evil Queen. Could you recommend me any good blogs here on Tumblr for Lana/OUAT graphics and photos? I figure that someone with that username would know. ;) Thanks in advance.


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  • fuckmelana
  • lanasboobies (aka woolgrill)
  • kisza93
  • sinful-obsessions
  • klorella
  • simplymaterial

anonymous asked:

Apple dear, do you have a favorite plaything to keep you occupied during all those cold, lonely nights while Cinna is away? Or does mommy just pet you a lot to make you feel better?

Well, I had Shaky Earl but mommy and I got *ahem* a little over-exuberant and broke his motor, but we’re getting counseling about how much I miss Emma and Cinny. It’s helping a little. Mommy and I hold each other and try to banish the grief at night…and in the morning…and sometimes in the bath…after breakfast…at lunch…mid-afternoon…and in the car.

tinakris  asked:

1, (WE NEED MORE OF YOOOOU.) 4 and 8 :D

1) Post a pic of yourself: EW BUT WHYYYY?!

(I can’t remember if I posted this on here or not so here this is half decent enough I guess…)

4) Fav song atm: Right now definitely Starships by Nicki Minaj.

8) Tell me a secret about yourself: I saw The Hunger Games movie before I was done with the book. *GASP* SCANDALOUS!