kisung couple


I knew it, Yoseob is also Gikwang-Hyosung shipper. xD

FortuneTeller: ..the two of you (GK-HS) are a match made in heaven.

Yoseob: *clapping hands* Best couple! ~Date! Date!~

FortuneTeller: Hyosung would have lots of kids, and so will Gikwang.*)

Gikwang: *grabbing Hyosung’s hand* Let’s go now! (LOL marry her first!)


*)The translation is a bit ambiguous but I think he meant they will have lots of kids together? That’s why GK+HS laughed shyly and the others teased them.


Jealous ‘husband’, Gikwang. I start to think that’s Gikwang’s natural reaction whenever he gets jealous. Immediately pointing his finger and yelling (like he did in OMS). LOL at his babo face. xD

Meanwhile, Hyosung always looks happy whenever Gikwang does his famous American Dance (while the others look embarrassed, even Yoseob, haha). Such a supportive 'wife’. :))