kisuke no yuujin


Donut Hole cover by Kisuke no Yuujin

love this song, love this singer

Music tag

I was tagged by @queenofkadaara  Thanks(。>‿‿

Rules: list 10 songs you’re currently vibing to and tag 10 people

1. KoRn - A Different World (featuring Corey Taylor)

2. Slipknot - Duality

3. koyori - Hitorinbo Envy (Soraru cover)

4. Valshe - Riot

5. Kikuo - The Girl that Sells Misfortune (Hanatan version)

6. Kettaro - Kagome, kagome

7. Ikasan - Queen of Hearts

8. Kisuke no Yuujin & Ikasan - Sweet’s Beast

9. Nightwish - The Siren

10. Xia - Flower (featuring Tablo)

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