Early character sketches for Kistka, a tabletop adventure game I’m working on with Brian Belida and Kevin Snow.

Kistka is centered on Ukrainian folklore and the tradition of pysanky (decorated eggs). Players take on the role of wandering Hutsul magicians, crafting magical eggs to help renew the land, banish monsters and wicked spirits, and eventually SAVE THE WORLD from an evil serpent chained to a cliff.

We’re still really early in the concept phase, but there’s a lot of cool folklore and cultural sources for us to draw from, so I’ll probably be posting sketches periodically.

Reference photo for the old Hutsul gentleman

“That is Judy and Phyllis on a…uh…I worked for Red & White, and he had a float for the 1st of July, and the girls were allowed to ride on it. Unattended too! A lot of the floats had to have an older person with them, but not the girls. And that scrap paper that you have around…oh, I know what that is, that’s the scrap metal for making Easter egg styluses.”