kissy poo

you freaks: being Bisexual is the BEST because you get to date all the squishy people and kiss more than one gender!! and you get to have more than one choice of lil bab bean kissy poos to hold in your arms :) 

every fucking normal person:

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Crying at your tags on the "lil kissy poo bro" post because I thought the exact same thing like pls try to tell dan has never done that to phil and Phil didn't just roll his eyes and playfully push him away like adios I'm dead

listen,,,, i know. it has happened. we already know that dan likes to make fun of stereotypically Straight Dude™ Things (like when was like slapping and punching phil’s arm and then head butted him) so there’s no one that could convince me that dan doesn’t call him bro whilst also being flirty, just to be a dork. and phil always rolls his eyes and giggles at him to stop, but dan doesn’t of course bc when does he ever, so phil just has to do smth silly like kiss him or tickle him to make him shut up.

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That post telling us to "shut the fuck up about Kendall..." is riddled with grammar murder, run on sentences and incoherent thoughts written like a drunk 2nd grader but 17 ppl agreed. Someone makes a nice post about not hating Kendall Jenner and being happy for her relationships & it gets 3 likes. Likely no more LOL Yall are some bitter ass bitches. She's beautiful. She got to play kissy poo w/ your pretend boyfriend on a multimillion dollar yacht. Release the jealousy from your heart. Its time.