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I finished the kissies X3 picture quality isn’t the best, and I kinda messed up, but I still like it. Also, look who still can’t draw fucking roses after two attempts on my nails XD

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I'M SORRY TO GO REALLY OFF TOPIC LIKE THIS but I just thought you should know I got an ask for Manga Josuke and Josuke kissing, and it's by the far the most OOC and funniest thing on my blog right now. I can't even; really wasn't expecting that to be my first kissy picture. XD I don't know why, but people just seem to want that to be a ship, before long it'll be the new SurfaceXJosuke of the blog-


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Felix, DM has just published their African love nest when they go to Africa together and more rumours of an engagement. Well they can make use of all the kissy pictures they want but they did not show the hissy fit and glum face and they are clearly back speculating again. Wonder if this is to wind PH up. If KP has again published names of who will be going without Manipulative Meg's name is this because she is not worth mentioning? NYC says shes going. Champagne to drown my sorrows I think!

Yes true anon. Well the media are doing that because we know that there isn’t marriage on the cards and Harry is clearly showing that by the way he is treating her in front of us. Now I will only believe it when I see pics of her at the wedding because last Sunday MM watched the match from the carpark and not from the Royal tent like all GF’s do. 

So something went wrong for her and PW wasn’t clearly happy to see her that day and it shows it clearly by that pic which the Polo manager is looking directly at him whilst walking away with MM whilst she has her head down. Have a great day anon and get your champagne ready for a good drinking session.



Shae Lavellan & Lionell Trevelyan

(*sobs* I had to cut it the image so it won’t show up blurry!)

A World Reversed

Another multi-chaptered fic from me. Yay! This story is a mix of a couple different ideas that I’ve have bouncing around in my head for a while. Firstly, the idea of Chat Noir and Adrien’s personalities being reversed in a way. So in this one, Adrien is the flirty goof ball (and also bad boy), while Chat Noir is the sweet gentleman. Also, the love square is also reversed. Marinette/Ladybug love Chat Noir, and Adrien/Chat Noir love Marinette. Another part of this story came from the idea of a punk Adrien. My inspiration came from these photos by @s-t-a-r-c-o here

Please look at the pictures linked to above to know what Adrien looks like in this weird au I’ve made. Enjoy!

Marinette’s alarm clock began its screaming fit as it ordered her to wake up and get ready for school. She smacked at the alarm until it was finally silent and rolled out of bed. Before getting dressed and doing her hair, Marinette sat at her desk and turned on her computer. She rested her chin on her hands and sighed dreamily at the collage of pictures set as her desktop background. Her computer was covered with her crush’s gorgeous face.

“Ah, good morning, Chat Noir~” She made a kissy face at the pictures of Paris’ masked hero before being interrupted by her mother shouting up at her to get ready. With a sigh, Marinette stood from her desk and began to get ready.

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clary and maureen do coordinated halloween costumes, one year. when they’re fifteen, and simon is already committed to a group costume with kyle and eric, the girls decide to go as Grease characters. they don’t plan it this way, but maureen shows up to the halloween party in a poodle skirt, and clary in a leather jacket. they hold hands for pictures, make kissy faces at each other for the sake of posterity. if maureen never lets go of clary’s hand afterwards, well, it’s too dark to tell.


So last night this post showed up on my dash and since I’ve always had trouble with kissing poses I was just like THERE’S NO WAY IT CAN BE THAT EASY so I decided to test it out for science and um.  TURNS OUT IT WORKS BRILLIANTLY.  So brilliantly that I was so amazed to the point where I wanted to draw my ships kissing tested it out 3 times and it worked without fail (‘-’*)

I would usually be embarrassed about drawing kissy pictures but I’m actually so proud because for the first time, thanks to this heart method, I actually was able to draw it all RIGHT.  THANK YOU DRAWING GODS ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ I can now draw my ships kissing and what more could we want in the world.  The struggle is over.