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A Look into Amanda’s Vision, The Princess Advert and IDW Comic Canon: Mona Wilder revealed? (Theory Post)


“Mona Wilder” is the seventh Black Wing subject alias MOLOCH, trapped within the squeaky ‘stress toy’, and currently communicating through dreams and commercials.

She is “The Princess” in both the commercial seen in the main series, and possibly the insane ‘Princess’ child in the IDW Comic Series.

She is who persuaded Bart to get to (and possibly to kill) Dirk Gently.  


Amanda’s “vision” in S1 E3.

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♡a poem to daddy♡


Daddy makes me so happy!

He cuddles me up so tight when I need to take a nappie!

Daddy makes me so blushy!

When I look at him, I just wanna go touchy! touchy! touchy!

Daddy makes me giggle!

He makes my bottom go wiggle wiggle!

Daddy makes me fall in love!

I want to lay with him and look at the stars above!

Daddy makes me smile!

He makes me hold his hand for awhile!

Daddy makes me cry!

I never ever want to say goodbye!

Daddy! Daddy! I love you so much!

You lull away my bad thoughts with your soothing, soft touch~


hey discord? what the fuck is this face? i’m trying to send kissy faces to my girls! why are you interpreting that as some kind of rick and morty ass ballsack mouth?