kissy face

I Envy Her Cat

She’s something of a crazy cat lady in the making. Her cat has recently endured having three urinary blockages removed. He still has his ankles, belly, and throat shaved from his latest procedure. She’s so silly and she loves him so very much. She chases him, picks him up, and baby talks to him while rubbing his belly. Granted, I don’t want that kind of treatment from her. It would just be nice to be so sought after. We hung out while I rehydrated. She spent the whole time watching him and playing with him. He hid himself and she’d coax him out if hiding. She woud play with him, then he’d run into a corner. She would corner him and pick him up. She would talk to him in a funny voice and make kissy faces at him. I would engage in eye contact with him whenever he lied down near me. He would follow me. I think he’s starting to like me. I like him, but I’d like him much more if he were smart enough to hydrate himself sufficiently. She has been adding water to his food to keep him healthy. I imagine most cats simply drink plenty of water, as they should. I fear that I will fall for her cat as well. I imagine us having awkward interactions and building a friendship while I become more present in his life.