kisum face appreciation post #3
character development from someone who was scared and lacked confidence to someone who pulls out all these derp faces of “you ain’t shit” to her opponent during a battle. so proud haha


Favourite Roleplay Friendships

I’m pretty sure Becca is one of the longest lasting members in my FB rp and well…SHE’S STILL GOING XD. Considering the example is from earlier tonight. And it just shows what I love about rping with her. It’s cracky, they can embarrass each other and it’s just generally fun (unless you’re Kurt.)

It’s just…half the fun of group roleplays is the friendships you play and the friendships you form.

I’m glad I started roleplaying with Becca and I’m glad that Kurt and Quinn have such a fun friendship. On may they go commenting on each other’s pictures and encouraging drunken stripping.

Top 10 unpretty rapstar songs

10) no thnx - jidam suran and Dean
9) solo remix - yezi jay park chacha and loco
8) this ain’t me - jeon Jiyoon and ilhoon
7) coma 07 - cheetah
6) to. Mom - kissum and Insooni (I cry listening to this all the time)
5) 아슬아슬해 - kitti b microdot and YDG
4) 빰빰해- jidam mad clown and Gil
3) my type - cheetah jessi gangnam verbal jint
2) puss - jimin and iron (remember when vaginas were in invented)
1) 함부로 해줘 - yezi and hanhae.

Special mention is crazy dog feat San E because yezi didn’t do the full version on the show. I love when he says ‘this bitch is crazy for sure!!!!!!’