kissu meme

Oh, It’s the mistletoe meme!

Since this was fun last year, so I made another one! Draw your oc doing their thing under the mistletoe >o<

Such a shy bean

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“…” Long stare.

Once he moves he starts to put on his leather gloves. Being in no hurry. Then he raise his right hand fist, gently touching it with a brush of his lips. And finally, with two determined steps forward he’s up at Loz, and delivers the remnant a clear fast right hook. 
Loz got his kiss. You’re welcome.


Cute Satoshi ♥ - TOKIO x Arashi Premium Talk 2014.12.28 

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Wanders in?


By the time Reno entered the break room Rude received one of the most peeking looks he have ever seen from Elena. Rude tilts his head slightly to left, arched up a well trimmed brow, and meets her look with a dead cold stare. It was his way of telling the blonde how stupid he thinks she’s right now.

To no one’s surprise she didn’t back down. No, no. Elena straightened up her back with a vicious smile, and draws a breath to raise her voice-

            For Gaia’s sake, Elena

Rude stands up, which made Elena shut her mouth, but her eyes were still fixed at him. He keep the steady eye contact while he makes a scene of how slowly he push the chair back in. Then he turns and walks up to the redhead. Reno looking like a big question mark, perhaps he wouldn’t done if he had walked in five minutes earlier when Elena and Rude had started their somewhat heated discussion.

It was stupid, and Rude knew he doesn’t have to do it just to disprove Elena’s allegation. But fuck it, it was no big deal, and if it would shut up Elena why not. Reno kiss and licks him monthly anyways. 

Cupping one hand on his partner’s face, guiding him to tilt his head up, and then Rude close in the space by leaning down. Pressing his lips firmly with Reno’s.

genos strikes me as the kind of guy who would shower saitama with endless praise and affection and think nothing of it but as soon as Saitama initiates something, genos just like EXPLODES, like

“I blew sensei three times yesterday and made him his favorite meal which is whatever buT WHEN WE WENT SHOPPING, HE HELD MY HAND AND IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE”