kaisoo and their whispering moment agaaaain 😍

Saying there’s no proof of HL together or even living together but ignoring: looks, touches, hugs, kisspers, whispers, body language, domesticity, protectiveness, supportiveness, dream team, interactions, finishing each other’s sentences, always knowing what the other is thinking of or is about to say, jealousy, body language when the other one’s PR relationships are brought up, fond, living situation, when we’re home, house in L.A., the fucking giddiness when they so much as look at each other, the bubble when they only focus on each other, Louis looking for Harry when he doesn’t know where he disappeared, Harry looking for Louis when he doesn’t know where he went, coordinating their fucking wee breaks on 2 hr long concerts, where’s Harry where’s Louis gone, even as young as you are, sharing clothes, jeans, t-shirts, etc, their reaction to rings-engagement-marriage topics, the being MIA at the same time and reappearing on the same day for years, the being sick at the same time while every other band member is healthy, the blue and green, the bandana, the sharing cars, sharing hotel rooms, having the same friends, the mirroring, the tattoos, those fucking tattoos, the song lyrics???, like helloooo, the lyric changes, the throat lozenge, the we’re both kinda generous with each other, the we kind of share that really, the good lad good lad nice lil body, the fucking aimh tweet, and the family’s reaction when it beat Obama’s, the paris imterview, the video diaries, the turning away to hide his smile Tomlinson because he was so gone, the Script concert, the jumping in your arms because our band got formed, their tweets to each other, the way Louis tweeted at the asscrack of dawn about something English then disappeared for mia days, the serenading, the kicking away water bottles so you don’t fall face down, the bringing a new water bottle because i see yours is empty, the hey cutie have a nacho, the serenading, the watching each other on the big screens, the goofing around in the monitors, the other boys’ outing them, their OWN moms outing them, their own family outing them, their own friends outing them, their own co-workers outing them, other celebrities outing them, how the whole fucking world knows about them, their same habits in everything, they are legit morphing into the same person, the nicknames they use, the orbiting on stage, the secret touches, the sign language, the meal, the left and right sides respectively tattooed then used in bed for example, the fucking little spoon information, the lipbiting when looking at the other one when he’s not watching, the bruises, the innuendos, the horse rider, the he has one, the salt and vinegar, the fucking bears, the denials being a joke, the receipts, home, if i could fly, strong, happily, don’t let me go, something great, the fucking narrative, the fucking no pic of them for years and only them, and this became a long list and it’s way more than you ever wished for.

But you put all this firm and long theory into all kinds of unrealistic challenges and it is ridiculous, really.

You are in situations in your life constantly when you have to make decisions, you look up at the sky 400000 times your life and you are making immediate assumptions when seeing dark clouds and making a logical deduction SHIT IT’S GONNA RAIN.

This list I put here is the longest fucking rainstorm with clouds so dark that the only thing darker is the brain of those people who are still in denial.

Going through my old files and found a bountiful array of narry gifs n such and decided they needed to be shared so here- have some narry, in no particular chronological order. And on a side note- the captions underneath are what I wrote as captions when I saved them to my computer, save for the first one. 

*this is a lockscreen obvs, not a gif- but v v cute and may or may not have made me cry*

harry’s smile is everything

ballroom dancing, followed by a complete disregard of the fact that there are young people in the audience. also. keep it in your pants. 

clingy harry

clingy niall


confirmed pt 2

cute boyfriends dancing

more aggressive dancing

delicate hand holding

proper education


almost kissed you guys almost

fist bump or peering at Dick who knows

flower sparkle dancing rainbow sunshine fairies

footie hugs

photoshoot romance and Fonding

im not saying they fucked after this concert but they totally fucked

i just love his hair i cant stop touching it at all hours of the day do you see how soft and floofy and-

i have a need for physical contact 24/7 so if I act clingy its because I am

haha kill me why don’t you

Harry is preggers w nialls head

i told you I love his hair



Major Case of Fond has been diagnosed

what is with the hip swaying. what are they laughing about. the world shall never know. 

he wasn’t really going for the hood u guys

cutest interview couple of the century yes thank you

ur very fluffy harold

Proclaiming Sexual Longing In Front of 50,000+ People


“If you had to kiss one person under the mistletoe…who would it be?” you, harold.

cutestest metro lion replacements ever

“mick jagger move” haha OR excuse to grind in public

i literally dont know where to start w this one like they miss eachother’s glances and they way harry looks at him like he’s his everything and the cute lil dimple like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“nialls hugs are the best”

look how cute my bf was 

A Study In Dimples, by Niall Horan

Synchronized Boyfriends

what the fu- ohh he’s such a tease dammit- im gonna fuck him on this table later and then he’ll be sorry


Something funny, boys?

my heart aches

i have…no words

How To Hug Your Cute Boyfriend: A Lesson by Harry Styles

its totally platonic, bro.


tickle monster

my butt Deserves to be taken a photograph of

SIGHTED: New Mating Dance Discovered

when will ur faves ever

youll need a chainsaw to cut through the sexual tension here


did he really have to? no. but this is his boyfriend and he will be Extra 

I Serenaded My Boyfriend But He Glanced Away How Rude of Him And Im Slightly Offended 


bIH???? kisspering is the only word appropriate

its canon. they’re having a kid. 

get a room.

zayn said they never really talked bc they didnt really talk. they just kisspered into eachothers ears constantly i dont think they ever said one word they just almost made out w eachother every time they spoke. case in point:

elaric  asked:

um examples of whipped harry please??? for science

im sry i took so long to answer this one, but I hope Extremely Whipped Harry makes up for it…here ya go:

heres him looking all content staring at nialls face (i mean who wouldnt be)

the dimples!!!

yes hi hello i am clingy and possessive and cannot last more than a minute without skin to skin contact halp

the fond is REAL

hold my hand bro. not top obvious though bro. 

a congratulatory kiss on the cheek? a whisper? a kissper? the world shall never know…


serenading does the trick doesnt it


nothing more to say here…

more serenading. its almost a tradition isnt it? 

and last but not least, my favorite…

and another fetus one bc come on look

hope u enjoyed whipped harry

Narry Whispering/Kisspering

Ugh. I’m back. And sleepy. But it’s okay. Let’s go bitches.

We got a request from this anon. There are probably a lot of masterpost on Narry Kisspers and Whispering but oh well. Why not add mine to the mix.

Hopefully nothing’s on here twice.

Anywhoo. Let’s get started.

OH Niall.

This post is going to jump all over the place. Be prepared.

One of my personal favorites.

Along with this one.

*heavy sigh*

Why’re you guys like this.

I will never fully understand these two. No matter how hard I try.

It looks like they’re kissing from this angle.

OI. It’s not nice to have secrets.

Pisses me off.





All I feel is anger.

But a good kind of anger.

But is Harry really that funny?

The answer is no.

I promise.

Ugh. Kill me.

THis still hurts.

I don’t know if this counts but oh fucking well. It’s cute.

Back to golden day of ‘ore (I don’t even know if that’s how it goes..No but seriously I need to know.)


*heavy sigh*

I feel even more angry then before.

I blame the anon.

Fight me!

And for your pleasure. Here’s a beautiful YouTube Video that I found:

It’s something special and it brings tears to my eyes.

anonymous asked:

I saw one of your comics a while back about ASMR. I ended up checking ASMR out and I love it! It really helps calm me down. But I'm still sort of new to everything. Do you have any recommendations? Like channels, videos, or triggers?

Here are some of my favorite channels:

Gentle Whispering ASMR

ASMR Mania English

Darya Lozhkina ASMR

Latte ASMR

Olivia’s Kissper ASMR

WhispersRed ASMR

Fairy Char ASMR

So I guess….. generally I like people with non-American accents? lol. I’d say my fave triggers are probably soft tapping, hair brushing, personal attention, soft speaking! So…. i like makeup videos a lot, mostly. Funny story, I fist discovered that ASMR tingle through Michelle Phan videos lol.