Just found this poem I wrote for an English class last summer and I wanted to share it!!!!


   by, Vontreesa Floyd

Tuck away your pride

Let your flaws bleed through

Don’t try to hide,

The things God will renew



Humiliate yourself,

Be uncut, be real

Display your mishaps like torn books on a shelf

Give them time to heal



To remain humble is a must

Don’t let your vanity explode

Remember there is only One to trust

And He will minimize your load



Humility is the greatest virtue.

Pride is humility’s greatest competition.

Don’t let humility ride with pride. 


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I need to get more involved with my followers!!!

Personally, I love it when people that I follow update and stay extremely active on their blogs. Well, now since it is summer and I have less of a load from school, I want to extend my blog by doing more creative things with it. I plan to start vids soon(needs a new camera) but I need suggestions on what you all would like from me… I need more feedback from my followers :)) 

Help, help, help….

Reply, reply, reply….

I probably will focus more on the dimensions of my life and what makes me ME!!!!

Toss up some IDEAS 

<3 y'all