Happy 2014, Crystal. And happy friendiversary. I thought I’d ring in the new year with our ultimate OTP: Zacox.

It’s weird to think about how long ago that was and even weird to think about how long I’ve known you. I always say that I don’t have the words to explain how much being your friend has meant to me and I honestly don’t. Especially this last year with all of the problems I’ve had, you’re the one that helps me keep going. I don’t think I’d still be here if I didn’t have you to pull me back together every single time I fall apart. You’re there for me like no one else in my life ever has been and I love you for it. You seriously are the best best friend in the world.

“Once more the dreadful throes of true prophecy whirl and distract me with their ill-boding onset. Do you see them there—sitting before the house—young creatures like phantoms of dreams?” [x]

Happy birthday, Crystal! I know not being a teenager anymore is scary, but trust me, it’s not that different. You’re older and wiser and just plain awesome. I’m really proud of you for all the hard work you do. You work so hard and you do so much to better yourself, it’s crazy inspiring. I’d go absolutely insane if I didn’t have you around. Seriously, every time I freak out you’re there for me and I owe you so much for that. You’re the best best friend in the world and I hope and I pray that you have the best year ever. Happy birthday, I love you.