Friendly kissmessitude reminders:

  • Sex is consensual by both parties
  • Both parties must have an equal sense of rivalry with the other
  • One hating the other with no reciprocration is not spades.
  • Both parties must enjoy their relationship with each other.
  • If the relationship is detrimental to anyone in any way, an austipice is heavily advised.

Day 16 and 17

Alright all of yesterday my thumb had an ache at the base joint, i don’t know why. It seems to have stopped so that’s good, i’m just going to pay more attention to it today to see how it is. As a result i missed yesterday, so today we have two. I tried to make the two look different in almost every day, so they’re unique? I dunno. I think it looked better w/o color :/

kissmessitude is my favorite quadrant..