dinahjanekordei  asked:

Share 10 facts about yourself then pass this on to your favorite 10 tumblrs

1. My 80 something year old grandmother likes to stay ‘hip’ so she’s picked up on calling me ‘homegurl’ and it makes me feel uncomfortable.

2. I like to talk in various accents around the house it creeps my mom out for some reason.

3. Today my older brother and I had a little ‘accent battle’ and I won. He thinks he won but no, I won.

4. Sometimes when I’m bored in my room, I like to do handstands against my wall until all the blood rushes to my head. (Yes, I get that bored.)

5. There is a spoonful of peanut butter in my mouth right now and it tastes like a spoonful of pure heaven.

6. I’m a chronic leg jiggler. I fidget a lot and I can’t seem to stay still for too long. 

7. I love to take pictures with my film camera but I have about 12 rolls of film that I have yet to develop… I really need to get on that.

8. I like to, as some would call it, ‘stalk’ celebrities in the Hollywood/Santa Monica/LA area. However, I prefer the term ‘physically pursue’.

9. My family (extended and all) is an awesome ‘fangirl family’. They support and endorse all my fangirl ways. My mom even offers to take me to ‘physically pursue’ my favorite celebrities when I find out where they’re going to be.

10. I really, really want to pet Jessica Capshaw… Or I guess “caress” would be a better choice of words to sound less creepy…nope, it sounds creepy any way you put it but what can I say? I just really want to pet caress her face.

Thank you lovely<3