OH MY GOD WHERE DO I START. I met you randomly, like we were going to rp but never actually got around to rping together on tumblr. And then we started texting, and then. THINGS HAPPENED. i adore you and your classic loving little face.


You were my first REAL SERIOUS roleplay partner. As in. You taught me how to plot, you put up with my BONKERS IDEAS. And no matter how bad I am to you, you’re always there. And I always will adore you <3


Oh god. How did we meet. I don’t remember. I just. I remember that suddenly we started talking. And, you became the hedgehog to my otter. And. I love you. Mah baby <3


OH MY GOD. The fact we talk, still causes me to hypervenelate. Because basically. I have spent so long obsessing over yourblog. Yep. Anyway.. Blue I love you, and your Rose. And no matter how bad things ever get, I know I can always find you. Let’s never leave that okay?


Youre the one who always reminds me to breath. Who puts up with my ship-happy plotless life. And. Who I always know will love me. I promised I’d never leave you, and.. I won’t.


This is… yeah complicated, busy, a lot of yelling, shouting, caps, a lot of painful painful plots, a lot of hugging, crying, and honesty. I adore you, and. Damn you’re a good friend. Don’t change kay?


Let me fangirl over you. I remember, I just randomly happened to follow you becaus eI was like. OHGODILOVETHISBLOG. And then… poof suddenly I talked to you a lot. And. We know a lot about each other. And I really love you. Mah surahburr.


YOU ADOPTED ME. And you saved me from horrible pairings that were dragging me down. AND YOU GAVE ME FLUFF. And yeah. I love you for that. Okay I kinda just love you. Mhm yes good.


Complicated, messy, a lot of gossip. Sounds like a normal friendhsip? Yep. SHIPWHORE. Also yes. yeah. I dunno. I’m just typing now. I feel like having an abba moment. I DOO I DOOO I DOOO. There we go. That fit in. Boo you whore.


How the hell did I survive before I met you. Just talking to you, even if its whining, or laughing, or just my god damned clinging, makes me feel better. I love you, and one day. I’m going to come, and just. cling. Even though you dont like touching, so I’ll do mental clinging. yeah? good. its a date.


How does one begin. Basically. MAMA. No honestly. YOu put up with me when I’m being insecure, you try to help me even when I’m irrational. Youre amazing, and brilliant, and lovely, and just you being in the world makes it better.


HOLY SHIT HOW DO YOU EVEN. Your existance, edits, rp, everything. I just. I live an amanda appreciation life. I don’t konw. THAT ONE TIME WE RPED AND TLV/BARTY ALMOTS HAD SEX. that was good. god it was good. I adore you. OH AND TLV/HENRIETTE. Yep. I love you so much.


You terrify me. nuff said.


JESUS I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND. fuck da popo. Yes. We have inside jokes that no one understands because…. they really dont make sense. al;sdkfj even if we fight a lot, i love you.


You are my precious little bundle of love and i love to pet your faise. Okay so we dont talk ALL THAT MUCH. but when we do. yeah. I adore you. I basically adore you all of the time though… em.. yes youre awesome and i love you.


Your my pandaburr big sister. I adore the fucking hell out of you. So much. I just. I love you okay? Always and forever.


 Idk with you. I just love you. 


My potato, my bulldog, my bundle of love and all around general badass mother fucking perfect person. How the hell did we get this far? I love you so much. Really. I do. Your fantastic, and brilliant, and so kind, and caring. And you deserve all the happiness in the world big guy.

These are all people you should not only follow, but love. They mean the world to me. And sadly, not EVERYONE is on here. Because I’m in the middle of schoolwork.. but yeah.. these people.. are fantastic, and help me.. live. And yeah. I love you guys.

Lydia <3