[Trans] 150420 Shukan Josei Interview

U-KISS: “We have the confidence that we won’t become big-headed!”

Q: About the pastel suits

KS: The title song “Action” in this album is an inspirational song, so it gives a bright/colorful feeling.
KV: It’s a pastel tone that is perfectly fit for the spring season.

―Pink suits you very well, leader Soohyun.

SH: It really suits me well? I think pink is Kevin’s color.
KV: But my favorite color is blue.
HN: Pink is the color of KISSmes. So I thought that it would be nice to give [this color] to the leader and offered this idea to the staffs.
SH: So it was Hoon!?
HN: Soohyun is the oldest among us, so I thought - wouldn’t it be nice to make him look cute? Indeed, it goes well with him!

Q: The colors fit each member’s image?

Green is for Hoon!
HN: It’s not green, it’s mint-colored!!
SH: Kiseop looks good with anything, so he’s the one who goes with the not-so-popular purple (laughs).
KS: It’s my first time wearing purple outfits. My true favorite color is red. Because I love the fruit strawberry?
Jun: My outfit is chocolate brown.
SH: Jun is young, but he looks like 25 years old. So he goes with the calm/subdued tone.
HN: The member who fits the chocolate, brown color is Soohyun, isn’t it?
SH: Huh, you’re saying that I’m an old man…..?

Q: It’s been about a year since Jun’s addition to the group.

SH: Jun grows really fast so I was surprised. The thing that changed the most is his expression. He’s more at ease.
Jun: I’m happy to hear you say that. Because I don’t get praised very often.
SH: I usually don’t compliment him. He’s a rookie so I can’t praise him too much.
KV: “His head will become big (big-headed)”? Is there a similar phrase in Japan? Ahh, “to be full of himself.”
SH: I’ve seen a lot a people who have changed. So we have the confidence that we won’t become big-headed!
HN: Yes. So please praise me more. I’m the type to improve faster when people compliment me (laughs).

Q: The type of girl that makes you want to take action on?

KS: I like girls who do their job properly.
KV: For me, it’s girls who cherish their family.
Jun: Girls who can make me happy just by being with them.
Hoon: For me, it’s girls who are 165 cm tall, with big eyes, full of aegyo/cuteness, and with high-pitched voice. My favorite type is similar to Kiseop’s. If we fall in love with the same person? I will fight and make her my girlfriend! Though this will only happen in dreams (laughs)
SH: For me, it’s girls with fair skin, bright and large pair of eyes, and plump lips.

Q: About the new album.

HN: There are members’ unit songs, and songs with lyrics written by Kevin and Eli, who is currently filming a drama in China. Soohyun’s first solo song “Once Again” is in the album as well!
SH: Honestly, I was worried about the solo song. But the members came to the recording studio and gave me many advises, so it turned out to be a great song. It’s a song made by everyone.