Den danske gadekunstner og blogger KISSMAMA åbnede d. 19 november en stor udstilling i det gamle Carlsberg (Vesterfælledvej 100, 1799 København V) kaldet Streets of Copenhagen. Street art meets Graffiti. I samarbejde med otte andre kunstnere har de forvandlet en 2000 kvadratmeter garage til en fryd for gadekunstens øje. Det er projektgruppen well done daphne som står bag projektet.
Udstillingen fortsætter indtil d. 19 december og koster sølle 30kr 
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What’s Fair is Fair.

Yugyeom + Music Show + Revenge + Kiss

Mama Awards 2015. An exciting time for Idols and Fans everywhere. Today was suppose to be a special day for you and your boyfriend Jungkook but after recent event, you couldn’t even bring yourself to get out of bed. “Y/N-ah get up. We have be on our way to JYP right now or JB will be riding over here on a bed of flames.” Your best friend Yugyeom said jumping on your bed and shaking you. You refused to open your eyes. “Y/N” he whined. “Come on, I know you’re still sad about what happened, but you promised to spend the day with me today.” You sighed and sat up. You looked at Yugyeom who was sitting cross legged on the end of your bed. “Yugyeom, I don’t think I’m up for it. I know I promised but Jungkook is gonna be there and I don’t think I’m ready to see him yet.” You say pulling your knees to your chest. Yugyeom sighed and grabbed your feet pulling you closer to him. He wrapped you in a hug. “Listen Y/N, I know is hard but I know Jungkook. I know he feels like crap right now for what he said to you, and seeing you there today, will give him the perfect chance to talk to you and make it all better. You know that how it works with you two, you fight and argue, say stuff you don’t mean but when you see each other again, it’s like you guys never skipped a beat. Come on” He said squeezing you. You wiggled out of his embrace. You felt you eyes starting to water, thinking of how bad things had gotten between Jungkook. Making up and breakup was a thing that you guys did, but you didn’t see the making up happening this time. Not after Jungkook made it clear he never wanted to see you again. Yugyeom waved his hand in your face. “Stop, that right now, today is a happy day. If you really have to look forward to seeing something, look forward to Jay Park Hyung being there.” You tried to stop your face from heating up, you hands flew to you cheeks to cover up the pink huy spreading across you face. “ I thought he was in the USA on tour.” You say quickly. Yugyeom laughed as he stood up. “You’re shameless you know that right Y/N.” He said poking your forehead then pulling you up on your feet. “I guess you have to wait and see, because your coming Y/n” he said dragging you to the bathroom and locking you inside. He stood on the other side. “You have 10 minute to be showered and dressed, we have to be to jyp in 15, so hurry up or I’m call JB hyung to give you another lecture on punctuation.” You sighed and hopped in the shower, preparing yourself for the chaos you knew today held for you.

After spending all day with Got7 you didn’t think you could laugh so much. Although it was super hectic and they had you running around like a chicken with your head cut off, you didn’t mind it so much because it helped keep your mind off Jungkook. That was until you guys headed over to the arena for dress rehearsal. After all that had happened you forgot that Got7 and Bts had a special performance stage together. Your leg bounced with anticipation on the car ride there. “Hey, y/n can you please stop shaking your leg like a crazy person.” Yugyeom asked putting his hand on your knee to calm your nerves. You give an absentminded nod and slowed the bouncing of your leg. You began to bite your nails instead. “Yo y/n I didn’t spend 3 hours in the nail salon with you just so you can eat all the polish off.” He said swatting at your hand. “Y/N calm down, it’s gonna be alright. It’s gonna be a quick 3 minute performance, I promise. If you really don’t want to see him you can sit in our dressing room until it’s time for us to leave and get ready for the show. I promise it will be painless.” Yugyeom said taking your hand and give you his gummy smile. You could see that he was trying hard to keep your mind off Jungkook so you gave him a smile then turned to look out the window. When you guys arrived at the venue, you headed straight to the dressing room. Yugyeom and Jr were doing a quick run through of the dance, while you and youngjae played rock paper scissor to try to figure out who got the last kimbap roll. Five minutes until they had to go meet with the BTS and you found it impossible to sit still anymore. You had a knot in your stomach as you paced back and forth. You felt the room growing stuffy. “Yugyeom I… um have to use the bathroom” you say as you excuse yourself from the room. You shook your head to try to bring some sort of clearness. You didn’t actually know where the bathroom was, so you wandered the halls until you heard a familiar sounds. You walked following the sound of laughter and shouting, until you came to a room. The star next to the door read BTS. You gasped, hand quickly covering your mouth to stop anymore sound that would try to escape. The door was cracked just a little. You looked through the crack and saw Jimin, and JHope staring into a video camera. Suga was slumped in a chair sleeping and Rap Mon was bobbing his head to the music coming from his headphones. Jin was filming another Eat Jin. As You scanned the room further,your breathing hitched as you saw Jungkook in the far corner practicing a dance, you assumed was apart the collab stage. His movements were sharp, and fluid. Something you always admired about him. He looked so focus. You heart jumped when he suddenly stopped dancing and pulled out his phone. He smiled on instantly, as his fingers typed away on the keyboard. Who was he texting that made him smile so brightly? You thought back to how he had been acting the last time that you guys had spent time together. He was being so distant and secretive. It’s like you were just a stand in for the actual person he wanted to see. You eyes started to water. You had asked him if he was cheating on you and he started to flip out, yelling about trust and saying that if you didn’t trust him then why were you guys even together. Then he left, the last thing he said if if you can’t trust then don’t be with me. You felt that familiar tightness in your throat this was too much and you wanted to leave. As you turned to go, you bumped into someone. “Y/N did you come to cheer on Jungkook and us?” Said the the voice. You wiped your face and looked up. It was V. He was smiling, that is until he noticed that you had tears in your eyes. “Y/N what’s wrong?” He asked putting his hand on your shoulders. You just shook your head. “No.. nothing V, I umm I feel a little sick so I’m gonna go.” You say as you start to turn to go. But V grabs your hand. “No wait here, I’ll go get Jungkook so you guys can talk.” He said turning and bursting through the door. You started to panic as you heard your name being thrown around in the room. You felt the oxygen starting to push from you body like someone was giving you CPR so you turn and ran.

You didn’t know where you were going to. Backstage was so twisted, with a bunch of curves and turns that you knew the further you ran, the more lost you were getting, but you didn’t care you had to get out of there. You made a sharp left turn and found an empty room. You ducked inside and closed the door. You sat on the floor curled up in a ball, knees at your chest and you just let the tears fall. Today was suppose to be a good day. Your best friend and your boyfriend sharing the stage at the MaMa awards, a dream to both of them. You knew it was a big opportunity for them to be apart of such a big show. But here you were ruining it for both of them. Your phone was blowing up with messages from Yugyeom asking where you were. He sent so many. But you ignored all of them, you looked at the time. 1 minute until Got7 and Bts would be doing there final dress rehearsel for the show tonight. You didn’t want Yugyeom to be late so you just decided to wait to tell him where you were and text when he got off stage. You text him quickly and told him not to worry. You told him you’d see when he finished and for him to knock them dead. You knew he wouldn’t accept that answer but that’s all he was getting as you pushed your phone away from you. Your phone buzzed again and then there was a knock at the door. “Y/N” You heart speed up at the sound of the voice. It was Jungkook. You look for a place to hid but the door opened and Jungkook walked in. He looked annoyed. “Y/N Why are you here? I thought that the last time we talked it was pretty clear that I didn’t want you to come today.” He sighed and put his hands through his hair. “There is too much going on between us and I didn’t want to be distracted today. I thought you understood that.” He said tapping his foot impaciently. You didn’t look at him. Instead you bite you lip to hold back the tears that were destined to all. “Did you really come here just to cry.” He said. He threw his hand up in frustation that you weren’t talking back to him. “Y/N…” He started to say but was cut off but the sound of Yugyeom calling your name. “Y/N, Y/N,” He yelled. He came sprinting toward the room. He eyes went straight to you, still sitting on the fall not look at anyone, just at your lap. Yugyeom look at Jungkook. He felt his blood start to boiling seeing that he had made you cry yet again. There were so many words he wanted to say but he stopped himself. He could tell that all you wanted was to get away from this situation, so he walked over and grabbed your hand. Pulling you up and leading you out of the room. You guys didn’t talk as he lead you back toward Got7’s dressing room. You guys stopped just outside the door. You avoided his eyes, staring at his shoes. He huffed in frustation and lifted you head to look at him. He gently wiped away your tears. “Listen Y/N, I was gonna wait until after the show to tell you this but you need to hear it now. Jungkook doesn’t deserve you. I will not let you shed another tear to me about him. Do you hear me?” He said, staring at you, searching your eyes for any sign of life. “Now is not a good time for this but, I like you Y/N, and starting today you’re not allowed to get back with Jungkook. I won’t allow it. Not if he’s going to act like a child. You are not a toy to be thrown around and mistreated. That’s what little boys do. I, on the other hand know how to treat women with respect.” He stopped talking and looked behind him. You tried to turn and see what he was looking at, but he put both of his hand on your face. He leaned down and kissed you. It was gently at first. Like he was afraid you were gonna run away, but when you didn’t, he kissed you again. This time with less doubt. His lips were soft and he tasted like juicy fruit bubblegum. You were confused. You knew that now wasn’t the right time for this but you couldn’t stop yourself. His kiss was sweet and passionated. You had just wrapped your arms around Yugyeom’s neck when Yugyeom was abruptly ripped from your lips. “Really Y/N, you got over me pretty quickly I see.” Jungkook said shoving Yugyeom against the wall. You were about to say something when you hear Yugyeom say, “What’s fair is fair, huh Jungkook.” He said pushing Jungkook off of him. Yugyeom and Jungkook were stuck in a staring match. Both of them waiting for the other to make the first move. You stepped in between them. You looked at Jungkook. His phone buzzed in his pocket but he didn’t move. “You made it clear to me Jungkook that you didn’t want to be with me anymore.” You grabbed Yugyeom’s hand and turned to walk away. But you stopped. “You better text her back before she thinks you’re cheating on her.” You say walking into the Got7 dressing room. Jungkook cursed under his breath then walked away. You let out a big breath. Yugyeom wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your forehead. You smiled, and turned to face him. He leaned in for a kiss but you pushed him away, as you eyed the clock behind you. “Woah there, you are about to be late for the dress rehearsal. Go now before JB drags you out by your ears. I will be right here when you get back.” You said pushing him towards the door. He looked at the clock and nodded running out the room towards the stage. You turned to sit when your arm was yanked. Yugyeom grabbed you and kissed you. “We’ll talk” was all he said disappearing out the door again.