Nekem Te kellesz.
És nem mas.
A te arcod akarom reggel latni.
Veled akarok reggel ruhat valasztani.
Neked akarok reggelit kesziteni.
Neked akarok bucsu csokot adni reggel a suli elott.
Rad akarok gondolni egesznap.
Veled akarok haza jonni kezen fogva.
Esoben csokolozni.
Megazni…aztan itthon forro kakaot inni es osszebujni.
El akarok veled menni ebedelni.
Kezen fogva setalni a varosban. Felmeterenket megallni csokolozni.
Elmondani hogy mennyire szeretlek. Este egyutt furdeni. Aztan szeretkezni.
Veled szeretnek birkozni az agyban. Sok sok kepet csinalni.
Egyutt unnepelni…szilveszterezni ejfelkor veled csokolozni…aztan veled lenni evekig:) ♥
Kevin Officially Leaves U-KISS

Bad news for KISSmes worldwide.

It’s be announced today that Kevin will officially leave U-KISS, after having debuted with the group in 2008.

You can find the official company statement in English below:

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Algo mejor que el sabor de tus besos, es la electricidad que siente mi cuerpo al besarte.
—  LunaaRA

anonymous asked:

Could you write something about Harry talking to the baby you carry in your womb? Please! 🙈 You got me hooked on all the dad!Harry stories and you're so talented I need more rip

No doubt that had me all hooked up as well. Agh daddy Harry kills me!!!

Harry’s been very jumpy and  enthusiastic since he found out that you’ve been blessed with a baby girl in your belly. He wouldn’t stop blubbering about how much he is gonna spoil the baby once she’s out. No doubt she was gonna be spoiled rotten, not only by his father but by her aunty Gemma, grandma and many others.

You gigged as Harry massaged your a little swollen feet, telling you how he used to be late in his school all the time and other childhood memories.

You were listening to harry as he placed one of his hand of your tummy and went on talking about his old days. Suddenly you felt a hard kick inside your belly. Fist kick. Baby kicked for the first time.

“Is i’ wha’ I think?” Harry says with widen eyes as you nod happily.

“Oh my god.” with one hand one his mouth, Harry kneels down so he’s face to face with the baby.

“Hi little one” Harry says, eyes widening as he feels another kick.

“think she likes hearing your voice, go on peaches” you said running your hand through Harry’s hair as he nods. You could see tiny droplets of water in the corner of his eyes, probably because of the amount of happiness he’s feeling right now.

‘Hey baby girl, like i’ when daddy talks t’ yeh. Don’ yeh?” Harry chuckles feeling one big hard kick as he continues.

“Can’ wait to mee’ us huh? Mommy and daddy can’ wait to mee’ yeh too poppet. We love yeh so much already.” Harry says as he presses his lips to the swell of your belly where his little munchkin is settled peacefully.

“Go on Harry.” You whisper.

“And when yeh come ou’, daddy’s gonna play dollies with yeh and will get yeh anythin’ yeh ask fo’. And remember no boys allowed till yeh ar’ 77 years old” 

“77? cmon baby that’s a lot!” you giggled as harry flashes you his smile.

“Okay, jus’ because of mommy you can bring boys home when yeh are 76!” Harry said sending you a wink as you giggled hitting his arm playfully.

You heart was filling up with love seeing your husband talking to the little angel you guys made with your love. You  knew Harry always wanted a kid and now he was having one. 

His eyes filled with extra love and care after finding out that little one is coming. Since you found out he’d always come home early cooking you your favorite meals and desserts. Seeing him this happy made you fall in love with him more. The way he’d talked to the baby bump, the way he’d hold you protectively. Just everything. 

“come ou’ fast sweetpea. We love you Rose” harry whispers before lifting your tee up and pressing his lips to your belly where baby was kicking. Smiling to self harry sits beside you and wraps his arms around your shoulder.

“Rose huh? that’s what you wanna name her?” you asked nuzzling your nose in the crook of his neck.

“yeah, she’s gonna be pretty and perfect jus’ like a rose.” harry smiles as he leaned forward to press a lingering kiss on your forehead.

“Rose. Hmmm. Then Rose is it.” 

Moving in

I Am, gonna be doing lots of drabbles and blurbs tonight plus i’ll be answering the asks, so if you have any question or any sceneario which you’d like me to complete then just send in. All of imagines are now under ‘Miss me when i’m gone’, I’ll be tracing that tag too.

Anonymous: Can you do a imagine where harry asks you to move in with him.

This one is a short , more like a blurb because i ran out of ideas. Still hope you enjoy.

“Smell nice in here.” You said entering Harry’s house. The sweet aroma of cinnamon and vanilla candles filled up your nostrils. Friday. The day from which your paradise starts till sunday because for three days either you spend the days at Harry’s place, or he does at yours. You guys had it done turn by turn and today was yours.

Finally you’d be spending the whole three days at your lovers place.

“hmm candles you broug’t me” He replies with his thick voice as he goes in his bedroom to set your bag in the wardrobe . Harry always used to get excited when it came to night over. Who wouldn’t?

Taking your shoes off, you walked over to the kitchen and poured yourself and Harry a glass of wine. Red liquor shone in the wine glass perfectly-suiting his expensive L.A. house. Harry has always been a hater of messy things. Fair and tify is what he  loves.

“e’lo there love” harry says wrapping his muscular arms around your waist resting his chin upon your shoulder. You tilted your head sideways to pecks his lips. His lips were soft and sweet. A little peck turned out in a heavy makeout session. 

He had you pressed against the kitchen island as your lips were busy in moulding with his. His velvety tongue sent shivers down your spine. His hand was cupping back of your neck pulling you close to him. You didn’t think that there’d be any space left between you guys to be filled. As you felt his hand creeping up your tee to unhook your bra, ypu pulled away earning a groan from him.

“ Sorry baby, time of the month.” You said pouting. Harry smiled softly before leaning in and giving your lips one last peck.

“It’s okay baby. don’ worry. Bu’ tha’ doesn’t mean tha’ we can’t dance” Harry said wiggling his eyebrow as he played ‘Can’t help falling in love’. He offered you his hand with a heart warming smile on his face. You giggled as he swirled you around singing the lyrics,

“But I cant help, falling in love with you” he sang as he pulled you to his chest and swayed sideways. Pushing your hair over one side of your shoulder, he nuzzled his face in your neck and whispered the lyrics.

These are the moments that you live for. With harry being by your side not caring about the world.

“move in with me?” Harry asks as the song ends. The house went completely silent. It’s not like you didn’t wanted to move in with him but, you were scared of what future would bring you. No doubt you saw a future with Harry. But sometimes things doesn’t turns out how you want them to.

“Yo-you want me to move in with me?” you asked.

“yes, I wan’ t’ see yeh face every mornin’. I wanna kiss you every second of m’ life. I wanna live every moment with yeh.” Harry said as he stares in your eyes having a grip on your waist. You leaned in and rested your forehead against his as he did the same.

“i-i am scared Harry” you whispered as those words left your mouth you felt two fingers lifting your chin up. 

“Scared of wha’?” Harry asked with creases of tension on his forehead. He always believed that he could protect you and he thought he was doing his job, but then, what were you scared of? This question quickened his heart beat.

“it’s not anything bad. Just scraed of the future” you said rubbing the apple tinted skinof his cheek. With a sigh of relief Harry closed his eyes.

“ Oh darlin’, there’s nothin’ to be scared of. I promise i’ll ptrotect yeh, I’ll never ever hurt yeh baby.” Harry said. A sweet smile creeps up your lips as your heart boosts up with love. You cupped his cheek and pecks his lips.

“i know. And yes, I’ll move in with you.” you said as harry engulfs you in his arms. Place where you belong. Though you were moving in with him, but the actual house of yours will be in his arms.