kissland fans

The one thing I hate about following Kissland Fans on Instagram is the endless comments on pictures of women posted. I swear, being a woman and a fan of The Weeknd leads people to believe that

1. I’m a slut who will give it up to Abel without being asked.

2. I’ll give it up to his homies too.

3. I’m a drugged out whore butt hoe who has no morals.

Whatever happened to being a fan of the man who makes beautiful music? Reading the comments makes me believe that people are extremely judgmental and are use to generalizing people.

I love The Weeknd because of his voice. Because there are songs of his, or lyrics, that I can relate to. I love him because he tells his story. Not all of his songs are about having sex, but he talks about dealing with heart break and breaking hearts. Abel, for me, tells not only my side of the story, but he sings about how I wish the person who broke my heart feels.

True, the page does post a lot of half naked women, but because I see Abel as an artist, I can’t help but view the photos posted as art.