Shinobi the heart. Friday night. @avnightclub Model @elloelle_ It started with a conversation about our first recorded memory. Two models, Elle, Leia and myself, sharing words, thoughts, pain and love; till we weren’t hiding anymore. In a tree house studio off Sunset Blvd, Leia recalled a memory; her first kiss; Elle her first lie; and I, my first cry. This morning, each of us with new memories, the war paint still covering our inner child fighting the battle of their lives; I dressed them with the spirit of a thousand fiery hearts, so they can walk protected while naked. #gregorysiff #kissinglyingcrying #ninja #trilla #elleevans #avnightclub @chererachelle @_alwayssunny @thecreativecartel @theartreserve @jamesgeorgopoulos @consilvio

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