anonymous asked:

i was just wondering why you deleted that post on kissing in response to the problematic advice given on reddit? it's just that i may have occasion to kiss someone soon and i've never really done it before eek

haha i got A BUNCH??? of messages asking about this post in the past 24 hrs and idk if suddenly A LOT OF PEOPLE NEED TO KISS or ONE PERSON NEEDS TO KISS V V URGENTLY but yes! i deleted that post, i wrote it largely bcs i was so upset at the really really awful thing on reddit but in retrospect was uncomfortable with having such a long thing about kissing on my blog, like there are lots of way to enjoy kissing, kissing is a many splendored thing, who died and made me king of kissing anyway, why did all my kiss partners die???? did i kill the predecessor to the kissing throne? did i kill them with kisses?? a lot of questions here but anyway, yes! i am sorry for inconveniencing anyone but i promise kissing is more simple and less scary than you think it is, here were the salient points of the kissing post for u now anon

  1. i apparently think cheese panther is a cool sexy thing to call someone
  2. verbal communication is your best friend, it is very very important to make sure everyone involved is comfortable and wants to be there
  3. kissing exists to make you and your kissing partner happy and feel good kissing is like a conversation or like a fun extended joke where you and someone else keep riffing off each other but like directly into each other’s mouths
  4. kissing is therefore different with everyone who does it pay attention take the time do it right
  5. calm down about your tongue francesco
  6. here are some cute fun places to touch while kissing: faces waists hands shoulders hair that curve between your neck and your shoulder and beyond that WAIT. COMMUNICATE. what did i just say francesco you’re a cool cat but you gotta make sure we’re all skipping to the same hopscotch here
  7. it’s okay to say no i don’t like that hey baby hotpants do you wanna slow down about that wait can we try it like this like bcs as previously established KISSING IS FOR YOU TO ENJOY!
  8. we’re all gonna be okay smoochwise i promise