Prompto and Noctis’ first kiss would have been during a pocky game after school with their classmates, before they admitted their feelings for each other. Everyone’s having fun and laughing up a storm but both boys are anxious and secretly wanting to just play it together. It’s Promptos turn to pick his partner and he just goes for it and picks Noctis and the crowd goes quiet, murmuring between each other whether or not Noct will go through with it, and who would pull away fiest. He puts one end in his mouth and sits and closes his eyes so he doesn’t end up blushing in front of everyone. Noct is stunned for a second, but quickly decides to go for it himself. He walks up to Prompto and, much like the video I linked above, pulls the pocky from Promptos mouth and kisses him. It lasted for only a few seconds, but definitely longer than just a play kiss. Prompto was so shocked he gasped causing his lips to part and he could feel lightly bit his lower lip before he feels Noctis pull away and he definitely feels his face getting hot. Noct opens his eyes first and sees Promptos hands shake and his face is red, he almost goes in for a second real kiss. But then he hears cheers and laughter around him and he remembers where he is and what they were doing there. As his classmates start swarming him, he silently promises next time he will play with Prompto alone. Prompto opens his eyes and he is relieved to see that no one was staring at him and just carrying on like it was a game. He bit his lower lip remembering the sensation of Noctis doing it just minutes ago, then got up to join the crowd.

  • The truck where they first kiss in the background
  • robron exchanging their vows in the garage where their first been together
  • exchanging of rings
  • forehead KISS
  • Aaron protecting Robert from Diane’s mouth
  • paddy and Aaron moment
  • public kiss in front of their families
  • a DANCE
  • Adam teasing Aaron
  • heartbreaking scene outside the woolpack


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just thinkin' about magnus chilling on his balcony, lying on the couch reading, and i can't decide if i want a cat or an alec resting on his chest more

i’m going to say alec because due to harry’s cat allergy i see this verse’s magnus as more of a dog person (hellhound to be exact)

and imagining alec finding him up there and dragging his fingers through magnus’s hair as he reads and then settling next to his legs, only to have magnus forget his book and reach up to tug alec halfway on top of him is beautiful. alec would prop himself up on his elbow at first, dragging fingers over magnus’s chest as he leaned in to push soft kisses around his mouth and into his lips. then he’d settle down, pushing his face up into magnus’s neck and sighing, wedged between the back of the couch and his boyfriend as magnus picked his book up again and started reading. the sky would go from early afternoon sun to something later, threatening sunset and alec’s breathing would have gone syrupy slow as magnus dragged fingers through his hair, his eyes scanning the page, their legs tangled together, sweet and warm and quiet.

“Can I kiss you?”
“Why don’t you move your hips for me?”


A small ‘uff’ leaves your mouth as Bjorn pulls you on his hips, a playfully smirk spreads on his face.
“Can I kiss you?”
Instead of waiting for an answer he presses lips on your open mouth, his tongue sliding in your mouth as he kisses you deeply. You moan quietly and stroke over the shaved sides of his head as you feel his growing erection on your middle.
“Why don’t you move your hips for me?” He growls, grabbing them before you even have the chance and rubs your crotch over his pants covered cock.
Shudder after shudder runs down your spine as he slides over your clit and you gasp at the pleasure he gives you. Faster and faster you move your hips against each other, the chair nearly breaks under your weight.
“Bjorn.” You cry out into his neck as you orgasm, the wetness dripping down your inner thighs now.
He follows you a few moments later, biting down your neck with a growl..

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(for the headcanon meme) 7. Kissing headcanon for Dogma?



Dogma’s got a weird relationship with kissing because he’s got almost no practice kissing or being kissed. I maintain that he, Tup and Hardcase are the Sole Survivors of their previous unit, which was otherwise decimated by Krell.  Dogma was his previous Unit’s Whipping Boy.  Krell made him a commander becuase he was so easy to manipulate.

So AFTER Krell magically drops dead before any more awful things can happen, Dogma gets to expiriment with some of his brothers and others, and learn a lot about himself.  Specifically:

He doesn’t care for mouth kisses so much- he’s too sensitive to odd tastes these days- but he loves being kissed all over his neck and shoulders, and up along his back.  He also likes chaste mouth kisses that turn into soft bites on his lips.  His favorite to receive are forehead kisses, mostly because they come right after really terrific sex.  They make him feel safe.

As for giving- Dogma LOVES giving people kisses, wherever he is asked.  Lips? Ok, but no tongue.  Neck? mmm snuggly!  Chest and Abdomen?  Fun!  Lower..?  Oh!  Yes, yes PLEASE!

He tends to not initiate, but he likes it when his partners sneak up on him with a quick peck.  He’s also fond of having them sneak up on him with a pleasant nibble.  

Of Ninjas and Foxes (SLBP) part7

“Come with me.”

You were startled by a voice at your side and you jumped back turning to look at the man at your side. His face was covered by a fox mask, but you could see the smile he had on his lips. You pulled your sword and pointed it at the man, backing away slowly.

“We shouldn’t do that, little kitsune. Come with me nicely and no-one will get hurt, yes?”

You turned and tried to run, but the man grabbed your arm. You turned and tried to hit him with your sword, but his hand was squeezing your wrist quicker than you could react and the sword clattered to the ground.

“Now, what did I say? Hmm?” he asked no longer smiling. You stared at him terrified, trying to pull your arms free, but he pulled you closer.

“He-mmmpfff…!” you tried to shout, but the man pressed a forceful kiss on your mouth. He let go of your arm and took a hold of your face, pressing your cheeks, forcing your mouth open. Your shout was muffled by his lips and you could feel him pushing something into your mouth. He held your face in the kiss for so long, you were forced to swallow. Then, he finally let go of your cheeks, allowing you to take a step back. He, however, didn’t let go of your wrist.

“What did you do?!” you spat at him, trying to get all of the weird substance away from your mouth.

“We were just poisoned, little kitsune. No need to worry, you’ll only lose consciousness for a while.”

“Whaa…?” you managed to say before you felt the first effects of the poison. You twisted your wrist, managing to get it free and you ran as fast as you could. You had to get closer to the castle! How careless of you to go to the town by yourself! Everything had been so calm for several days and you were supposed to be away only for a little while. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

“HELP!” you shouted as hard as you could, but as far as you could tell there was no-one to listen to your shouts. You stumbled and fell to the ground, but rose up as fast as you could.

“We do know it’s no use to run, yes?” the man was at your side again and you screamed, falling to the ground once more. You could feel the poison pulling your limbs, making it hard to control your body. But still, you got up, only to fall to the ground again.

“Just give up, would you?” the man sighed and stepped next to you turning you on your back.

“I will… never give up!” you shouted and swatted the man hard with your tessen. He pulled his hand back just in time to avoid your swing and you took the opportunity to try to get back to your feet. The poison was making it hard to keep your eyes open and to control your body and you fell to the ground again breathing heavily.

“N-no…! Don’t touch me…!” You tried to resist when he picked you up from the ground, but you knew your efforts were futile, as you could only barely lift your arms and your eyelids were so heavy they closed by themselves and you fell into a deep slumber.


The cold air of late autumn chilled you to the bone waking you up. Your head felt heavy and you could hardly remember what had happened before you fell asleep. You tried to sit up, but your limbs felt heavy and you could barely lift your head to look around. Your eyes fell to the masked man, who was looking at you with a smile on his face, bringing back crystal clear memories of what had happened.

“So, we’re finally awake, hmm?”

“Aah!” you screamed when he reached to touch your face and you tried to pull back. The man chuckled as he took a hold of your chin.

“How did Masamune manage to lure you into his service? What did he offer you?”

“N-nothing! I’m only a page!”

“You don’t expect me to believe the mighty One-Eyed Dragon, who is notorious for not getting along with women, to have a girl page, now do you? Or was it you, who seduced him? Hmm?”

“No! I only wish to serve milord Masamune!” You were scared before but now you felt terror creeping in your body, squeezing your heart, making it hard to breathe.

“See? Now we are getting somewhere. Tell me. What does he offer you? My employer wishes to offer you something better.”

“I…” you didn’t know what you were supposed to say and you tried to pull back. You were getting more and more control over your movements and you managed to pull yourself free from the man, only to fall on your back.

The man pulled back and took a few steps away from you before he said anything,

“The lord who hired me is very interested in you. He wishes you to come and bring him prosperity and he is willing to pay you for it. You would need nothing in this life.”

You didn’t answer, instead, you focused your energy on sitting up and you looked around in the abandoned looking building. You didn’t trust your legs yet, so you didn’t try to stand up, instead, you turned towards the man again,

“Please…! Take me back to lord Masamune!” you tried to plead him. No matter where he was taking you, you definitely didn’t want to go there.

“Can’t do that. After the rain stops we’ll leave to meet your new lord.”

You wrapped your coat tighter around you. The rain was making the autumn air even colder than it already was and you felt like you were freezing.

“Where… are you taking me?” you finally mustered the courage to ask.


“S-S-Sōma?!” you managed to ask. Just how desperate were they? You knew the negotiations between Sōma and Date had come to a halt, but why would they sink to such a low level that they would kidnap you?

“W-why would they want me…?”

“Why wouldn’t they now?” the man asked obviously teasing you. You had no idea. You didn’t have anything to offer them nor would you be a valuable hostage. Lord Masamune would never risk the Date clan just to rescue you, even if he wanted to. If it was the best for the clan, he would sacrifice you in the blink of an eye.

“Are we scared? Hmm?” the ninja asked smiling, waking you up from your thoughts.

“…Yes,” you answered with a bit of hesitation. There was no reason to lie, the ninja could probably tell how you were feeling anyway. You had tried to tell him you weren’t who he thought you were, but he wasn’t believing you. And what if he did? Then he’d have no use for you. Feeling scared was an understatement. You felt absolutely terrified.

“Good, we should be, shouldn’t we?”

Suddenly the ninja swayed on his feet and sat down, leaning his back on the wall behind him, pressing his head to his knees. You looked at him surprised but didn’t try to do anything. After a while, when he still hadn’t moved, you crawled your way to him on all fours. You stopped a short distance away, but the ninja didn’t seem to react to your presence in any way, so you collected your courage and carefully touched his neck.

He felt hot to your touch, but before you could do anything further the ninja snatched your hand in his and stared at you with cold eyes,

“And what do we think we are doing?”

“I… you have a fever…” you muttered trying to pull your hand free from his grasp. The ninja sighed and slapped your hand away,

“Why don’t we mind our own business. We’ll leave when the rain stops,” he said giving you another cold glare.


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Can we have a blurb where Harry and his girlfriend (bry aka me) want to mix things up and so they get ice cubes and hot water and I put the ice cube in my mouth and he puts the hot water in his mouth and we have to kiss afterwards and you can take it from there. It's ok if you don't put my name in. Please, I love your writing ❤.

I’ve actually written something on ice-play; I’ve been meaning to write to include it in other smut stories so we’ll see for the future, haha.

. xx

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Possible Qi and S/o HC???? Idc what, jealous, ask out, crushing, just- I have a need for your head cannons on him as I'm starting to love him ;°;

qi is a BEAUTIFUL MAN im so grateful in this moment 2 b able to write for him

-calls his s/o nerdy nicknames thinking that its cute
-really it just makes him look cuter haHA zing
-rests his head on yours whether your shorter or taller. He likes the feeling and he will climb if he has to to sleep on you
-sleeps on you a lot in general. Your lap is nice and soft
-kisses are rare but extremely nice.
-casual “i love you” every day but it never gets less meaningful
-(His feet are vwry ticklish)
-kisses your neck and hands the most. also the corner of your mouth 💚

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.