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Brandon Bowen will be answering your questions TODAY (7/7), at 4 PM PT/7 PM ET to promote his new film MONO, available for pre-order now on

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“MONO” is a feature-length comedy that explores what happens when a Mono virus epidemic takes over Highland Park High and removes the most popular kids for two months, throwing off the entire social hierarchy. 

The film also stars fellow Viners Christian DelGrosso and Jake Paul, as well as YouTuber Eric “SUPEReeeGO” Ochoa.

Kissing disease, uh? w/frostypeterpan


“I’m talking about this.” He chuckled and poked Hiccup’s cheek playfully.

Quickly the brunet tried to move his cheek away from the other’s finger. He didn’t want to do so though, his body was just moving on its own, the awkwardness and dorkyness showing off once again. He wouldn’t mind Jack to kiss him again, to be honest. “I’m not cute,” He mumbled, “I’m a viking.”