kissing with eyes closed

I love dangerously. I’m always too close to falling. I leave myself open to someone who might steal my heart. I trust that they won’t sneak out and give what’s mine to somebody else. I close my eyes when I kiss and don’t notice they’re looking over my shoulder at another. It’s dangerous the way I love.
La Vie En Rose

Paring: Jughead x Reader

Description: Just a bunch of fluff :)

Warnings: none

Word count: 139

A/N: It’s 12 AM and this sucks ass lol // Please don’t repost this anywhere♡

Hold me close and hold me fast  

The magic spell you cast 

Jughead was never really an emotional person but when it came to you he was a hopeless romantic. He would smile and blush endlessly. He was completely and utterly under your spell.

When you kiss me heaven sighs
And tho I close my eyes
I see la vie en rose

When you press me to your heart
I’m in a world apart
A world where roses bloom

When you two were together nothing else mattered. Without a doubt, Jughead was always stressed but his only focus was you, he’s always at peace when you're together. You simply washed all his fears away until you both were in La vie en rose

Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be 

La vie en rose 

Another thing that gives me heartburn when I think about it:

-Sherlock’s eyes going softly closed and all the tension draining out of his shoulders, leaning down into it, when John kisses him for the first time.

OKAY okay but after they’ve kissed imagine Sherlock like pressing his forehead to John’s with his eyes closed, hands cupping his face, and saying, brokenly, “What have I done to deserve you?” And John, his arms around Sherlock, smooths his hands up and down his back and says, “Everything, Sherlock. Everything you have ever done your whole life is what you did.”

but in the center of our hearts we wanted something real. nothing can be perfect, we whispered, showering with our heads down to drown out the little things. he doesn’t love you like roses not like birdsong not like little gestures. he loves you like good enough, like his parents don’t mind you, like you’d be comfortable enough. like you don’t laugh as much as you pictured but it’s not like you don’t get along. like he’s a good person, like it would be scarier to be alone again, like you’d regret it if you left because you had it pretty good. what are the chances you’d find someone like that again.

so we kiss him in bed or on our knees and we close our eyes during sex. so we tell ourselves it’s okay enough for the moment. so we say that our dreams of something better are unfair, that we’ve got more than we deserve and better yet. so we love him and dream of her and we wake up and do it again. 

we see movies where he loves her loudly, where he says the right things, where he makes it beautiful whenever he can. and we say to ourselves. it’s not real. it’s not real. it’s not real.

nothing is perfect.

That Awkward Moment When

John Laurens x Female Reader

Requested by @cupcakequeen1999 who was kind enough to compromise, this one goes out to you girl, you’re super rad

In which the reader and Laurens are roommates and very good friends. Jealousy and smut ensues.

Words: 4,573

Warnings: NSFW! SMUT SMUT SMUT and LOTS OF SWEARING (don’t read if this will make you uncomfortable)

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The beautiful smile in the world

Scenes: “Girl on top”, “Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny”, “An Awfully Big Adventure”, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, “Dogma”,  “Love Actually”, “Judas Kiss”, “Close My Eyes” 

things that fuck me up - evak edition:

- eskimo kisses
- even closing his eyes after isak says he’s not alone
- isak’s sappy face whenever he looks at even
- even telling magnus to take desperate to a new level & glancing at isak, his eyes saying ‘you know what i’m talking about’
- isak’s breathy ‘halla’ in the kitchen
- even’s face falling in the cafeteria when he realizes not even his kardamomme comment can cheer isak up
- even’s delight at hearing isak call him the man of his life
- isak’s single tear falling
- isak realizing even went to the kosegruppa  meeting only bc of him
- isak arranging the blanket around even
- even calling isak beautiful
- isak’s smile when jonas said even should break up with his girlfriend after seeing the drawing
- isak on his knees, crying
- the freedom in isak’s laughter when he comes up for air after the underwater kiss
- even touching isak’s waist before he kisses him hello
- isak blushing around even
- isak having his own 'be kind. always’ epiphany in the church
- even believing that the way to have something for infinite time is by losing it
- isak being too shy to look even in the eyes
- isak believing sonja about even not loving him
- the tiny little kisses evak exchange before sana shows up in the kitchen
- the fact that even was into isak since the first day of school
- isak out and confident and happy with even

“I love you.”

It’s not quiet. It doesn’t sound tentative. It’s not mumbled. It’s loud and clear and sure. Dex is sitting next to him on the couch, looking into his eyes, arms around him, and he loves him. Dex loves him.

It settles in his chest, warm and comfortable. He wants to ask Dex to say it again, but he doesn’t want to sound too needy.

Dex leans forward, pressing his lips to Nursey’s cheek and whispering, “I love you, Derek Nurse.”

This time it nearly takes the breath out of him. He wants to record Dex saying it, play it on a loop for hours and hours.

Dex presses their foreheads together, lips just barely brushing against Nursey’s when he repeats, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

Nursey tilts his head just enough to catch Dex’s lips in a kiss, eyes fluttering closed. When they pull back, there’s a goofy grin on Dex’s face.

“Well aren’t you going to say it back?” Dex teases, pinching Nursey’s side.

“I’ve been saying it for a month, now, Poindexter. I wanna hear you say it some more,” Nursey grins.

Dex smiles back, looking a little devious. Nursey yelps when Dex upends him onto the couch, laying him out on his back and straddling him.

“I love you,” Dex says, lips against his collarbone this time. He presses a kiss there before moving up to his shoulder. “I love you,” he repeats, over and over and over again as he kisses across Nursey’s shoulder and up his neck. He peppers kisses and I love yous all over Nursey, smiling all the while.

He keeps going like that until he finds a ticklish spot, and then kissing turns into tickling, which inevitably turns into wrestling. Soon enough, they’re rolling around on the floor of the living room, laughing and cursing each other while they try to gain some kind of advantage.

Once Nursey finally manages to get Dex pinned, he leans down to press a light kiss to the tip of Dex’s nose.

“Lemme up, babe,” Dex groans.

“Hmm,” Nursey hums, “Say the magic words first.”

“I love you, Derek Malik Nurse,” Dex says.

“Aww, sorry, the magic words are actually ‘Derek Nurse is the best hockey player in the world and can beat my ass at Mario Kart,’” he coos, shit-eating grin plastered to his face. He leans down and kisses Dex’s cheek quick before adding, “I’ll let you go anyway, though, because I love you.”