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We're all busy packing to move to a new blog, but we wanted to get You gifts! [Kamimatsu gives You a trip to Italy] [Karamatsu gives you glittery...underwear...] [Yae gives you a kiss on the cheek ] [mystery man gives you a bowling ball] - askpainful godly admin soon to be moving

Anyway… @ask4idiots See you soon, guys!! =D

I just want to think about Ronan and forehead kisses. 


  • Especially when Ronan’s been drinking.
  • Gansey’s in the bathroom-kitchen-laundry, actually using the bathroom 
  • (do you think Gansey poops scrap-bookable fun facts? Like a snapple cap? Like where’d he get all that shit on ducks?) 
  • And he’s like, “Ronan, come on, you promised we were gonna do school tomorrow.”
  •  Ronan’s too busy digging in the fridge, like “But are you going to eat this Tortellini?” 
  •  Gansey just heaves a half hearted sigh, because if Ronan being Ronan is the worst thing to happen this week, then eh.
  • “You can have it.” He says. 
  • And Ronan just goes to him very seriously, and takes him by the ears and tilts his head so that he can place a beery kiss on his forehead. 
  • Like Gansey’s Dopey, and Ronan’s a very drunk, very gay, slightly nauseous Snow White.

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Courferre Week, Day 2: Friends to Lovers

Don’t know if you knew this, but Combeferre and Courfeyrac have a thing: they go bowling.

This is for friends to lovers because, what is more platonic than bowling?

-they first meet at college through Enjolras: Courfeyrac was E’s best friend all through childhood up until E’s parents sent him to a boarding school for junior and senior year of high school, Combeferre was E’s best and pretty much only friend there
-there is the usual awkward grappling in conversation to find something in common other than Enjolras
-one day Courf sees a flyer in Ferre’s room about bowling and instantly tells him that he LOVES BOWLING TOO
-it’s actually a double-sided flyer about a robotics club but no way is Ferre passing up the chance for some bonding so WOW THAT’S SO CRAZY WE SHOULD GO
-Enjolras hears about how much the other likes to bowl and is just very confused because he’s never heard either of them talking about bowling?
-they start up weekly bowling games
-at first they’re really focused on bowling
-then as they get more comfortable, it’s “how ridiculous can you make your bowling swing?” Or “how many nachos can one person eat in one sitting?”
-they gradually get more touchy as they become better friends and usually Ferre isn’t too comfortable with that but with Courf…
-then Courf decides to “correct” Ferre’s bowling swing, and he decides to get right up behind Ferre and guide his arms
-this puts literally all of Courf pressed up against Ferre and about midway through the swing it hits him that… Oh my god. He likes Courfeyrac
-Courfeyrac has been slightly more aware of his feelings for Combeferre, but he feels like he may have gone too far, so he kinda pulls back with the touching for a couple weeks
-this hurts and confuses Ferre but, then they figure out that the owner of the bowling alley is a raging homophobe! Why is this good?
-Ferre comes up with the amazing idea that they need to pretend to be a couple and kiss and stuff and be lovey dovey to get back at this asshole
-any plan from Combeferre’s mouth sounds sensible, and who is Courfeyrac to say no to those lips?
-it gets a bit out of hand and next thing they know, they’re making out in the alley behind the bowling place
-Courf asks mid-kiss if Ferre might want to sometime go out with him?
-Ferre’s exact words are “Shut the hell up and kiss me but yes of course you idiot”
-Their bowling nights become bowling dates
-Ridiculous exaggerated kisses to the hand when the hand is holding a ten pound bowling ball
-Congratulations kisses on strikes, condolence kisses on gutter balls, good luck kisses on splits
-Lots of making out in the alley and bathroom, maybe a quickie or two but they’ll never say
-Combeferre made Courf and him matching glittery bowling shoes for their anniversary
-Courfeyrac’s proposal plan is a full on production: he has all of the Amis dress in disguises and act like the other bowlers, then he paints four bowling balls with “Will” “you” “marry” “me” “Ferre?” and has them each come out of the ball machine separately
-Combeferre doesn’t catch on until “me” “Ferre?” so he is /very/ confused
-Courfeyrac laughs his ass off as all his friends gather around their bowling lane, and Ferre is really confused about everything until Courf picks up the newly returned “marry” ball and kneels in front of Ferre with the other two sat next to him
-Ferre starts crying and Courf does too as he tries to do the whole sappy speech he had planned out
-Ferre interrupts him and him being Ferre he finds the perfect words when he pulls Courfeyrac off his feet
-“Shut the hell up and kiss me but yes of course you idiot”
-The cheering from the Amis is deafening

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