kissing selfies

I’ve struggled with weight for so long. I’ve been sexualized, and dehumanized, and only seen for my weight instead of my personality. I’ve went for days without eating, and I’ve cried myself to sleep and actually broken mirrors because of how I look, but for what? who the fuck cares? I’m still a human even if I weight 100lbs or 200lbs, and if someone actually gives a fuck about me, they’ll care about me either way. I’m done hurting myself and hating myself over this. I’m still attractive, I’m still funny, I’m still human. Fuck everybody who dares to say different. I’m healthy, and now that I’m more comfortable and confident, I’m happy. My weight is just a number. Of course I’m gonna have bad days, and I’m gonna hate myself, and I’m gonna not eat. That comes with mental illness, but deep down I know the only person that needs to be happy is me. I deserve respect, and I deserve self love.