kissing in a tree


CS Soulmates AU - you don’t see colors until you meet them:

They meet in a dimly-lit bar so she doesn’t notice when blue colors suddenly appear. Only the next morning does she notice the sky, the water… After their first date when their hands touched, he sees the greens of the grass, trees and plants. After their first kiss he’s nearly blinded by the color of her hair, he’s never seen anything like it. And when they finally admit their feelings, red is everywhere. 

imaginejolls  asked:

Did someone say lostia


1. Costia is soft and kind and everything that Lexa is afraid to be. She braids flowers into her hair sometimes, frothy white ones that grow right from the ruins of old buildings, and the tiny blue ones that grow at the base of trees, sometimes even daisies from the wide open meadows. at the end of the day when her eyelids grow heavy, lexa helps her take them out one by one. like, “costia, what’s this one called?” “forget me nots.” “they’re pretty on you.” “you say that every time.”

2. costia was really small, shorter than lexa since they were really tiny. then around 12-13 she grew and grew and grew and they became the exact same height. it was easier that way, easier to climb trees together and scramble through brush and kiss. they always argue about who’s really taller. 

3. Anya hates most people. Anya loves Costia. She calls her goufa (approximate translation: kiddo) and buys her sweets when they go to the market. and once she gets older, Anya comes back from long hunting trips with bundles of dried plants and pressed flowers for Costia.

4. Costia gave Lexa her first tattoo. She drew it out first on rawhide canvas first, the gently sloping parallel shapes that spanned Lexa’s upper arm. Costia found a needle and poked it in, dot by dot, holding Lexa’s elbow steady with her cool, still hands. Lexa didn’t wince once. 

5. The heda is as close to a goddess as the TriKru have. Lexa is sixteen and wide-eyed and everything she’s ever been told has turned upside down. Her body isn’t her own, is it? Lexa feels like she’s just a vessel, like her whole life has been nothing but an elaborate daydream before the ascension. Costia says she’ll always love her. Lexa kom Trikru, the muddy knobby-kneed girl she met at the age of six.