kissing doesn't kill

I was looking at Mccree and Hanzo’s heights and just man that height difference

That fucking height difference is so cute just imagine Mccree and Hanzo cuddling and Mccree has his chin on top of Hanzo’s head and still has their feet touching and Hanzo complains lightly but secretly loves the height difference because it means that he gets the better half of the hugs

Imagine Mccree having to bend down to kiss Hanzo cheek or better yet in private lifting up Hanzo to kiss him on the lips and imagine Hanzo gently pulling on Mccree’s serape because he wants to start the kiss instead of his boyfriend starting it like always

Imagine Hanzo jumping onto Mccree’s back when they’re away from everybody else and Hanzo laughing as his boyfriend carries him down the hall and Jesse can’t help but feel so happy that he’s the taller one while Hanzo simultaneously couldn’t be happier to be the short one

Imagine Hanzo having nightmares while Jesse is in the room and Mccree just holds Hanzo in his arms while his boyfriend calms down bit by bit and imagine Hanzo wanting to hold a nightmare ridden Mccree but he can’t so he just hugs him

Imagine the first time Mccree sees Hanzo without his prosthetic legs and him realizing how much leg his boyfriend doesn’t have and Jesse just wants to hug him because Hanzo is more than a foot shorter than usual and Hanzo is clearly very uncomfortable about his lack of leg and Mccree wants to make his boyfriend feel better about himself

Imagine them going into battle together for the first time and Hanzo picking off people flanking his boyfriend one by one, and he almost glows when Mccree turns around to see the bodies behind him and he smiles at Hanzo up on his perch, only to find he can only see the top of his head because of how short he is and he almost keels over laughing but manages to not and goes back into the fray of fighting

And imagine Hanzo looking around for enemies and constantly spotting his boyfriend because of how tall he is, and Hanzo takes a moment to be thankful that Jesse isn’t as tall as Reinhardt.


I’m just curious about what will happen.

haxuss  asked:

Technician Robles: As a small thank you for the project you completed for me a few days ago, I'd like to offer this: enter the attached code into the scheduling rosters on any day of your choosing, and it will put a hold on any work you had for that day. Enjoy your day off. --Lt.C. Haxus

     Vin was right in the middle of a wide, body-wrenching yawn when the missive came in, the sudden notification startling her out of the daze she’d managed to work herself into yet again. She actually had to pause for a moment and look around at the armory just to place herself, seemingly having forgotten that she was even there in the first place.

     “Wonder what this is…” she muttered, tabbing out of her schematics to have a look at her comms panel. It was to her great surprise that she saw the Lieutenant’s name attached to the latest message, though she remained skeptical of its contents until she actually opened it up.

     That skepticism melted away quickly enough, leaving the Midoan with a look of mild surprise spread across her features. “Huh. It seems like he really did like the job I did on that sword.” She sank back into her seat, her arms folding across her chest. Of course, he liked it. She prided herself on being about the best there was at what she did, or the most meticulous at the very least. The offer of a day off, however, came as a bit of a shock to her. It wasn’t often that officers expressed their gratitude to the lower echelons, especially not in the form of R&R time. But for the life of her, she couldn’t think of a single occasion coming up that she’d need to book a day off for.

     “Suppose I’ll keep this one up my sleeve for a day or two,” she pondered, closing the message and returning to the other window, squinting at the veritable maze of red-and-white lines that greeted her once more, from a personal project she’d been slaving over for some time with little progress.

     Perhaps a day to work on whatever she wanted would be a welcome thing.

after all this time, he’s finally learned to love

These spoilers are too good.

Two FULL BODY hugs? Daryl threatening Carol’s enemies?

Now I’m getting suspicious.

And what about this “extra special” hug? What the frick frack does that mean?

Is it gonna be something like this:

Because it is only “extra special” if they hug horizontally.

Or, what I really want:

Give me that Caryl forehead touch, please. Brownie points if we get Daryl kissing Carol’s forehead before said forehead touch.