kissies art

I drew these sweet boys (and rohan) for conbust but never got around to posting it! I still have some prints leftover, contact me here (or on twitter @ alveolates) if you’re interested in buying one! 

I dreamed up a dress! There’s a pink version and a more modest version that has long coat tails and doesn’t show all that leg, but I had to work fast, so I only have this version ready. Scribbled quickly before the images could fade from my mind.

(It was such a cool dream – my characters and my guildies’ characters were fighting demons in Suramar, Dynasty Warriors style! The place was HUGE.)

Sakkaku Crossroads x Guilty Kiss

I know I’m an art blog, but what if I said I am quite talented with photoshop B^) I felt like the Sakkaku Crossroads illustration would look so good with GK, so here I am.