A Shipping meme for muse told by the mun

🥀- A ship you would never do

💘- What is your muse like in ships

💗- Do you have a gender preference when shipping 

💞- Do you like or hate love triangles

💌- Would your muse write a love letter

💕- How affectionate is your muse

🏩- Would your muse ever check into a love hotel, especially with their Boyfriend/Girlfriend

💋- How good is your muse at kissing

🎁- Is your muse picky about gifts

🍰- What does your muses kisses taste like

some things i’ve noticed about seokjin, he really is a well-balanced man who seems to have a lot of self-control.

he’s kind and gentle but still stern and outspoken. he’s the kind of guy you can count on to gently put a wrong thing in its place.
he is self-confident and cheeky but never comes off as cocky or “above everyone else”; he is an extremely hard worker who stays humble with a heart full of gratitude.
he’s funny and cheesy and jokey but not over the top or offensive.
he is all broad shoulders and height but he’s also the softest n cuddliest..
he’s a pillar of strength but is also emotional and expressive at times.
overall he embodies so much that is good and pure and he carries it in himself in a way that’s so nicely balanced it’s almost like art….. idk he really deserves the entire world fuck i love seokjin

I always wanted to create Otayuri band AU in which Yuri’s band breaks up, then he accidentally joins his favorite indie band as a guitarist and falls in love with a drummer. And Yuri’s emo-ish style doesn’t fit into the band’s style but Otabek loves it anyway. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough drawing and writing skills to do it, so have this small doodle^^

+ Yurio’s favorite band is probably MSI because edgy kids like edgy bands