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Hello ! For the kissy sentence starters : “ read my lips, no. ” for Varlen and Dorian pretty please ? :)

Thank you for the prompt (and the nonny who also sent this one) <3 

Pavellan. Dorian Pavus x Varlen Lavellan. Set Post-Trespasser. (720 words, some under the cut)

“No one’s watching. We totally could.”

“No, amatus. And, for the record, there are plenty of people watching. This is hardly an appropriate time.”

“C’mon… Just a quick one?” Varlen glanced across at Dorian, who was doing his best to appear amiable despite Varlen’s pestering. He was smiling, waving with grand yet restrained regality. A crowd of people milled about below the balcony, out for some celebration or feast day or… something. Rather shamefully, Varlen had stopped listening earlier when Dorian had explained the significance of the event. He had been far too distracted by the magnificence of his formal robes, a deep crimson, adorned with sharp, intricate lines of gold and silver that fell in a overlapping geometric pattern. It flowed all the way to the floor, the cloth whispering against the stone whenever he walked or turned.

Busy, Varlen…” Dorian said, smiling throughout the response, barely moving his lips.

“You could pretend you were turning to cough? Or dropped something?” Varlen suggested helpfully. Dorian just snorted and rolled his eyes, although Varlen noted with a tinge of pride that his cheeks had flushed slightly at the audacity of his proposal.

“Read my lips, amatus: no.”

Varlen sighed, deflating a little, but opted to let it go. Dorian was right, after all, and it wasn’t his fault he looked so damn good in that outfit. Then again, maybe it was. Can a man be blamed for his bone structure?

After a moment’s consideration, Varlen decided that probably wasn’t very fair. So he behaved, falling into parade rest behind Dorian, arms clasped behind his back, legs shoulder-width apart. The least he could do was look the part of bodyguard. That was the gimmick, after all.

As if surprised by Varlen’s easy acceptance, Dorian turned, eyebrow raised curiously, hand still waving despite his attention being elsewhere. “What, that’s it? No pouting? No we never have any fun anymore?”

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