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Have you seen Studio Ghibli's film, Ponyo? Because tiny merman Hanzo is giving me huuuge Ponyo vibes. I'm stuck here imagining Hanzo, prince of the sea, falling head-over-heels for this scruffy and sweet cowboy who rescues him.

Ponyo is one of my fave Ghibli movies, after Howl’s Moving Castle! 

Honestly, I drew tiny Hanzo as a warmup before work and didn’t plan on adding anything more but the Ponyo influence is Strong it seems and manifested without me realizing it BUT I AM TOTALLY 100% FOR A PONYO AU NOW

Instead of Jesse rescuing Hanzo, maybe they both save each other and eat a lot of ham together?


reenacting k-drama with Haechan and Winwin 😂😂


susan/frieda + strength

I drew these sweet boys (and rohan) for conbust but never got around to posting it! I still have some prints leftover, contact me here (or on twitter @ alveolates) if you’re interested in buying one!