it pisses me off how intl fans are dying for their idols to speak in english but when they actually do, they reduce their fucking efforts by making fun of their pronunciation, looking down at them eg “haha funny engrish” “my hearteu” “kisseu me” “insfires”, this is so fucking funny right?
all offense, fuck you, you insensitive racist trash bag. youre the lowlives of this planet, you’re one of those who cant comprehend that maybe english isnt the worlds greatest fucking language and that people who arent native english speakers (BECAUSE THERE ARE A LOT OF US BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!!!) actually put in effort to trying to communicate with you even if it isnt perfect
so sorry k idols cant speak the “proper” fucking english for your petty bitchy racist and condescending ass to understand.

GOT7ing - Meat-ing highlights

- jackson being a cheapass date when ordering food for junior

- the poor restaurant server guy just awkwardly standing there and cooking the meat as jinson bickers beside him

- waiter bambam

- jb burning himself by touching the lamp

- youngjae: oh btw junior, coco shat in your shoe today

- mark’s intense makeout session with the ramyeon 

- got7 heart to hearts abt the trainee days

- youngjae typing creepily at night

- mark being a klutz & dropping a pineapple into jackson’s bowl

- yugyeom spending 200hrs trying to pick up the noodles for jb

- jb: get yo shit together yugs

- everyone feeding each other food while bambam screams eww in the back

- jb almost feeding himself instead of junior & almost leads to a jjp kisseu 

- markson whispering/inside jokes that we CAN’T EVEN HEAR thanks guys (y u always gotta be like this..)

- youngjae laughing

- jb’s random laughing fit

- mark tryna give a speech at the end and accidentally grabbing junior’s sprite instead of his own 

- youngjae laughing slash screaming

- mark screamed once