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Chapter two of Living with Max Posted!

Living with Max Summary:

At the end of the Summer, Max is left in David’s (temporary?) care. After Max stumbles in on David darkest, best-kept secret the pair are forced to make some hard decisions.

And hard decisions are never straightforward when trauma and human emotions are involved.

A collaborative fic that was born out of a brief one shot and took a life of its own.

VERY SENSITIVE writing. PLEASE pay attention to the tags.

anonymous asked:

Any advice for a 23 year old lesbian who has literally no experience with dating/sex/relationships about how to get into the dating pool?

Hi there!

I’m gonna be straight forward: the best way to get out there is to get out there. Go on facebook, check out if there are any LGB events close to you, figure out what is the kind of environment you’re comfortable in (a pub versus a club versus a bar, for example).

If you aren’t comfortable looking for facebook LGB/lesbian groups (which is understandable, since facebook usually showcases so much of your personal info), you might wanna check out some dating apps. I hear OKCupid is a good option. Always be careful of possible males who could come up, filter your options well.

Online dating can be just the thing, but always put safety first. If you’re meeting someone irl, tell someone close where you’re going and how long you expect to stay there.

As for sex advice, you can check out our lil master post (x) and for dating advice, we have the [dating tag].

I hope this helps a little! Let us know if you need anything else, and good luck!

/Mod A 

Thật buồn cười là khi cơn say nắng đã lùi xa phía sau một đoạn dài, tôi lại có thể thoải mái nói rằng tôi đã-từng thích Anh nhiều, đã- từng nhung nhớ ra sao, đã- từng đợi chờ như nào.

Phải chăng tôi không say Anh nữa, nên chẳng ngại Anh chuốc thêm ly nào?
Rốt cuộc chúng ta chỉ là hai chấm xanh trên màn hình mỗi đêm, hai cái tên có khi không phải là tên thật.

Nhưng, cơn say qua rồi, tôi vẫn muốn hỏi Anh rằng : Anh có từng thích tôi không?

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somegoodsheith  asked:

How would Shiro react seeing Keith's vlog?

To put it in the simplest form, Shiro’s going to love the ever-living fuck out of that boy for the rest of their lives. 

No, but seriously – we clearly know how much Shiro means to Keith in the series, but it’s high time we see the full extent of how much Keith means to Shiro, which is obviously a lot from subtle cues but in his VLOG I want to hear him outright talk about how much faith he has in Keith, how much he appreciates him, how much he cares about him, how much he loves him. I have a need. A serious need.