Boyfriend Series - GOT7: Mark

- Extremely loving and supportive of you

- Type to always check up on you even if he’s busy

- Loves from afar

- Meaning he doesn’t say he loves you a lot but shows it in a lot of small ways

- Like if you were sick or had a headache, he’d be sure to not do anything worsen your condition

- Surprises you with a lot of back hugs all the time

- Kisses everywhere on your face besides your lips as a way to tease you

- Whines when you pout and run away from him for the rest of the day

- Always holding your hand or holding you close to him in a tight side hug

- Would love when you went with him to watch his practice and hang out with him for the day

- Doesn’t sit still worth a shit so you’d have to make him by hugging him or sitting on his lap

- Quietly gets jealous when you pay more attention his members or when another guy gets too close to you

- Lets you wear his clothes

- Always wants you to have matching bracelets or phone cases as him

- And if you don’t wear or use them he’ll be all pouty and give you the silent treatment until you do

- He would always put you first when it comes to doing something that could regard you

- Expect a lot of aegyo to get you to kiss him

- And a lot of cuddling when you two are alone

- Don’t try to argue with him on anything because he will argue until you give up

- And then he’ll be a cocky little shit when you do

- But he’ll be the sweetest boyfriend ever

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Can I request how McCree and Soldier 76 would deal with their s/o if they get too overly affectionate when first waking up?

I can relate to this, I get super cuddly when I wake up c:


  • He loves it soso much
  • He doesn’t ever wanna leave the bed
  • gives u cute kisses all over your sleepy face
  • his beards tickles your face

Soldier 76:

  • He wants to get up but he can’t
  • He loves it and thinks you’re adorable
  • he will let you hug him and he will play with your hair for a bit
  • will scold you if he is too late for training

so in honor of my current obsession and favorite sports anime, I made my own Volleyball Girls Team, Furry Addition!

I’ve been working on this on and off for a while and finally got it done! These are just the active players on the team, the main six ones, there are other players who don’t play as regularly too!

i had fun with this! i love these kiddos look at them go

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I'm sorry for bothering you with this.... Umm kurt/Alex/peter with a sad lover

Kurt Wagner:

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  • Tries to hush you when you’re crying by placing kisses all over your face. Kurt isn’t sure at first, because being comforted and giving comfort is outside of his experience, but he tries for you.
    • Tracing your face with his fingers, and you tilting your head against his touch.
      • Feeling him wipe away the tears that fall from your eyes.
  • Will sing to you in German.

  • Knows not to push it when you don’t want to talk.
    • Will pull you into his arms regardless.
      • Because he knows cuddles make you feel better.
        • He knows you’ll talk when you’re ready.

  • Tucks the hair away from your face and whispers to you rather than using a full on voice to help calm and relax you. 
    • Talks to you about fond memories he has from the circus.
      • Hearing his voice makes you feel better.

  • Will try to make dinner for you, to possibly cheer you up but doesn’t succeed.
    • The two of you order take-out instead and watch a chick-flick.
      • Ends with both of you crying. Your face nuzzled into his neck, arms around his neck as you tug him closer.

  • Probably buys you either chocolate or ice cream when you’re sad.
    • It’s become a habit.
      • And he knows what sort of chocolate and ice cream you like, so when he hears you’re upset, he’ll come home with one or the other, or more often than not, both.

  • Listens very intently when you decide to tell him what’s got you so upset/sad.
    • He knows he isn’t good at advice.
      • But he still tells you that he’s there to support you and that he loves you more than anything.
      • And that things will get better, you just gotta keep your head up.

Alex Summers:

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  • Will most definitely bring you flowers when you’re upset/sad.
    • Usually daisies or roses.
  • Diving his hands into your hair when you press your face into his chest to cry. He simply stands there, holds you, and brushes out your hair until you’re calmed down enough for words.
  • Wipes your tears away with the most gentle touch he can muster, though, he’s still worried about the possibility of hurting you. 
    • Stays really quiet during all of this, as he’s nervous that sound may make you even more upset.
      • Laying on the bed with him, curled up in his arms as you breath in his scent. It relaxes you, and gets you to stop crying.
  • Alex kissing your forehead, laying you down gently and telling you he’s going to draw a bath for you.
    • Rose petals in the bath.
      • Candles.
        • Maybe a glass of wine.
      • Alex washing your hair and your back as you tell him what’s got you so upset.
    • Alex nodding along to your words as he listens closely.
  • Alex giving you the best advice he can. because that’s just the sort of person he is.
    • He knows his advice isn’t the best, but he knows that you’ll listen to him and that means the most.

Peter Maximoff:

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  • Is not very experienced with trying to comfort others, because he can barely comfort himself(Seeing as he uses sarcasm and biting words as a defense mechanism).
    • He tries his best though, because you mean the most to him and he doesn’t want to see you sad/upset.

  • Kisses the tears off your cheeks rather than wiping them with his hands.
    • He tries to make them as slow as possible.

  • Can feel his heart breaking as he watches you cry, because you have yet to tell him what’s got you so upset. 
    • He coos at you quietly though, telling you things like “hey, it’s okay…” or “stop that, you’re gonna make me cry”.

  • Probably cracks a lot of jokes, trying to get you to smile. Most of them are directed at himself though.
    • “I told my dad he should embrace his mistakes” Pause “So he hugged me”.

  • Lets you eat as many of his snacks as you want, and chuckles when you devour half a box of twinkies by yourself.

  • Brushes your hair back and kisses your shoulder, asking quietly, “Wanna talk about it?”
    • Understands when you don’t want to.
      • Listens when you do.

  • Peter admitting out loud that he’s not going to give you advice because he doesn’t have any.(He’s actually just afraid of giving you any because he doesn’t want to fuck up).
    • You understand this and smile slightly at him.
      • He sighs, grasping your shoulders and pulling you towards him with a small, “You know I love you… I’m sorry I’m not much help. I’ll never be…”
      • “That’s all I needed to hear…” You whisper back to him, pressing a kiss against his chin.
      • “What?”
      • “That you love me.”
I want to come home...

And find you kneeling next to my chair. Not because you were told to. Not because it was demanded of you. Because you knew it would make me smile.
I want to kiss you on the top of your head and tell you I appreciate you… But I also want to snatch you by your hair and kiss your face until our lips are numb.
I want to hold you in my arms and ask you about your day… But I also want to haul you over the arm of that same chair and ruin your panties getting them off of you because I can’t wait to be inside my pussy another moment.
I want to cuddle and watch a good movie while we share each other’s time… But I also want to stagger lifelessly back to the bed with two cold drinks and rest with you in the puddle of sweat and sex that remains after hours of fucking.
And ice cream. I want ice cream.

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You can’t really help yourself, you suppose this is what it means to be in love.

He’s sitting on the couch, elbow propped up on the edge, his feet bouncing on the slightly shabby coffee table in front of him. It’s a pretty mundane scene, not lacking in indecency to some you suppose. But it makes your heart swell with affection never the less.

You smile as you place the shopping bag at his feet. Bright blue eyes stare at the bright red star on the heavy bag resting against his feet. And then they peer into your eyes.

“Did you buy me more clothes?” He asks, and you blush.

“I can’t help myself.” And he understands, pulling you into his arms and kissing all along your face.

Because when it comes to you he can’t help himself either.

“I know.”

Tonight’s sunset spectacular. iPhone 6s. I’ve been waiting a few weeks now for a sunset like this. Feel so fortunate to have been there at the right time to capture it… .

This sunset was a gift
a kiss on your face
a nod to my everpresent love
a reminder I have not left
or forsaken you
Sent to alleviate doubt
And shortly thereafter,
Great tears of rain
Fell from my face in heaven
Onto your crown
In a baptism of cleansing rain
And clarity will now and forever
Be your friend and guide
Where once confusion reigned
My love eternal will abound
My life within you
Will carry you home
Be not afraid child
I am with you now
And until the end of time.
#sunset #lennoxhead

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ok ok minzki was like the complete opposite of a delinquent when he was young like… 6,5-7 sweeps old

but there came this one troll into his life who made him go down the wrong tracks 

anyone whos up for some backplotting? do you have a delinquent skater/parkour/graffiti/something align that-troll that would make him go delinquent? actually just a criminel troll whod do that… then we should backplot UuU

this cute halfblind idiot

he used to be a subjugglator but he dropped that too after going off the right tracks

Hoseok As Your Boyfriend

Seokjin || Yoongi || Hoseok || Namjoon || Jimin || Taehyung || Jungkook

Thought I’d end the day with something fluffy so I hope you like it~

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  • he worships you
  • sometimes it might seem like he’s being sarcastic
  • like “jagiya you are the most gorgeous person in the entire world”
  • “hoseok shut up i know i look like a mess”
  • “no really you’re gorgeous jagi how
  • “hoseok i just woke up i look terrib-”
  • “jagiya shut up and let me kiss your pretty face”
  • he’d pepper your face with kisses a lot
  • but he always ended it with a sweet
  • because he really loved kissing you
  • and he wasn’t going to miss out on a kiss to tease you
  • even if he loved teasing you
  • well, not so much teasing
  • he just loved tickling you until you couldn’t breathe
  • or interrupting you
  • acting like he had something important to say
  • only to make a dumb joke
  • “we’ll need to go to the grocery sto-”
  • “jagi, guess what!”
  • “what?!”
  • “chicken butt”
  • “… why are you like this?”
  • cuddles 24/7
  • he was always throwing his arms around you
  • leaning all of his weight on you
  • forcing you to bend so that he could drape himself over you
  • no matter where you were
  • in front of the oven
  • on the couch
  • in the shower
  • pretty much anywhere
  • there really wasn’t much of a difference
  • between your public and private love life
  • he still devoted nearly all of his attention to you
  • save for when the maknae line needed someone to play with
  • and sure he was cuddly with them too
  • but then he’d realize that he hadn’t cuddled you in a while
  • and then he was pretty much sitting on top of you
  • nuzzling into your neck and kissing you
  • ignoring the boys telling him to get a room
  • unless you wanted to get a room
  • there were a few times when he wasn’t being cuddly
  • normally, during those times, he was dancing
  • either to girl groups, trying to make you laugh
  • or to their songs, thrusting his hips
  • but he was “just practicing, jagi, calm down”
  • but he was smirking at you the whole time
  • he couldn’t cuddle or hip thrust while on dates, though
  • so instead he stuck to threading your fingers together,
  • pulling you so close that you nearly tripped over each other,
  • and smiling into your hair/kissing your temple constantly
  • the dumb jokes didn’t stop during the date, though
  • they continued on through the night
  • and they didn’t stop until you’d groaned particularly loudly
  • “god, I love that sound”
  • hoseok we are in public
  • “turns out i love it even more when you whine my name”
  • “… i’ll call a cab”
  • no matter how annoyed you’d gotten by his teasing hip thrusts
  • you weren’t complaining about the extra practice
  • because damn was he good at thrusting his hips
  • that wasn’t all he ever did, though
  • - not that you’d be complaining if it was the only thing he did -
  • depending on the date or his mood
  • he could either be hip-thrust-central
  • hitting the spot that made your toes curl each time
  • no matter what position you were in
  • or he would be a teasing jackass
  • kissing and touching everywhere except where you wanted him most
  • pulling you so tightly to him that you could feel nothing but his skin
  • but you’d have to snap your hips if you wanted friction
  • he’d eventually make it easier for you
  • but he was going to get as much pleasure as he could
  • out of making you squirm and groan and moan
  • before he finally started thrusting those hips of his
  • the morning after, he always sang
  • it was a different song each time
  • whatever song happened to pop into his head first
  • mirrors” by justin timberlake
  • bleeding love” by leona lewis
  • i’ll make love to you” by boyz to men
  • sexual healing” by marvin gaye
  • never gonna give you up” by rick astley
  • really anything he could annoy you with by belting it off-key
  • it was both the best and the worst way to wake up
  • but you loved it