kisses ur cute face


fangirl challenge (seven actresses): mindy kaling [3/7]

“I always get asked, ‘Where do you get your confidence?’ I think people are well meaning, but it’s pretty insulting. Because what it means to me is, ‘You, Mindy Kaling, have all the trappings of a very marginalized person. You’re not skinny, you’re not white, you’re a woman. Why on earth would you feel like you’re worth anything?’”

The Smoochcana

Asra: Definitely a face-cupper. Also goes neck-in-neck with Nadia for softest hands of the LIs. Presses u so hard into his chest/body that it feels like he’s trying to somehow make u part of him s̶o̶ ̶h̶e̶'̶l̶l̶ ̶n̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶l̶o̶s̶e̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶a̶g̶a̶i̶n̶.̶

Nadia: “Look at me” chin tilter. Like some stereotypical anime biz. Might sneak lil peeks of ur face mid-kiss bc she likes ur cute flustered expressions??? AMSNSNSB 😳

Julian: One hand cradling ur head while the other cups ur cheek and strokes it with his thumb. Definitely a sigher. Smiles slyly into kisses when you react cutely to his shenanigans or when you play back 🙄.

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Could you do a thing where Saeyoung, Saeran, and V have an S/O who sometimes has to step out of a room to calm herself down because of an anxiety disorder they have? (This was me today and ahhh >< also I love your blog, I found it today and am still going through everyrhi bf you have)

Aww thank u anon. I’m sorry this took awhile to answer!! I have some anxiety myself so I totally understand u here. I hope that day got a little better for you!! -Green


-when you walk out the door, he’s coming right along with you.

-Saeyoung is pretty educated on your anxiety and what you need from being with you so long

-so he’ll go outside with you and hold your hand and distract you with jokes and silly things he’s been working on

-even when you’re calmed down he’ll keep you outside for awhile longer because he likes privately talking to you like this

-u guys probably will never go back inside omg Saeyoung


-he’ll be the one to reassure the party that you’re fine

-he’s not the most confident in consoling you so he’ll ask you if you need him thru the phone

-what a baby

-if you don’t need him, he’ll be all jitters and shaky legs until you come back and he knows you’re okay

-if you do need him, he’ll quickly come outside and hold you and kiss ur face a lot

-it’s very cute


-he doesn’t even let you go outside by yourself lmao

-he’s attached to you by the hip so when the two of you are heading outside he’s kinda just like “finally”

-he has some bad anxiety too so it’s nice to have the break

-the two of you will sit silently on the floor for awhile

-holding each others fingers (aw) and just sitting until you both feel better to socialize again

-and just like before the little baby kangaroo is never two steps behind you

imagine being in a long distance relationship with jimin and always waiting until late at night in your time zone to talk to him at a reasonable time in KST. He would hate that your sleeping schedule was so screwed up and that you were always sleep deprived and tired at work. He would feel like it was his fault for not being able to be by your side due to his hectic schedule but you assured him you didn’t mind at all because as long as you got to talk to your amazing boyfriend you were a-okay !! But then, SURPRISE SURPRISE, one day there’s at knock at your door later in the evening after you had barely got home from work and there he is. Jimin in a tux and a beautiful bouquet of flowers, with a wide smile on his face accompanied by rosy cheeks. You struggle to get any words out so yOu’re just standing there shooketh as fuk covering your mouth tears about to burst out of your eYeS and you’re just like wOw ((’: my bf ((’: loves and cares ((’: so much ((’: about me ((’: ((((“: you threw yourself at him and wrapped your arms around his slim body as he lifted you up and spun you around and pressed small kisses all over ur cute lil face ((((((’: “I can’t believe you’re here oh my gOd i love you” “well u better believe it b because I’m staying for a whole week!! I know you always stay up late and lose sleep so you can just talk to me but i wanted to be here so i could be by your side and you wouldn’t have to stay up to video call me. I’ll be here the whole time 💖💗💗💘💗💖❤💕💓💜💙🖤💝💛💞💚💟❣💞💞💚🖤💛💟💟💙💙💘❤❤💚🖤💛💝💛💞.” “Idk how you even said the last part but wOW I LOVE YOU I HAVE THE BEST BF EVER??!?@?@?#&%*#(%*$*=($((”

“ “Omg how did you say that” “I don’t know SEE THIS IS WHAT U DO 2 ME!!!!!” (hhshdjfkdl imnotsorry) anyways you guys cuddle the whole night and then do so much soft and cheesy couple stuff the whole week and isss so sad when he has to leave but ofc he’s gonna come back to see you because he loves you so much and you’re both so happy together and he doesn’t even know how he lives without being next to you all the time ahdkfkelglldd gosj im so emo

Mark as a boyfriend 🍦💕

• a total sweetheart most of the time

• love love loves holding hands especially in public

• surprise back hugs

• kisses all over ur face when u do something he finds rlly cute

• says weird things only the two of u understand on broadcast lol

• shy kisses on the cheek when u first started dating (now he does it constantly)

• okay but Mark’s smile is one of the prettiest ones ever (is comparable to Youngjae’s lolol) and it’s always directed at you

• whispers silly things to u and u both laugh and everyone’s like???? whats so funny

• may or may not tickle u just to hear ur laugh

• makes silly faces when taking selfies with you

• selfies with u and coco

• was incredibly nervous about kissing u for the first time

• loves taking u out to his favorite restaurants

• gets embarrassed when u ask him to do aegyo in english

• u and mama Jinyoung (lol) probably talking about him and he comes in and is like ??? What’s this meeting for

• his laugh

• always joking around with you

• flirty hand kisses bc lol markkk

• probably pretended to bite u once in front of Jinyoung and got smacked lol

• when he sees u looking discouraged or down he makes a point to compliment u on how well ur doing at certain things, or ur improvement, or how proud he is of u

• probably squishes ur cheeks sometimes

• lots of hugs where he squeezes u real tight and kisses ur cheek

• massages ur hands

• impressions of the other members to make u laugh

• makes extra eye contact with the camera when he knows ur watching

• watches scary movies with u so he can hold u close

• tried the “movie move” at Jackson’s suggestion and u laughed at him

• comes up and covers ur eyes from behind

• “i got u something” (bc he sees something he knows you’ll like and waits until the right time to get it for you)

• likes to get tea/coffee with you and talk (about anything really)

• jackson telling u Mark seems so much brighter and more talkative when he’s around you

• Mark telling u all his concerns while his head’s rested in ur lap and u play with his hair

• kissy face snaps to each other (that he saves for his phone background)

• gives u piggyback rides all the time

• loves sharing food with u in restaurants and lowkey loves when u feed him (he wont admit that last part tho lol)
• loves ice cream dates for those same reasons

• loves when u compliment his performances bc sometimes he feels a little unsure about how he’s doing

• honestly everyone thinks u guys are adorable bc ur just such a sweet playful couple

• kisses ur nose and then gives this huge grin

• sticks his tongue out at u like a child
• loves when u wear his shirts and sweaters cuz like how cute

• loves giving u hugs where ur head is on his chest and his chin is on ur head

• does flips to impress u

• ((one time he fell and was all embarrassed but u kissed his cheek and he went all pink and smiled))
• Mark has so much love in general

• just loves u so much and is so so bright around u it’s adorable

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^^ hi could i request a headcanon of the rfa members reaction when mc falls asleep on the rfa memebers' side of the bed

i’m going on a volunteer work trip today and i’m so excited ahhh also this request is cute as hell


- stayed up late playing lolol again
- when he finally ripped himself away from the computer and saw you he turned bright red
- you looked so cute and he literally couldn’t stand it
- doesn’t want to invade ur privacy so he kisses your forehead and tucks you in and sleeps on the couch
- makes you breakfast when you wake up and it looks really weird but it actually tastes great
- you tell him next time he could just sleep in the bed with you and he ends up getting a nosebleed, what a precious baby


- he worked late again rehearsing for a new play
- when he finally comes home he calls your name and when you don’t respond he gets worried
- but when he finds u all snuggled up in his blanket drooling on the pillow his heart nearly skip a beat
- how will he control his INNER BEAST when you’re so pretty and in his bed
- really he just snuggles up next to you and holds u in his arms while you sleep
- when you wake up you can barely get out because he’s holding you so tightly


- did paperwork literally all night
- you kept urging her to go to sleep but she told you she was fine
- finally you gave up and started to make the bed for her
- then you just passed out
- when she came in it was like 3 AM
- instantly feels really bad
- she feels silly for doing this but she goes out and buys you a stuffed animal (whatever ur fave animal is)
- sets it next to you while you sleep as an I’m sorry present
- treats you like a princess in the morning and never lets you stay up late worrying about her again


- was at dinner with his father and it took much longer than expected
- he came home as quickly as he could to see if you were alright
- you were hugging elizabeth 3rd while you slept and he instantly takes a picture
- “mc… how did I ever end up with someone as special as you?”
- lays next to you and just watches you while you sleep
- he thinks you’re the most beautiful person in the entire world and is so happy be with you


- late night hacking yet again
- he takes a break and calls out ur name so he can kiss your cute little face
- he hears snoring and then sees you sleeping in one of his big jackets
- instant boner
- he’s bright red and gives you a big kiss on the cheek
- also takes a million pictures with you with weird snapchat filters
- when you wake up in the morning u try to delete them but he’s posted them on every social media site he could find
- sorry mc you’re just too cute and the world needs to know


•ok so first things first
•I’m the realist
•oH christ no I’m sorry
•honestly tho, yugyeom = shyest boyfriend ever
•i can literally imagine him alwAys being so adorably shy around you when u guys stArt dating
•he’d alWays alWAYS ALWAYS go to like hug u or hold your hand bUt would be like
•"should I? ShOULDnt i?“
•if u’ve ever seen that video from the ‘A’ era when yugyeom is on a date
•he wOuld acTually be like that
•honestly he would just look at you and smile and just be like "wow”
•most likely would in fact sit infront of the mirror and embarrass himself
•"i love you!!!“
•"im going to put it bluntly, I love you.”
•"I love you, jagiiiiiii"
•"ok god no, just tell her straight. I love you y/n"
•that would for sure be the first time you hear him sAy it
•I see yugyeom getting attached quite easily so he would probably love u very quickly if thaT makes sense
•when u see him sitting infront of the mIRror
•would turn around so quick and PROBABly scream
•you would just go over and sit down next to him
•grab his face
•and whisper
•"I love you, too.“
•the bluSh and smiLe on hIS FACE WOULD BE UNBELIEVABLE
•then he totally gets this sudden thing of confidence and like gentlY touches your face and kisses you
•oKAY KIssiN yUgyeom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
•at first for sure, there would be these little shoRt pecks
•bUt tHeN
•boOmage he’d like alwAys want kisses
•the boys wouLd sometimes find it super annoying whEn you go to see them all
•and he just holds u and kisses ur face
•yugyeom also = cute clingy boyfriend but not actually majorly clingy but it’s super adorable
•making out
•so basically it would all start off with
•Netflix and chill
•or am I hMmm???
•when u first make out yugyeom would be really sa d and
•yugyeom sad ???? What????
•you would honestly list everything you love about him and hold him so t I g h t L y
•u would just wait for that frown to turn upside down
•so u can see his beautiful fuCking smile
•you would pull away from holding him and he’d kiss you just to say "thank you”
•but that “thank u” kiss turns into sometHing more
•when his lips press more agAinst yours
•you would meLt because hIs liPS ARE SO SOFT AND THOSE SOFT LIPS FEEL AMazIng against yours
•would most likely be quite cliche and just hold you respectfully and softly trace his fingers against the small of ur back
•you let out the tiNest whimper
•and he just fucking wow he just holy shit goes crazy
•would pull you against him and allow u to straddle hIm
•your hands would go under his shirt and he’d shiver against ur touch
•softly his hands would run uP your thighs and
•bUT MAKINT OUT WIth yuGyeom would be super hot but also super passionate and super swEet
•yugyeom is the cUte funny that just makes u giggle and blush
•he’d fiNd it so adorable and laugh just as hard
•with you not at you
•ok no maybe he’d be laughing at you
•when you gO to the shows and when they perform 'if you do’ and the bODY ROLLS HAND DOWN THE BODY THING HAPPENS
•you do n t knOW What to d o
•you’re so like hot and bothered
•bUt ur both only young
•cuddles with yugyeom
•they’d be so simple but you’d feel so safe
•he’d probably just have his arm around you and your head would be on his chest
•while ur arm is over his stomach, cuddling him tightly
•when he talks about you to the boys he would be so tEASED
•"aw yugyeom has a girlfrienddddd"
•"our littLe maKnAE HAS A LADY"
•for sure for sure for sure, yugyeom would most likely brag about you the most out of all the boys
•because he finally has someone that understands him and loves him just as much as everyone else does
•more than everyone else even
•and he loves having you in his life
•he loves everything about you and how you’re always there
•yugyeom and his shyness/sexiness/amazingness/awesomeness/his everythingness (that’s not even a word but it should be for yugyeom ok)
•in conclusion
•yours and yugyeoms relationship would be amazing and cute and super hot and super wow
•I’m outie

i was a bit frustrated with my art last night and ended up doodling with my brain on standby and half an hour later this was the result ;;;; drawing nitori is super relaxing for some reason. also he ended up looking like he’s cosplaying jack frost, which i highly approve of haha~

Dating Mark

-when u first met he was rlly shy
-but as u started to hang more he became a lot more confident and talkative.
-u hang out daily and always enjoy each others company
-he asked u out and it was awkward at first/rlly dorky
-he is extremely sweet, always telling u he loves u
-watching out for you, and your health.
-making sure u eat and scolding u if u don’t
-a LOT of cuddling
-forehead kisses
-back hugs
-he would come home and find u in the kitchen: backhug
-you were getting something from ur drawer: backhug
-fixing a picture on the wall: backhug
-ok i think we get it, mark loves backhugs and resting his head on ur shoulder.
-wearing his hoodies and big shirts: ALL THE TIME
-he loves it, and ur comfy its perfect.
-cute kisses all over ur face when he missed u
-making breakfast in the morning and totally forgetting to eat it bc you’re too immersed in each other
-staying in the dorm more often than ur apartment.
-becoming best friends with got7/basically being their little sister
-replacing youngjae as coco’s mother :)
-random singing/rapping
-meeting papa tuan and spending lots of time with him resulting in mark gettin jelly
-playing with kylie & leila :“) becoming their favorite instead of mark
-movie nights, popcorn & cuddling 👌🏽
-watching him practice martial arts
-not wanting to get up in the morning bc you’re too comfy
-getting brunch instead of breakfast bc u woke up too late (breakfast never works out for u)
-trying to study but mark bugs u bc he wants attention
-pizza dates and ramen dates bc he loves ramen :0
-i ruined myself making this bye.

Dating Johnson would consist of....

- listening and dropping raps & rhymes all the time

- snuggling on the couch or bed watching Netflix

- constant trips to the studio together

- him constantly kissing ur face (lips, cheek, forehead, nose, etc.)

- cute romantic dates

- him telling you how pretty and beautiful you are every chance he has

- holding hands constantly

- calling you babe and princess

- cute FaceTime dates when your both apart

- him telling you how much he loves you and how much you mean to him every day

- sending you cheesy cute text messages


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LUKE: He probably forgot something that was very important that you were telling him or he wasn’t paying attention to you so you’d be like “oh okay well if your not gonna listen to me and not talk to me i wont talk to you, consider yourself shunned.” then youd walk away and just sit in the kitchen and he’d be begging you “come on please.” “pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssseeeee” and then you’d turn around and kiss him.

MICHAEL: So he’d be playing video games and you’d be sitting there for like three hours bc he’s just a butthole. You would kiss his neck and he’d kind of just not react. So you gave up and walked into your bedroom. He would come in like thirty minutes later and you’d be sitting there. He’d try to kiss/hug you and you just scoot away and then face your back towards him. “Come on don’t do this, I’m sorry (Y/N). I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to get too caught up in my games. Come on, I wanna cuddle you, kiss you, and just be with you, pleassssseee.” Then, you’d turn around and have ur cute mad face on and he’d kiss your nose that was scrunched up and he’d cuddle you.ASHTON: You both were giving each other the silent treatment. You both said something rude to one another. You knew Ashton was going to break soon. “Okayyyyyyyyyyyyy! I’m sorry I said it, now can we cuddle or watch a movie or at least talk.” You didn’t budge, eyes still on the ground and your arms still crossed. “Okay how about I make you some food and we can watch Transformers.” You looked up and smiled and started to kiss his face. Then, you both went into the kitchen and started to cook together, but there wasn’t much cooking.

Calum: Calum has been really rude to you lately so you decided to just not talk to him. that doesn’t last long when he comes home crying. “Baby, I am so sorry, I never meant to hurt you. I love you so much, please talk to me.” You turned around and gave him a comforting hug, you loved him as well.

(A/N): Hey hope you liked this. These weren’t my gifs, love you all! xx