kisses ur cute face

NCT Reaction:How they would kiss you (NCT Hyung Line + Mark and Heachan)

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cute kisses;will stare at ur beautiful face before he kisses u,will ask for permission if it’s ur first kiss,will look deeply into your eyes before kissing u,will hold ur face in his hands while he’s kissing u,holds ur face like it’s the most fragile thing in the world,probably cried when he kissed u for the first time,before deepening a kiss will first tell u how much he loves u,one hand on ur waist the other still holding ur face,blushes if it was in  public,will hug u after your kiss


giggles before kissing u;hands are in your hair when he’s kissing u,if not then his hands are pulling you closer to him,doesn’t often kiss you in public;when he does it has to be perfect,whispers sweet words in between your kisses,nuzzles you nose after kissing u,gives u a beautiful smile that will leave you melting after kissing u,buries his head in your neck if it was a public kiss bcs he’s embarrassed


first kiss was unexpected; “i’ll give u 3 seconds to slap me” “johnny,what do u me-” *kisses you* (pls tell me someone recognises this scene) ,could say some very random shit during your kisses,doesn’t care if his members see you guys kissing,loves to hold your waist when he kiss you,probably towers over you when he’s kissing you if ur smol,would say something pretty cheesy after your kiss causing you to get embarrassed


kiss on forehead gets followed by kiss on nose and ends with kiss on your lips;kisses with so much passion and love,is probably v expereinced tbh;knows how to use his tongue like a pro ;)),only pecks when it’s in public,holds your hands when kissing u,holds u v close btw,leaves you wanting for more after every kiss,looks deeply in your eyes before kissing u;once giggled bcs he realised that he has been staring for 5 minutes now,every kiss is planned;not one is unexpected (for him but not for u lol)


is very sweet;will make sure ur comfortable with how he’s kissing u and will constantly ask u if it’s okay to kiss u like that,will probably pull u closer by ur neck or place his hands in ur hair if he feels like it,sometimes holds ur hands too,kisses your forehead after he kisses you and tells u how lucky he is to have u,overall kissing him feels like being in a fairy-tale ((thank u admin luna for helping me))


wasn’t that shy at ur first kiss but did ask if it was ok for future references,holds u by ur waist when he kisses u,for some reason likes to tease u when kissing u by first kissing the corner of ur lips and then rlly rlly slowly actually kiss u on ur lips,he always laughs when u end up blushing bcs of him and he always gets hit on his head bcs of this lmao


first kiss was very awkward;didn’t really know how to start the kiss and how to end it,accidentally pushed u away and he immediately apologized a 1000 times,was also a blushing mess,would never kiss u in front of his members bcs it makes him feel so awkward;was once v brave tho and kissed u in front of them;ends up blushing like crazy and hiding his face in your neck,his hands are always holding urs,is overall just a cute bunny


biggest fan of sweet kisses; most of his kisses are also very random which causes u to get mad sometimes but it’s ok bcs he loves it when u blush,sometimes pecks but mostly v long kisses,not afraid to kiss u in public,doesn’t tease u like kun and immediately kisses u right on the lips,is likely to hold ur hands in his when he’s kissing u ((thank u for helping me here admin casper))


one hand in your hair and the other arm is pretty much pulling u closer and closer,ok but sometimes his kisses are also very cute; “babe~” “yes?” “*kiss*” “what was that for??” “for being so beautiful everyday”,doesn’t rlly care if the older members are around,does blush tho when they start teasing him,but i guess he kinda likes it??,doesn’t kiss u infront of the younger members tho bcs they’re children and he doesn’t want them to be disgusted by their hyung


at first he would be so shy;still would be shy after a few kisses but less than the first kiss,would always peck u randomly and then smile at u like nothing happened,shyly compliments u after he kisses u; “baobei ur hair smells nice” “thanks bb” “*giggles*”,he’s not afraid to kiss u in front of the members tho,places his hands behind his back and then slowly leans in to kiss u,he ends up placing his hands on ur cheeks tho


first kiss would be v short but sweet;giggles were shared after the kiss and a blush was v obvious on his face,every kiss is v cute;he always smiles in between ur kisses,he never knows where to put his hands;so u hold his hands so he doesn’t stress just bcs of that


pecks on the cheeks and pecks on ur mouth;he never really kisses u bcs like how does he do it,he’s a little bit shy too;will always ask for permission bcs he’s scared that you’ll push him away but he doesn’t tell u that,his hands are always holding your face when he gives u a peck on the lips

A/N: ok admin luna and casper helped me on two of them as u can see and i hope u enjoy them all

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for the sleepover saturday thing, im having a chill day and i love my gf and i want to cuddle her and kiss her all over her cute face 💕💕💕💕 -grouchycouchy, ur literal gf


Dating Mark

-when u first met he was rlly shy
-but as u started to hang more he became a lot more confident and talkative.
-u hang out daily and always enjoy each others company
-he asked u out and it was awkward at first/rlly dorky
-he is extremely sweet, always telling u he loves u
-watching out for you, and your health.
-making sure u eat and scolding u if u don’t
-a LOT of cuddling
-forehead kisses
-back hugs
-he would come home and find u in the kitchen: backhug
-you were getting something from ur drawer: backhug
-fixing a picture on the wall: backhug
-ok i think we get it, mark loves backhugs and resting his head on ur shoulder.
-wearing his hoodies and big shirts: ALL THE TIME
-he loves it, and ur comfy its perfect.
-cute kisses all over ur face when he missed u
-making breakfast in the morning and totally forgetting to eat it bc you’re too immersed in each other
-staying in the dorm more often than ur apartment.
-becoming best friends with got7/basically being their little sister
-replacing youngjae as coco’s mother :)
-random singing/rapping
-meeting papa tuan and spending lots of time with him resulting in mark gettin jelly
-playing with kylie & leila :“) becoming their favorite instead of mark
-movie nights, popcorn & cuddling 👌🏽
-watching him practice martial arts
-not wanting to get up in the morning bc you’re too comfy
-getting brunch instead of breakfast bc u woke up too late (breakfast never works out for u)
-trying to study but mark bugs u bc he wants attention
-pizza dates and ramen dates bc he loves ramen :0
-i ruined myself making this bye.

Dating Johnson would consist of....

- listening and dropping raps & rhymes all the time

- snuggling on the couch or bed watching Netflix

- constant trips to the studio together

- him constantly kissing ur face (lips, cheek, forehead, nose, etc.)

- cute romantic dates

- him telling you how pretty and beautiful you are every chance he has

- holding hands constantly

- calling you babe and princess

- cute FaceTime dates when your both apart

- him telling you how much he loves you and how much you mean to him every day

- sending you cheesy cute text messages


나를 경 배 ƪ(˘▽˘ƪ)


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☼ / ☀ / ❀ / ✧ also smooches u

☼ How long do you stay mad?

Forever and until the end of time. I KID I KID. It usually depends on what someone does to me. I forgive people, and I like giving people chances– because people can change. And a little communication goes a long way, I like to believe. But if someone really hurts me, then chances are that I’ll stay pissed for a long time. 

☀ What’s your rp pet peeve?

One huge pet peeve of mine is when people ignore I’m canon-divergent. I write lore for my muses, and it really annoys me when people don’t read that– then disregard that and continue assuming stuff about my muses. :^)

❀ What has made you completely lose your chill?

One time someone accused me of stealing someone else’s style of art(with 0 proof, mind you), ignoring the fact that this has been my rendering style for 5+ years. :^))) That was great.

✧ Do you agree with reblog karma or is it forced interaction?

I practice reblog Karma, tbh it’s just polite to send something in.. Though there’s times I’m willing to ignore it (if the muses or interaction just doesn’t mesh).  I’m neutral on the subject, and I think its very subjective.


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