kisses on the cheek

I got to commission my wonderful friend and Professional Smut Enthusiast, the amazingly talented @kauriart, and BOY HOWDY am I amazed. I HIGHLY encourage anyone who has the option and opportunity to commission the SHIT out of Kauri, and if you need amazing smut, amazing art, and all around amazing-ness, go follow her. Your life will improve. I guarantee it. 

Full NSFW glory if you click on the picture *wink*

*Roslyn is a Trevelyan, please do not tag as Lavellan*

imagine: being a youtuber and dating leafyishere
  • Secretly dating for months and not putting it on the internet
  • Claiming to be ‘just friends’ even though everyone calls bullshit
  • Bc he’s always in your vlogs & snapchat
  • And they constantly catch him just gazing and smiling at you
  • Him getting shy whenever you record him
  • “AWWWWWWW he’s so cute! Stop running away from me!”
  • And you just smile in videos whenever someone asks you about it
  • “Are you and leafy dating?”
  • “Who?”
  • Watching Calvin record & him getting mad bc he can hear you laughing in the background so he kicks you out until he’s finished
  • Fans going nuts when they see you sitting on his lap in one of your friend’s vlog
  • Him tweeting a picture of you kissing his cheek with the caption ‘sorry femmy but she’s thick af’
  • Fans begging you guys to make videos together bc they ship it
  • Being nervous to be on each other’s channel but eventually doing it
  • “What’s up guys…I’m here with my sexy ass boyfriend, Calvin.”
  • And you both burst out into laughter and he just puts his head on your lap
  • But that’s how you introduce him in any video he’s in
  • Doing something cliche like the boyfriend challenge bc u kno he’ll hate it
  • Him groaning throughout the video bc the cringe is real
  • And hiding his face in your hair whenever you say something sweet about him
  • Bc he’s embarrassed but he also feels lucky asf to have you
  • Making a rant with him
  • Distracting him with kisses the whole time
  • Making fun of the way he says COllab
  • “Why do you say it like that?”
  • “Like what?”
  • This turning into you doing a full blown impression of him
  • Everyone being impressed bc you are pretty good at it
  • Giving him head while he edits bc he’s stressed and hot af
  • Fans calling you “Mom and dad”
  • Kissing on live streams
  • Gifs and pictures of it all over tumblr
  • Both having fucked up sleeping schedules bc ur working on vids
  • Cuddling at 4am with him stroking your hair and kissing your temple
  • Overall supporting the fuck out of each other bc ur both doing what you love

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hux who hates being undressed around kylo. who gazes at kylo body and bristles with jealousy. who will only remove the bare minimum when they fuck, no matter what kylo demands. hux who can't stand his thin waist and his small wrists and his exposed collarbone.

And a Kylo who is desperate to make Hux understand just how beautiful and perfect he finds him. He kisses Hux’s wrists and praises his keen, clever hands, able to fix machinery with steady touches and nimble fingers. Kisses Hux’s ankles and praises how swift and agile he is, able to fell larger opponents with how fast and sure his movements are. He kisses Hux’s lips and goes on and on about how soft and lush and sweet they are, kisses his high cheeks and praises his alabaster skin and flawless complexion. Strokes his hair back and speaks of how he’s never seen a color like it, other than in sunsets on beautiful, war-torn planets.  

Kylo spends ages kissing Hux’s temple and praising his mind, his wits, his brilliance. The weapons he’s built and the opponents he’s outsmarted. Whispers of the beautiful revolution they’re staging, of the empire they’ll rebuild and rule.

Hux, under his breath, mutters about Kylo’s muscles and solid build. Kylo reminds Hux that he is just a tool, an instrument, and every instrument needs a steady hand to hold it.

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Seijou third years + Kuroo and Akaashi reacting to their goofy gf glomping them while a blanket is draped over her head and arms saying "You've been attacked by a blanket monster. Rawr." before kissing their cheek.

Oikawa let out a surprised laugh at his girlfriend’s sudden actions. He held his hands up in surrender. “Powerful blanket monster, please spare my life!” He wailed dramatically.

“Spare you?!” His girlfriend had gone fully into character now, complete with her best villain voice. “I demand you provide me with a piece of evidence to prove why I should allow you to live, filthy human!”

Oikawa flashed his best grin. “Because I am far too beautiful to die, of course!”

The blanket monster pulled back from Oikawa, contemplating his plea for his life. “Hmm…” They stroked their chin, “You have a very good point. But what will I gain by leaving you alive?”

“You get to bask in the light of my beauty, duh. Also…” Oikawa paused for dramatic effect. He took his girlfriend’s blanket-clad wrist in both hands with a smirk. “I’m a pretty great kisser.”

His girlfriend drew her brows together, squinting at him as though she wasn’t convinced. “I’m going to need you to prove that.”


Iwaizumi felt a blush creep onto his cheeks, partially from secondhand embarrassment and partly from the kiss. “Blanket monster?”

“Yes, it is a fearsome beast,” his girlfriend said seriously, taking a seat in Iwaizumi’s lap. “It steals souls and turns its victims into little blanket ghosts, doomed to take more souls lest they live alone for all eternity!”

Iwaizumi let out a little laugh and draped his arms around his girlfriend. “That’s a pretty creative story you just made.”

Her jaw dropped, fully offended. “I didn’t make this up, Hajime! This is the real deal,” She informed him. The poor sap knew nothing of such important matters. He had to be educated.

“Oh, excuse me,” He apologized. “So if it’s the real deal, then you just stole my soul?”

“Indeed,” His girlfriend agreed somberly.

“So now I have to spend the rest of eternity with you?” Iwaizumi gasped.

“‘fraid so,” She nodded.

Iwaizumi tucked his partner’s hair behind her ear and smiled lightly. “Darn.”

Hanamaki side-eyed his girlfriend as she pulled away from kissing his cheek. “Well played, blanket monster, but you know what they say, don’t you?”

His girlfriend cocked her head to the side. “What are you talking about?”

“An eye for an eye,” Hanamaki grinned, pulling his partner into a choking hug.

“H-hey,” She gasped, tapping Hanamaki’s arm, “you’re… squishing me!”

“Ah, what’s that? I can’t quite hear you,” Hanamaki laughed. “Oh,” he gasped. “I almost forgot!” Leaning down, he planted a big, exaggerated kiss on her cheek, complete with the ‘Mwah!’ sound effect.

“Ew, Takahiro, that kiss was gross!” She squealed.

He placed a hand to his chest to feign offense. “You don’t like my kisses?!”

His girlfriend cringed. “I’ll allow you a do-over if you promise to do it like a normal person.”

“My affection comes at a price. What have you got to offer?” Hanamaki asked.

“I have this blanket,” She frowned.

“That’ll have to do.”

“You…” Matsukawa sneered. “What gives you the audacity to think you can attack me and live to tell the tale?”

His girlfriend’s eyes went wide as she made an attempt to escape, but alas, she was too late. Matsukawa pulled the blanket over their heads and rolled, pinning his partner down beneath him.

“Please,” She begged, “please free me. I am but a humble blanket monster. I meant no harm!”

“Do you take me for a fool?” Matsukawa glared. “I won’t fall for your trickery, you beast.”

“Oh, dang, I thought you’d be too dumb to figure me out,” His girlfriend answered blankly.

“Wha- how dare you!” He gasped.

Matsukawa’s partner let out a laugh. “What are you gonna do about it?”

“I could keep you under the blanket until you melt,” He grinned.

“No, wait! Not that!” She wailed. “I’ll do anything!”

Matsukawa raised a brow. “Anything?”

“Anything!” She repeated.

“Give me a massage and I’ll forgive you.”

“Blanket m-monster?!” Kuroo gasped, fully aware that he would surely die from the fatal strike. “No one has ever…” He let out a dramatic choke and fell onto his back. ”…survived an attack from the blanket monster… No one! Why have you done this?!”

“It had to be done!” His girlfriend laughed evilly with her hand balled up in the air.

Kuroo finally accepted death, his body going limp.

“What a minute, you don’t get to die yet, wake up!” His partner commanded while she thumped his forehead.

“Ouch,” Kuroo whined, opening one eye as he returned from the grave. “Why’d you thump me?”

His girlfriend glared menacingly. “It’s payback for the other day. I’m sure you remember what you did.”

Kuroo sat up, no longer half dead. “Do you mean when I dropped my ice cream on your lap?”

“Yes, on my new pants!” She wailed.

“I think they looked better with the ice cream mark,” Kuroo smiled.

“Tetsurou!” His partner growled, using the blanket draped over her body to swat at her boyfriend. Despite her best efforts, Kuroo quickly took hold of the sides of the blanket, pulling her forward and trapping her in his arms.

“I thought the blanket monster would be stronger than that,” He sang. “I’m afraid I can’t let you go, though. I can’t afford to die again.”

Akaashi’s eyes went wide as he sat up on his bed after the impact. “What are you doing?”

“I just said that you were under attack,” His girlfriend pouted.

“By the ‘blanket monster’,” He repeated tonelessly as he looked away.

His girlfriend frowned as her cheeks went red. “Keiji, don’t react like a robot. Where are your emotions, boy?”

“The Academy took those away,” He replied blandly, eyes scanning his pillow.

“Academy?” She asked. “You mean Fukurodani Academy?”

“No,” He muttered, taking his pillow into his hands and squeezing it lightly. “The blanket monster slaying academy!” He cried out, striking his girlfriend down with his mighty weapon.

She fell against the bed, defeated and fully surprised that he had actually played along. “H-How? How was I defeated by the likes of you?” She choked.

Akaashi held his pillow up heroically. “You let your guard down.”

V:LD Beach Town AU

(Bc everyone’s gotta have one)


  • Altea Beach’s volleyball team captain (Altea Beach Wildcats)
  • Ruthless™ and undefeated
  • 24 and 6′3″
  • aka Allura “The Annihilator”
  • thinks Shiro is nice and wld like to hang out w him
  • so kind and friendly to everyone
  • likes to rollerskate along the boardwalk in her freetime
  • constantly kisses Shiro on the cheek
  • also has a “mild” crush on him (is actually full blown but is actually good at hiding it)
  • most intense captain anyone’s ever met ever (”make sure u have fun! but remember: the goal is to WIN! FUCKING! WIN!” *fire eyes*)
  • likes to give Shiro hickeys once they start dating


  • head lifeguard
  • crushin on Allura but shy abt it and thinks no one knos (every1 knos)
  • 25 and 6′
  • has a weakness for tall and intimidating women
  • is like the Camp Dad™ for the lifeguards
  • asks Allura to help train new lifeguard recruits w her rigorous volleyball training
  • super Wildcats cheerleader
  • has been thinking abt how to ask Allura out but can never muster the courage to
  • blushes almost instantly around Allura


  • also a lifeguard
  • Wildcats’ loudest cheerleader
  • became friends w Allura after one of her training sessions tht almost killed him and the other recruits
  • trying so hard to get Allura and Shiro together (”dios mio, Shiro at least TALK TO HER!!”)
  • 18 and 5′7″
  • always starts the games w “what team? wildcats!” chant w Pidge
  • hot jokester bi who flirts w all the babes (Smoothie Keith included - likes seeing him fluster out of his “indifferent emo kid” mask)
  • surfs w Hunk when they’re both off shift (but requests on duty time when Hunk is giving Shay surfing lessons so he can spy on them)
  • drags Keith to hang out w his friends (”just bc ur soul is dead doesn’t mean ur social life has to b, Keithy Boy!”)


  • volleyball ref
  • also owner of a boardwalk restaurant
  • gives discounts on home game days
  • is the really nice owner/manager who smooths over any restaurant conflict but goes into Protective Family Man Mode when terrible customers r causing obvi drama (those smug lil shits)
  • 43 and 5′10″
  • totes isn’t Allura’s biggest fan (lies - is totes her biggest fan)
  • can actually stay neutral to ref a game tho
  • comes up w the players’ nicknames
  • adores alliterations


  • hostess at Coran’s restaurant (she’s not allowed to wait tables after The Incident™)
  • 17 and 5′3″
  • brings lunch from the restaurant to Hunk during her break so they eat and chill together and shit talk Lance when he’s on duty
  • lowkey plotting Shay and Hunk’s first date
  • actually rats on Smoothie Keith and his stupid plans to Allura bc homeboy needs to Relax and shes the only one whos ever successfully stopped him in his idiot tracks
  • likes to snorkel
  • wants to b a marine biologist
  • actually has to move Coran away from the restaurant Disasters before a riot breaks out (”well i never!” “AND you never will, MA’AM! now pls leave before i call the cops!” - thankfully thts when they usually leave)
  • wears a new name tag w a dif fake name each day bc she doesnt want these weirdo strangers knowing her actual name (tag she uses most is “Pidge”)


  • 20 and 6′5″
  • Allura’s teammate (woo woo wildcats!)
  • super sweetie w a mean spike (the Shay Smack Down™)
  • secretly and shyly crushin on Hunk
  • takes surf lessons from Hunk so she can flirt and hang out w him but also bc she really wants to kno how
  • loves Hunk’s flower presents but worries abt breaking them so she has a growing collection in her apt
  • aka Shay “The Shark Attack”
  • is lethal on the court
  • designed the Wildcats uniform
  • curly hair too short for hair ties/ponytails


  • 19 and 5′11″
  • works at the surf shop next door to Coran’s restaurant
  • has a major crush on Shay
  • offered to give lessons when Shay mentioned she always wanted to learn how to surf (at a major discount - would’ve given them for free but she insisted on paying “IT’S YOUR JOB, HUNK!!”)
  • makes flower accessories for her during his slow work hours
  • thinks everyone looks best in florals (esp tall beauty Shay)
  • makes the fan tshirts for the gang
  • Shay’s biggest fan
  • loves hearing Pidge’s bad customer stories during lunch
  • actually debates w Pidge during lunch abt when/if Lance’s flirting w Smoothie Keith is leaving the Joke Zone into Actual Feelings (and when/if Lance will realize it)


  • 18 and 5′5″
  • works at the smoothie shop along the boardwalk
  • is tht one kid who wears black year round and is constantly asked how he’s not dying (“bc I’m already dead inside”)
  • is actually willing to sabotage an opposing team to (unnecessarily) ensure the Wildcats’ win but is always stopped by the gang trying to keep him out of trouble
  • they’re always trying to keep him out of trouble
  • is actually threatened by Allura and the Wildcats when they hear his plans for any trick (“If u try to pull any of ur shit tricks Keith, so help me god, I will spike ur scrawny ass into the sand to never come up again, myself!”)
  • has actually called Allura ‘mom’ in those instances (”u got it, Keith?!” “YES MOM!! … I MEANT MA’AM!!” “THAT’S NOT ANY BETTER!!”)
  • aka Smoothie Keith
  • has a secret crush on Lance but Regrets (“wtf why him?!”)
  • is the Pale Friend so stays in the shade like a vampire

Other Things

  • Zarkon is another ref and Dislikes™ Coran
  • Haggar is the team captain of the Bitter Rivals™, the Galra Beach Gladiators
  • First time Allura and Shiro meet: during Wildcats practice Allura spikes the ball (accidentally) too hard tht it slams right into Shiro’s head making him fall into the sand (maybe off the lifeguard chair?) so she runs over to see if he’s ok and he’s instantly IN LOVE
  • his face was bleeding and he said he’ll b fine just needs to go to the first aid hut “ok!” and Allura actually picks up and carries him there and he helps her treat his wounds and they get to kno each other (her smile is like sunshine!)
  • First time Shay and Hunk meet: they both reach for the same drink at the smoothie bar bc they ordered the same thing and Hunk becomes Infatuated! so he strikes up a convo and they hit it off (her laugh is really cute!)
  • it took a couple of times for Shay to remember Hunk’s name wasn’t “Smoothie Mixup Guy” and it made her sad every time
  • Allura asks Shiro to braid her hair before every game and he happily obliges (”its bc he braids the best!” “r u sure it’s not bc u like him?” “ofc i like him! he’s a great guy and–” “no! i mean tht u like him like him!” “SHAY!” “wht! i thought it was p obvi!”)
  • Lance and Pidge (and sometimes Keith) spend a lot of their down time gossiping abt the two It Couples of the beach
  • after one brutally close win the Wildcats, lifeguards + others threw a rager on the beach and Shiro drunkenly admitted his feelings to Allura (unknowningly in front of everyone). soon after they sneaked over to a quiet corner to make out. Lance has video and photographic evidence of both occasions.
  • Allura beat Lance up once she found out (”THOSE WERE PRIVATE MOMENTS!!” “YEAH BUT AT LEAST U GOT UR HANDS AND MOUTH ON UR DREAM BOY NOW!!” *proceeds to beat Lance up even more*)
  • Shiro and Allura become the Beautiful Athletes! It Couple and Shay and Hunk become the Seemingly Gentle Giants! It Couple

might b more to come but i’m thinking abt it


Jackson as a boyfriend 🍫🍭💕

• Always holding hands or arm draped over ur shoulders or around ur waist
• hugs or cuddling 54/7
• hooking arms when walking places or resting his chin on ur shoulder

• Lots of compliments all the time; ones that don’t even make sense or really cute ones where he points out something about you that he admires

• Always encouraging you with everything, like how you’ve improved at things and he has confidence in you

• teaching you random phrases in 
chinese and korean and then laughing when you ask what they mean ((usually it’s a compliment for him))

• teasing you on your pronunciation or commenting on how cute it is

• making fun of your height and then pouting when you mention his
• always texting u cute things even if u right beside him

• him getting whiny and jealous if you’re too close with one of the other members
• back hugs with shoulder and cheek and neck kisses

• “im your bias right”

• probably gets real excited when u meet his parents cuz he loves them so much
• overly dramatic if u get hurt like he’s probably running around and worrying about u

• pecks on the cheek, nose, lips whenever he sees u probably

• lots and lots of selcas/selfies with him like LOTS and usually he makes you wear something with his name on it or something of his for it (one is probably his background on his phone)

• singing loudly to or for you

• trying to use cheesy pickup lines on u and ur like jackson we’re already dating pls stop

• probably facetime/skypes u when he’s on tour and calls at crazy hours cuz he forgets the time zone difference but he misses u so lol
• idk why but he gets u lots of candy (for the cheesy pick up lines lol)
• loves to carry u whether it’s bridal style or piggyback rides
• his ig is full of pictures of the both of you together and captions that are super cute awww
• hella dramatic if he gets hurt even if it’s a paper cut just to get u to cuddle and kiss him
• takes candid pictures of u and uses them for his phone and may or may not send them to the other members to brag about how cute his gf is

• always rests his head in ur lap so u can play with his hair while he talks to u

• aegyo. Lots of aegyo. And the wang puppy thing why lol and especially the hearts oml make him stop
• does flips and stuff to impress u constantly
• always flexing
• always “accidentally” leaves sweatshirts and sweaters with u so ull wear them
• basically loves when u wear his stuff and gives u his shirts all the time bc he thinks u look cuter in them than he does and ur his and also he’ll compliment ur fashion taste when u do
• always asks u to buy him things
• “you think im wild and sexy right” “just wild” and pouting ensues
• snaps from the other members on tour where he’s clinging to them and them begging for u to help (it’s cuz jackson misses u aww)
• when it’s cold out he likes to hold ur hand and put it in his pocket
• loves when u feed him and gushes about how cute it is
• makes u wear snapbacks with his name on it bc ur so cute + everyone knows ur his
• probably was rlly upset the first tour away from u cuz it’s the longest he’s been without u and so the other members have to take extra care of him
• always gives u his jacket when it’s cold
• kisses u all over ur face a lot bc he thinks ur super cute
• mark and bam telling u he’s always talking about u
• forehead kisses and cheek kisses and neck kisses (mostly to embarrass u but whatever lol he just likes to kiss u)
• raps for u a lot
• always open to tell u everything (unless it’s a surprise for u of course)
• likes to just lay down in ur lap and tell u about his day and stuff that made him happy or upset or anything
• and likes to have u in his arms and listen to u talk about ur day
• always listens intently to what u have to say
• ur one of the most important ppl in his life and he makes sure u know just how much he loves and appreciates u
• always saying he loves you and how much he loves you
• always looks for you at the airport when he gets back and picks u up and spins u around and lots of kisses
• i uh cant stand jackson but ngl he’d be such a sweetheart honestly even tho he’s a dorky baby awww

Imagine Jazz doesn’t like to take his visor off, even while he interfaces. Nobody has ever really seen him with it back. Prowl is really the only one who has been close enough to touch the visor, but he never seemed to ask Jazz to take it off. 

It usually doesn’t bother Prowl, as long as he is pleasing Jazz in the berth he is happy. 

But on slow night, when fragging is lovemaking, Prowl will kiss up Jazz’s cheek. He pauses before the visor, waits for Jazz’s reaction, which is just his usual soft pants. 

When Prowl reaches up and takes his visor off, he is met with the most beautiful blue optics he has ever seen. He sees Jazz’s red cheeks, damp with coolant, and his adorable face. 

Taken aback with hose handsum Jazz is, Prowl’s thrusting falters and he just stares. He opens his mouth to say something but all he can get out is a “Hi…”

Jazz raises his eyebrows and smirks

Smells like you - Preference #371


Dan - “Is that my Dan shirt?“ he asked, noticing the white circle on the front. "I find it funny how you call this shirt ‘my Dan shirt’,” you laughed, “but maybe it is.” Sitting down next to him he gives you a quick once-over, “looks better on you than it did on me,” he teased, giving your cheek a kiss. “I like it when you wear my stuff,” he yawned. You raised a skeptical eyebrow, “could have fooled me. You always complain.” You pouted, snaking your arms in the shirt and crossing them. “I know. But I like it because they always end up smelling like you.”


Phil - "Is that my pillow?“ You squinted at his side of the bed and looked at your side. "This?” Phil laughed nervously, “it’s mine.” “Is it really? Because it has a pen mark on the side.” You pointed out, smirking at his innocent expression turned guilty. “Alright you caught me. I switch pillows every now and then.” “Why?” You laughed, finally realizing that your pillow had felt different every other week or so. “Because you smell nice!” He admitted, clutching the pillow to his chest.” “Hm,” you smiled, “fine. Pillow stealer.” 


// i just realized i started each part with ‘is that my?’ haha OTL BUT HOLY SHIT GUYS I THINK THE DUDE I’VE HAD A CRUSH ON FOR THE PAST TWO YEARS BROKE UP WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND SOMEONE HOLD ME WHAT DO I DO NOW  preferably bae but whatevs //

22: Fluffy marriage talk. (Dan)

Originally posted by theamazinggalaxycat

Dan would always call you ‘love’ or ‘darling’ simply because he liked those names.

You were sat on his bed resting against the headboard, he had his arm around you.

“You know what?”

“What?” you replied to his sudden outburst.

“You’re my wife.”

“I know that Dan.”

“Yeah, but just listen to it. Wife wife wifewife…” Dan spoke with and adorable smile, showing both his dimples. 

“Of course, I’m your wife.”

“But you have to really listen to it, ‘y/n is my wife’ it’s like music to my ears,” Dan complimented kissing your cheek.

Remus always knows when Sirius is having a down day. He knows he’s only the best at communicating his emotions. So he rather do things for Sirius rather than say them.

He lets him shower first.
He makes his favourite breakfast (waffles) and mint tea.
He cuddles with the shorter man-letting him be the small spoon.
He gives him his softest and fluffiest sweater
He offers him kisses in his mouth, cheeks, forehead, chin, neck, collarbone, everywhere
He makes sure Sirius knows that he loved so fucking much