kisses his pout


Couple’s Costume? (C.H.)

A/N: this was written so last minute, I apologize if it’s lame, or it sucks, or the plot is too cliche. I just wanted to post something in honor of it being halloween and the fact that the boys have been blessing us with pictures of their costumes

Warning: mention of rape and kidnapping

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“C'mon, babe.”
He pouted grumpily. “I don’t get why you don’t want to do a couple’s costume.”
I leaned up to kiss away his pout. “Sorry, Cal. I just think that couple’s costumes are lame. Well, the majority of them are.” I shrugged.
“We would’ve been so cute though.” He continued to sulk.
I laughed. “And we still will be, just not dressed in a matching theme.”
He turned his head away from me.
I rolled my eyes and moved to wrap my arms around his torso and snuggle my face into the crook of his neck. “You and Ash can do a couple’s costume idea together.”
“It’s not the same,” he whined.
I tickled him and he squirmed away from my touch. “You guys will look legit and probably even better than what you and i would have looked like together.”
He looked down at me. “Do you already have a costume idea? Is that why you won’t do a couple’s costume with me?”
I shrugged. “Sorta. I don’t really like the idea of a couple’s costume and I do have an idea for my own.”
He sighed. “Fine. I’ll plan something with Ashton.”
I poked his side. “It doesn’t even have to be just you guys either. You can do it as a group. Maybe have Mitchy, Jack, Matt, or John join you guys.”
He seemed to perk up at my idea. “That’s a good idea babe. We’d be sick dressed up as a group in matching costumes.”
I smiled at him. “See? You won’t need me.”
He wounded his arms around me and pecked the top of my head. “I guess you’re right.”
“Always am,” I mumbled into his neck.
We laid there for a moment, cuddling each other before he started to move out from under me.
I furrowed my eyebrows as he stood up. “Where are you going?”
He stretched his arms above his head, making his sweatshirt rise up a slightly above his tummy. So, naturally, I sat up to kiss the exposed skin of his tummy.
Calum looked at me weirdly but there was still a fond smile on his face as he lowered his arms. “I’m gonna tell Ashton that we need to go find our costumes. Or at least figure out what we want to be.”
“You guys could always be what you wanted us to be originally,” I tried to suggest.
“Yeah, I don’t think people will be particularly fond of one of us dressing up as Princess Jasmine.”
I laughed. “I would love to see one of you wearing just a bra.”
He rolled his eyes and leaned down to peck my lips. “I’ll see you later, okay? I probably won’t be back until night. Is that okay?”
I waved him off. “It’s fine, Cal. Don’t worry about me. I’ll just be here watching movies and eating all of your guys’ food.”
“If you eat it all, you’re paying for the grocery shopping this week,” Ashton said as he came bounding into the living room.
“I didn’t say that I would eat it all,” I told him.
Ashton rolled his eyes as he picked his keys off of the counter. “You ready to go, Cal?”
Calum nodded. “See you later, baby.”
I smiled and waved at the two of them as they walked out the door. “Bye!” I shouted.
Once the door closed, I got off of the couch and went to Calum’s room since I was staying in there with him. I walked over to my bags that I had brought with me to stay a few nights and took out what was my costume for tomorrow’s halloween party.
Yup. I definitely didn’t regret telling him no.

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Imagine taking care of Wonwoo while he’s sick.


Yes! Thank you!

“Don’t go…”

You watched as your boyfriend checked his phone for the case Lestrade was sending. He sat up and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Can’t sit at home when there’s finally something fun going on.”

You frowned and sat up, pulling the covers up with you. He quickly turned and kissed you. “Don’t take it like that.”

You pulled away from his kiss, pouting. “Then stay with me.”

He glanced at his phone and bit his lip. He finally looked back at you. He nodded. “Fine.” He climbed back into bed and pulled you close to his own warm body.

You leaned you head against his chest and closed your eyes. “I love you.”

He smiled and played with your hair. “I know.”

Dating Taehyung Would Include...
  • hugs from behind 
  • giggling at each other when you’re supposed to be quiet 
  • smiling at everything 
  • PDA
  • kissing all the time 
  • pouting 
  • kissing his pouting lips 
  • playing with his hair 
  • surprises all the time 
  • cooking you breakfast 
  • meaningful talks until 3 AM 
  • “but i love you” 
  • “fine, okay” 
  • “I want kids” 
  • “look at how cute my nephews are.” 
  • morning sex 
  • shower sex 
  • make up sex 
  • sex 
  • dancing in the kitchen while dinner is cooking 
  • “what if your family hates me?” 
  • nose bopping 
  • Sunday morning brunch in bed 
  • hugs all the time 
  • deep moans of pure bliss 

Yoongi // Taehyung // Jimin // Hoseok // Namjoon // Jungkook // Jin

Taehyung (V) X male reader 2/2

As you kissed V you made sure to move him over to the wall with his back pressed against it, V kissed back his hands making its way around your neck as he tried deepening the kiss. You smirked softly as he opened his mouth so you could enter, you made no hesitation. A moan erupted through his throat making you get hard. You pushed your body on him and he pulled back from the kiss moaning as your leg rubbed up his thigh to his hard-on.
You stared at him and smirked he looked at you with a red blush, you kissed him quickly. “You have to get some sleep alright I don’t want you falling asleep in your interview tomorrow” you reminded him. He shook his head with his arms still around your neck “I’m not tiered” he smiled slightly. Returning the smile you held his waist and kissed his forehead, he pouted and looked down and blushed deeply “plus because of you I’m hard” he mumbled.
You looked over to him and smirked “do you share a room?” V shook his head and you simply smirked “good”

Everything was quiet in the dorm as V led you to his room which was next to Jungkook and jimin’s. You stayed quiet following V to his room; once there v closed the door behind and looked at you.
Staring at him you kissed him, he kissed back and chuckled slightly as he moved as you moved backwards and hit the bed causing you to fall. You were at the bottom as v was saddening your hips and grinding slightly but you were already hard and so was he and you could feel him through his jeans.
You moaned slight and v smirked but you moved so you were now on top being the dominate one and you refused to be a bottom, you kissed him passionately. He moaned as he kissed you back.
V started to take off his shirt and threw it aside and wasted no time on undressing you which you found slightly amusing at his excitement. “Have you ever done this before?” You asked quietly as you started kiss on his neck “twice but only one night stands things” V admitted with a small moan as he felt you kiss his neck which made him shudder in anticipation.

Being glad of his answer you started to unbuckle his belt and took off his jeans as he blushed darkly from embarrassment as he was wearing hello kitty boxers that were pink. “Cute” you mumbled with a small smirk as you took off your own jeans off.
V stared at your package and you simply smirked at his reaction, he blushed and looked away but you kissed his cheek and said quietly “I love you Taehyung it’s okay to stare I don’t mind” he looked over at you and wrapped his arms around your neck and kissed you passionately as he wrapped his legs around your waist grinding slightly.
After a while of foreplay you became impatient and took off V’s hello kitty boxers and grabbed his erection and pumped it slightly and he moaned loudly at the feeling and becoming breathless easily. You stopped as you saw him shivering and arching his back. Grabbing a condom from a side draw which was by pure coincidence you found it in his bedside draw. You put your hard erection in it and found the lube was there two and you smirked wondering why V would have them there, as you were about to rub some of the lube on the condom so it would make V feel so much pain he stopped you “don’t I, want to feel you inside me” he admitted shyly.

You nodded and listened to him. You took off the condom and applied the loud to your erection and slowly entered yourself in Taehyung, he moaned slightly at your size that he only imagined about in his fantasies. V was moaning as he shut his eyes tights throwing his head back. You started to thrust your hips as he moaned each time you thrusted into him.
Taehyung tries to keep quiet which only encouraged you to go hard, Taehyung was over the moon as he moved with your thrusts. Half an a hour latter You released in Taehyung and he cummed back with a loud lustful moan in return.
“I love Taehyung” you mumbled in his ear as you pulled out laying next to him and cuddling close, unfortunately V was asleep from exhaustion, chuckling you slowly drifted to sleep while holding on to him after to let go.

#4, Please dont goooo

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“Please don’t goooooo” I whine, making Justin chuckle.

“Babe” Justin kisses my lips gently, making me sigh in content, “I have to get ready for tonights show and im already late” He says, but I shake my head.

“Today was so perfect though, I don’t want you to leave” I pout, kissing his bare chest as I snuggled closer to him under the sheets.

“I know, but I promise after the concert ill be all yours again” He promises, and I grumble, finally agreeing and letting him go, lying flat against the bed.

“Aww don’t be mad baby” He chuckles, hovering over me and moving my hair away from my face, kissing my nose, then my lips. Before he could move I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him on top of me as I deepened the kiss. Bad move Justin.

“Y/N” He groaned as I bite his lip, grinding myself up against him.

“Please. Just one more time. Please.” I beg, pressing tiny kisses against his lips, knowing he was cracking.

I run my fingers down his back, his muscles relaxing under my gentle scrapings. I kissed his neck.

“Fuck. Okay okay.” He attached his lips to mine again fully, his hand running down the side of my body.

I smiled in victory, giggling as he rolled us in the sheets, his lips pressing multiple kisses on my face, eyes, nose, and mouth.

“Youre lucky I love you” He whispers, and I smile.

Envy - Junhui

One day I’ll become good at making fic titles…

“Jagiya I’m tired~~” Junhui whined, words dragged out as his walking slowed and his sighs increased in frequency. Strung along his arms were bags of all colours and sizes, really feeling the wrath of your retail therapy, when he stopped all together, making you turn and look at him.

“Recently I’ve been feeling so stressed, and so you offered to take me shopping. What did you expect to happen?” you asked quietly, placing a hand on his shoulder. He sighed for what seemed like the thousandth time and pouted as he looked at you, adjusting one of the bags that was starting to cut into him through his thin cotton hoodie.

“Less pain? It’s been an hour and I haven’t stopped walking around with you from store to store.” He pointed out, adding a frown to his pout to try make you feel bad for him. You chuckled and kissed his pout away, taking some of the bags from him on one arm to enable you to hold one of his hands.

“Fine. Do you want to go get something to eat? We can sit down, then.” you suggested, both of you already headed for your favorite ice cream parlor with his eager nod. He seemed more enthusiastic then, slumped back straightening and sighs stopping as he hurried towards the quaint little shop on the edge of the block. It was a cute place, white wood making up the exterior with pink pansies lining the edges in small planters that had been painted the same white as the shop itself. The inside was light, consisting of pastel pinks and whites, making you feel happier and generally more relaxed as soon as you stepped through the door. You revelled in the cool feeling of the A/C, the contrast to the simmering heat outside making you sigh in bliss as you made your way to the round table near the window in the back corner - the table you always sat at - and Junhui followed.

“I’ll go order.” he smiled at you, a charming smile you couldn’t help but love, however when you saw who was standing at the cash register at the counter you shook your head.

“No, no, sit down. I know what to get.” You kissed him shortly before hurrying to the counter, pretending to study the menu momentarily before looking the man waiting expectantly before you in the eye. Normally, people who saw their ex would feel loathful or angry, however you and he hadn’t left on bad terms; you just wanted to focus more on work. Therefore you smiled widely when his face lit up in recognition, leaning closer to see if it was really you.

“Y/N?” He asked quietly, also breaking out into a grin when you raised your eyebrows in acknowledgement.

“Hey, Jimin. How have you been?”

“I’ve been okay… you look good, though. How is work?” He chuckled slightly, eyes intent on you as you leaned forward on your elbows on the counter.

“Stressful, but I’m managing. Good money, of course.” he nodded, eyes scanning your face and face softening.

“I’m glad you’re happy. Like I said… you look good.” he murmured, reaching a hand out and brushing some hair from your face gently. You blinked a few times, wondering if he meant anything by the gesture, but before you could ask a strong arm was around your waist and a light growl could be heard above you, making you look up to see an irritated and angry looking Junhui staring down at the black haired boy who straightened back up at the sight of him.

“Why are you touching my girlfriend?” he asked in a low voice, emphasis on ‘my’ seeming slightly unnecessary as Jimin shook a little, lips forming a thin, straight line as he shook his head.

“I didn’t mean anything, she just has hair in her face.” he muttered, looking at you desperately.

“Junhui, it’s just Jimin, leave him alone.” you murmured, feeling the arm around your waist tighten.

“You know him?” he raised an eyebrow, even more unimpressed now, and looked between you both. You nodded slowly:

“We used to date.” you replied in a whisper, knowing full well how jealous Junhui could get. He frowned, his other arm wrapping around your waist and pulling your body as close to his as he possibly could. “Would you not do that?” your words were muffled by his shirt as you let out a sigh, not fighting him and remaining pressed against him whilst Junhui stared Jimin down.

“Do you touch all of your exes like that? Do you think that’s appropriate?” he asked, trying to sound dangerous, however Jimin now looked bored.

“Look, man, it really didn’t mean anything. I got over Y/N years ago, so let it go. And let her go. I’m pretty sure she’s suffocating.” He pointed to you with a small laugh, folding his arms over his chest and smirking when Junhui finally let you go and you breathed deeply.

“What are you doing right now?” you asked, frowning up at him and mirroring the pout he had earlier. He smiled apologetically, kissing your pout as you had to him and stroking your hair lightly.

“I’m sorry.” he said, looking between you and Jimin again. “I don’t like you being with your exes. What if you were to suddenly leave me and go back to him?” he asked incredulously, eyes wide. You honestly didn’t quite know how to feel at that point, between Jimin’s sympathetic looks and Junhui’s overreacting, you just wanted to eat your ice cream. Which you hadn’t even gotten yet.

“Why on earth would I leave you when you make me so happy?” you huffed, patting his arm and shaking your head. You didn’t even need to elaborate; he knew what you meant, he was just being ridiculous.

“Are you guys actually going to order?” Jimin asked, sounding slightly impatient as he scowled at your boyfriend who was now smiling and seemed perfectly fine. You nodded, pointing at the table.

“Junhui, please go sit down.” you said it like a suggestion but he knew it was an order and so he went to sit down immediately, you turning back to Jimin and exhaling slowly. “I’m sorry, he gets really weird when he’s jealous. Like, he could be so dangerous and stuff but he gets all silly and…” you laughed, looking back at him momentarily. “He’s such an idiot. But he’s my idiot.” Jimin’s response showed he didn’t seem to feel the same way towards what has just happened, him sending a quick glance your boyfriend’s way too.

“You could have done so much better.”

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This got kinda weird

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Scott Summers x reader

Summary:  40 with Scott summers

Prompt: 40.  “I’ll start crying.”


“Scott” You whined trying to get your boyfriends attention “Scoooootttttt.” 

He was currently focused on a video game that him and Peter were playing together.

They had been playing since they woke up this morning and you were bored out of your mind, having opted out of going to the mall with Jean, Kurt, and Jubilee. 

Big mistake.

“Scottttttt” You whined again laying your head on his shoulder.

“What (Y/N)? What do you want?” He asked shrugging you off his shoulder.

“I just want a kiss.” You pouted at his rude behavior “And maybe not to be treated second to a video game.”

Scott quickly turned around to give you a quick sloppy kiss that didn’t even hit your mouth but nose.

“Scott. That wasn’t a kiss.” You huffed.

“(Y/N) this rounds almost over, give me a sec.”

You looked at were he was on the screen, and you knew they weren’t even close to done with this level.

“Scott” You purred, smiling as you noticed him tense up “If you don’t kiss me” You whispered into his ear nibbling on it  “I’ll start crying.” You said as you hit the back of his head with your hand.

“Fine! FIne, okay.” He said as he set down the remote, grabbed you, and kissed you.

“Thank you. That’s all I wanted.” You said as you pushed him away, and left the room.

You were already out of the room when you heard him yelling for you to wait up for him.

some headcanon-y stuff to think about

The result of amazing conversations with @pathonous​ about the post-s3 murder husbands life

- Will seeing the Verger brand on Hannibal’s back the first time
- Bathing together. Will scooping a huge handful of foamy bubbles and setting it atop of Hannibal’s head.
- Hannibal letting Will explore his child-like side, taking him to chocolate stores. Celebrating birthday with lots of candles and presents, Hannibal just wants to give it all to him. All the childhood things that they both missed out on.

(more below the cut. warning: they get painful)

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Relationship Headcanons for Oikawa, Kuroo, Suga


-Fangirls?! They have simply vanished to Oikawa. You are the only girl for him and his eyes are simply set on you.

-After match kisses for wins and you kissing his pout away if they (somehow) lost.

-CUDDLES ALL THE FUCKING TIME!!!!! Oikawa makes for an amazing pillow and he greedily enjoyes you sleeping on his chest as he gets to play with your hair.


-THROWING YOU OVER HIS SHOULDER CONSTANTLY. Like if he’s in a great mood it doesn’t matter where you were or who you qere around. It only mattered if you were wearing a skirt.

-B O D Y W O R S H I P. He adores and practically worships you. Your love to him is the epitome of all things good and he will never break your trust. Loyal. Ride or die kinda bitch.

-Being around Kenma for long has also introduced him to the wonderful world of video games. He will position you on his lap or invetween his legs for long sessions of mario kart and heated makeouts.


-Honestly, he’s so caring it physically hurts. He always makes you feel comfortable and loved. His constant reasuring hugs and words of love give you confidence like no other

-Makes sure you ate and slept well of you stayed over. It’ll always be giggles and constant chaste kisses with him around

-Constantly being interrupted by either Daichi or Asahi. They both literally run for the hills!


You sat down on the side of the bed, pulling on your shoes. “Cas…”

No answer.

“Cas, come on! I know you’re awake. We have to go! I don’t want to miss talking to the cops!”

“No. If I get up then you’ll check us out, and then you’ll drop me off at the bunker, and leave and I’ll worry about you and not get to see you until you come back. I’d rather just stay here, with you next to me,” he said, reaching and arm out to pull you back onto the bed.

You laughed. “I know. I’m sorry.” You planted a kiss on his forehead. 

He pouted a little and looked away. “I don’t like being a baby in a trench coat.”

You smiled at him. “But your my baby in a trench coat. Does that help?”

He couldn’t suppress a small smile. “Yes. It does.”

Baby Talk
  • Molly: *making faces* Here comes the powice car for my wittle baby-waby-girly-wirly *waving the spoon, making siren noises*
  • Baby Holmes: *giggling*
  • Sherlock: *at his laptop; sighs* Must you do that?
  • Molly: *smiling* She loves it. She doesn't go for planes.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Nooo. The baby talk. She's not an idiot and, frankly, it's vewwy distracting.
  • Molly: *amused* What was that?
  • Sherlock: *quickly* Nothing.
  • Molly: *grins* Did you just-
  • Sherlock: *hiding behind the laptop* Nope. It was your heawing- hear-ring *clears his throat* Hearing.
  • Molly: *approaches him and sits in his lap*
  • Sherlock: *avoiding looking at her*
  • Molly: *smiles affectionately* You do it, too, don't you?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Maybe.

Imagine being woken up by Ashton’s drumming at 6 in the morning and you go down to your home studio and find him passionately playing a solo, sweat glistening down his forehead and chest, and arms large and muscular. As hot as he looked at the moment, you were tired as hell and wanted him to come back to bed with you. “Ash…baby.” You whimpered, making your way over to him and wrapping your arms around him from behind. “Hmm?” Was his only reply as he continued drumming. “It’s early…come back to bed.” you pouted, kissing his cheek and neck softly. He merely chuckled and shook his head in response, turning to peck your lips. “No can do baby girl, I’m in the zone right now, I’ll be done in a bit.” He smiled. You whined and sat yourself in his lap, laying your head against his chest. “But it’s so loud! And I wanna cuddle with you.” You pouted again. He paused for a moment and smirked, lifting you in his strong arms and laying you face down over his drum kit. You squeaked when you felt a large hand lightly smack your ass and Ashton giggled as he began spanking you with a beat. “Ashton what are you doing?” You squealed, trying to squirm away from him. He held your hips down and leaned over to peck your clothed bum. “Since you want to be with me so bad and I have a solo to practice, I figured we’d compromise.” He was giggling uncontrollably now, causing you to roll your eyes and sigh in frustration. “You know that’s not what I meant…” you mumbled. Ashton grinned and pulled you back into his lap. “I know princess, but you know you have such a fantastic ass, how could I resist?” He chuckled at your pout and kissed your nose before throwing you over your shoulder. He laughed at your startled cry and started heading back upstairs. “Let’s go cuddle!” He giggled, but not before smacking your ass one last time.

💕2 Years of #sherlollytextchats💕
  • *Molly's flat*
  • Molly: *getting ready for a date*
  • -doorbell rings-
  • Molly: *sighs; goes to the door and opens it*
  • Sherlock: *holding a wriggling baby Watson; grins* Ah, Molly. A little help, if you will.
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *confused* I'm...sorry?
  • Sherlock: It seems you are the only one capable of settling young Sharlotte here *hands over his goddaughter and steps into the flat, smug*
  • Molly: *raises her eyebrows* Really?
  • Sherlock: *drops onto the sofa* Oh, yes. I wouldn't make something like that up.
  • Molly: *smiles* No. Wine's in the fridge *leaves for her bedroom*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *hurriedly retrieves the wine and two glasses*
  • -a few minutes later-
  • Molly: *returns; smiling* She was out like a light...quite tired. As if someone had been keeping her awake *raises an eyebrow*
  • Sherlock: *holds out a glass, chuckles* Deductions suit you, Molly.
  • Molly: *takes the glass; sips the wine* Chinese? I'm starving.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Fine...
  • Molly: *bends over her laptop, typing*
  • Sherlock: *glances at her; gulps his wine* Um, I thought you had a date.
  • Molly: *stares at him over her shoulder, at the wine and glasses*
  • Sherlock: *looks at the glass in his hand; bites his lip* Well that was devious.
  • Molly: One of us had to do something. The excuses were getting pathetic.
  • Sherlock: And the dress?
  • Molly: *finishes typing and closes the laptop; shrugs* It's new.
  • Sherlock: *nods, replaces his glass* So...this is a date.
  • Molly: Yup.
  • Sherlock: *stands up* Fair enough *strolls over and snogs her; smiles* I do have the best ideas.
  • Molly: *stares blankly at him*
Happy new year

“Joe, I’m not going to that party” you state for the tenth time that day.

“Come on y/N, I want to kiss you at midnight. You need to come!” Joe begs.

“I already told you, I’m having dinner with my friends. I don’t want to party tonight, and spare me the drama, you’re gonna get drunk anyway and won’t even notice I’m not here. You can come and sleep over at my house afterwards if you want to” you try to sound convincing, but the truth is, you’re kind of self consious. You and Joe have been dating for 3 months now and you have managed to avoid dancing in front of him. You hate to dance, especially in a crowded space full of gorgeous girls.You’re afraid that Joe would find you less attractive, or compare you to them…

“You never want to come to parties with me anyway” Joe whines. You get on your tiptoes to kiss his pout. When you step back, he wraps you close and refuses to let go. “Please talk to me” he whispers. You know he knows. You snuzzle your head into his jumper, avoiding his questioning gaze. He lifts your chin up gently, seeking eye contact. You stay like that for a while, his blue eyes locked in yours, trying to read you, figure out what he’s missing.

“There’s nothing wrong, Joe” you finally say and he lets go of his hold.
Deep down you feel a little guilty, and also worried to leave him on his own for new years eve. You’re aware that his friends are going to be there and all, but… Who is he going to kiss fisrt at midnight if it’s not you? And what about if your relationship doesn’t work out and it’s you last chance at a new years kiss?

“Fine, I’ll meet you there after dinner” You finally change your mind. Joe’s face radiates as a smile spreads accross his features. “I new you’d come around” he says and steps forward to cup your cheeks and kiss you passionately. Lips brushing against yours, he whispers “I’m so lucky to get to kiss the prettiest girl tonight” and his compliment boosts your self confidence. The butterflies in your stomach tell you that you made the right decision.


You hold your phone up in front of you, trusting Google map to guide you from your friend’s house to Joe’s party. Not many people are in the cold streets, but you hear noises and music from a few opened windows.

Your friends were a little upset that you had to leave before midnight but your cheeky smile when you said you were going to meet Joe left them in awe and to be honest, they are more than happy to see how in love you are.

The gps indicates that you reach your destination. You frown, a little concern: the party seems to be held in a fancy club, and two guards are standing at the door, blocking it from a few people yelling that they want to come in.

This is worst than you thought. But with the couple cups of champagne you’ve had and the thrill to get to see Joe soon, you decide to worm your way through the crowd and give it a go.

“Hi. I’m Mrs y/L/N, Joe Sugg invited me” you tell the guard. Despite your shyness, a wave of pride travels your body as you speak these words, and you can’t hold back a grin. The man checks the list, asking for the first letter of your surname again, and then your first name, before stating “sorry miss, you’re not on the list. I can’t let you in”

You step backwards and take your phone out, ringing Joe. He answers almost immediately.

“Hey, beautiful. I’m longing for you. Are you almost there yet?”

“Hey, I’m actually standing in front of the building, but they won’t let me in. Apparently I’m not on the list” you explain, knowing Joe will solve the problem for you.

“Hold on, I’m coming to get you”

You hang out and get closer to the door again. The guard who holds the list of names frowns “Miss, step back please, I already told you, this is a private event”. At this moment, you see Joe appear behind the glass doors. “I’m with him” you tilt your chin, indicating Joe the the guard. He turns around and Joe opens the door, immediately shivering when the cold air hits his bare arms. He must have rushed into getting you and didn’t even take time to put his coat on. The thought makes you giggle.

“Hey” Joe greats the tall man “This beautiful lady is my date” he says looking right into your eyes, before gesturing the man to hand him the list over. He goes through the pages, before stopping and showing him the very last one. “It’s my fault” he appologizes “I didn’t tell her I registered her under the name y/N Sugg”

Your heart skips a beat when you hear it. Y/N Sugg. Why would he do that? Either way, you like it. Joe shrugs, looking at you “I figured we would attempt together, so it would be faster to be registered under the same name” he explains and holds his hand out for you to take it. The man gestures that you’re good to go and holds the door for the two of you.

Joe leads you through the lobby, and avoids the dance floor where tons of people are swaying, guiding you to a more quiet corner with armchairs and coffee tables. 

“Don’t you wanna dance?” you ask, thinking that was the reason Joe had made you come here in the first place

“We don’t have to if you don’t want to” he says softly “I want you to be comfortable”

“I think… I think I want to” you breathe out. Joe’s eyes spark and he wraps his arms around you protectively, not giving you time to overthink it.

Joe is so great and understanding, you really want him to feel you put effort in this relationship as much as he does.

Still in the embrasse, Joe starts to rock you slowly. You put your arms around his shoulders, his being on your waist, and you slow dance like this for a few minutes to a totally non slow dance appropriate music. But you both don’t care and you find it so sweet that Joe tries his best to make you feel safe and make your night enjoyable.

Suddenly, you hear people buzzing and the dancing all around you becomes more or less drunk people juming around. They’re shouting 10… 9… 8…

You feel Joe’s grip tighten around you through the countdown, until 3…2…1… his lips meet yours for a long and delicate kiss. “Happy new year sweetheart” you hear him say into the kiss.

You feel more than ready to join Joe’s friends on the dancefloor and add a little craziness into that party but Joe seems to be taking his time letting go of you. Right before he does though, he leans in and whispers in your ear

“I lied to the guard earlier. I booked this party the day I met you, and althought I didn’t know your last name yet, I already knew I wanted you to be my date tonight and that you were the one I wanted a midnight kiss from”

He grins, before adding “and y/N Sugg sounds really nice, don’t you think?”