kisses his face until the end of time

BTS reaction to being needy when you’re busy

Jimin: he would casually lie somewhere where you can see him and do his best to make you lose focus with hair flipping, stares and poses straight out of magazines until he finally ends up giggling uncontrollably and ruining everything especially the part where he falls off the couch while trying to strike a pose

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Hobi: it would start with incredibly serious speech about everything you could be doing with him right now instead of working…but 10 seconds in he would realize that picking you up and kissing every inch of your face is a way better way of getting your attention

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Namjoon: has a strategy that proved itself to be useful many times in the past, ‘’Hey, (Y/N), wanna visit the bedroom together?’’‘’Did you really think that would work?’’‘’I did get your attention, didn’t I?’’  and whatever you want to say, he’s not wrong

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Jin: doesn’t even have to do anything and he knows it…he just strategically positions himself somewhere where he can look at you from…and a few minutes of him smiling and you’re already leaving your work damn it strong will means nothing against Jin’s smile

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Yoongi: doesn’t know what to do so he kind of just gets close to you and waits for you to notice him…and it’s kind of impossible not to since he’s 1cm away from you, ‘’Want attention, Yoongi?’’‘’I don’t know what you’re talking about.’’ says Yoongi while practically sitting in your lap

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Taehyung: first he would make sure you can’t focus on whatever you’re doing and most probably it wouldn’t even be intentional and then he would make sure that focus is on him…and trust me, if Tae wants attention you will know it you and half of your street

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Jungkook: his way of getting your attention is staring at you ‘’seductively’’ from the bed and claiming that he’s just watching new episode of Vikings on the TV next to you when you notice him and then staring ‘’seductively’’ again until you notice him again and so on until you finally get the matter into your own hands

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Interview part 1

I asked why she felt she needed a lover if she was still in love with her husband. She smiled, patted my knee and replied, “my dear, sometimes you need the deep-seeded love and care of the man you’ve known and loved for the greater part of your life. The man whose children you bore, and who is there for you through whatever storms you face…..”
“But, when his idea of foreplay is to assume you’ll become instantly turned on and wet because he tells you his dick is hard and he’s ready for sex…. well, it’s only a matter of time until your mind and body drift elsewhere, to a person whose passions and desires match your own. A person whose end game never was the sex itself, but all of the touching, kissing, and exploration of each other’s bodies that lead up to it.”


The first time was eternal, pain and regret and fear and grief stretching him out, tearing his limbs, ripping his edges to sheds. Then came Keyleth and light and peace, sweet peace like he’d never known before and wouldn’t know again until…

Well. Until much later.

It’d been hard to leave that. So hard. If he hadn’t heard them, hadn’t hear her, if she hadn’t broken through, he might have stayed. But she did break through, and eternity came to an end.

Compared to that? The second time is barely a breath. Barely a blink. There is pain and then peace, the essence of him cradled briefly in gentle waiting hands.

He hears music. Humming. From not too far away.

And then he’s back. And there’s pain. And there’s her. Her kisses, her tears, his face.

“Oh,” he manages. “That’s nice.” And he gives himself over to a different kind of peace. Just for another blink.

Merry Christmas, @watergirl1968! I’m your Jearmin secret santa, and here’s your gift! 

Elizabethan AU where Jean gets his lifelong wish and becomes a yeoman of the Queen’s guard. Life is good! But then he meets a petite scribe with permanent ink smudges, and suddenly… does he have everything he wants? It takes some time for his head to catch up with his heart, but Jean realizes he’d be an idiot to let this one go. The Courtship Of Armin turns into an elaborate and overly complicated affair as he bravely faces conflicting schedules, English weather, Armin’s psychotic best friend, and his own feelings.

For a while there the campaign seems like a doomed affair, until Armin - charmed and endlessly amused - finally takes pity and puts an end to it. He kisses Jean behind the scriptorium, and you know what? All’s well that ends well. ^_^


title: soundtrack of snores
summary: Sunday morning.
length: ficlet
beau: chris hemsworth

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You’ve been semi-awake for almost an hour now, drifting in and out and revelling in the pleasant surprise of soft snores and warmth from the man wrapped possessively around you.

He must’ve gotten in some time last night while you were asleep.

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You walk up the steps to the astronomy tower in complete darkness, not even daring to use your wand in fear someone could see you. Your steps echo through the long, empty halls, making an eerie and distant sound. You shouldn’t risk getting caught like this but somehow you were longing for that thrill, that feeling that showed you, you were alive.

“You’re late.” You hear Draco’s cocky voice before he takes a hold of you and slams you into the wall.

“Sorry…” You whisper, a light smirk showing across your face before he shuts you up by putting his lips over yours. The kiss is heated, his hands digging into your hips and your hands pulling at his hair.

You rarely managed to see each other in private and the times you did always ended the same for the most part, pressed against each other, hands roaming around your bodies until it was time to go back.

Draco Malfoy going out with a hufflepuff in public was out of the question, on the other hand you weren’t that eager to be associated with him too, so you had struck a deal. Maybe it wasn’t the best course of action because it was bound to get out somehow in the end but until then you’d surely have a lot of fun together.

“Same time tomorrow?” He asks after pulling back from you, the sun already beginning to show in the distant. It was time for class soon and you both had to leave.

“Sure.” You reply and smile before turning around to go back to your room.

Someone had written a Drarry AU titled “Little drarry aU” but then I read a bit and realized they didn’t mean “little” as in baby Draco and Harry but my brain was already imagining adorable Baby Drarry.

Imagine Lily and James surviving and having to attend a party at Andromedas were the Malfoys are as well and both boys are like four and James is all like urgh Malfoys but Harry is running after Draco and smooching him on the face like kids do and Draco just grabs his hand follows him anywhere.

Then it’s time for the Malfoys to go and Harry throws SUCH A BIG TANTRUM like, seriously, and Draco DOES NOT stop crying and in the end Lily and Narcissa have to promise the boys that YES YOU WILL MEET AGAIN. No not tomorrow because… no because… URGH FINE OKAY TOMORROW YOU CAN SEE EACH OTHER. And Harry kisses giggling Draco and hugs him until Lucius and James drag their children apart. Giggling Draco disappearing in green flames. Overjoyed Harry babbling to his dad about how soft Dracos “yellow” hair is.

Urgh ❤💕

Um okay but why are we not talking more about andreil shotgunning???

  • they end up on the roof, some time after The First Kiss, and Neil’s not sure what to expect, kinda wants to pull Andrew close and memorize the taste of his tongue
  • instead Andrew shakes out a cigarette, casts Neil a glance before shoving the pack back in his jacket pocket
  • “what, you don’t share with me now?” “stop speaking. the oxygen is getting riled up that you’re being so wasteful.” “fuck you.”
  • so they sit in silence - Andrew smoking and Neil not - until Andrew turns his body so that he’s straddling the ledge and faces Neil
  • “yes or no?” Neil hesitates, if only to not appear to overly eager before fixing Andrew with a fixed gaze, “yes”
  • so Andrew lifts the cigarette to his lips, watching Neil carefully, and inhales the smoke; it seems to go in slow motion for Neil when Andrew’s other hand comes to cup the back of his neck and pull him closer
  • Neil thinks they’re going to kiss but he hasn’t exhaled the smoke and Neil’s entire world shifts on its axis when Andrew is in his space, becomes his space, and prompts Neil’s mouth open with his thumb
  • Neil’s eyes close, not all the way, but to the point where most of his vision is obscured and he focuses on Andrew’s breath on his lips, and then Andrew is blowing the smoke into his mouth and Neil seems to understand all at once; he inhales what Andrew exhales, takes what is given, all while their lips are just barely brushing
  • Neil feels electric, like he could cause an entire power outage with one touch if given the chance
  • Andrew feels so good, smelling and tasting of smoke, feeling like yes and good and holy shit
  • It feels like it goes on forever, it lasts about fifteen seconds
  • When there’s no more smoke between them, Andrew’s tongue comes out to lick over Neil’s lips and Neil shudders, momentarily thinking he might fall off the fucking roof with the sheer force of it
  • And then Andrew kisses him, one chaste press of warm lips to Neil’s, and then Andrew moves to sit as he once was, feet dangling over the edge with the cigarette still burning in his fingers
  • “ninety-seven percent. now fuck off.”

Okay but imagine being best friends with Luke and you guys are hanging out backstage before the show and he takes out his phone and you guys just start taking selfies. You guys are being such dorks taking random weird pictures then you turn to him and say “okay, let’s take a normal one” he agrees and does his beautiful big smile but when he took the picture you were still looking at him to see what he was doing so you could do the same, you hit him across the arm “I wasn’t ready for that you shit!” then he starts laughing and says “But you look so cute!” You squint your eyes at him “Let’s take another one and this time wait until I’m ready!” He just laughs and gets ready to take another pic. He again was smiling and this time you grabbed his face and kissed him on the cheek, he took the picture right when your face collided with his cheek, you guys looked at the end result together “My nose looks weird in this one” you said laughing, “Oh my gosh Y/N! Your nose looks fine” Luke says while booping your nose. “No! Let’s take one more I promise the last one!” He lets out an exaggerated sigh and gets ready for the last picture. You went in to kiss his cheek again but when you turn your head you don’t feel the stubble on his cheek, but feel softness, you open your eyes and realise that you and Luke both went to kiss each other’s cheek but collided lips instead. You hear the shutter sound in the background then see Luke looking back at you, you both back up and continue to stare at each other in shock then you go to say something but he reaches for your face with shaky hands and leans in to kiss you again… Oh my god what did I just write someone take my laptop away from me

Hide’s about to kiss Kaneki for the first time so Kaneki closes his eyes, tilts his head to the side slightly, holds his breath and waits expectantly. BUt Hide stops to watching all that happen and dying from the cuteness of it all. Kaneki opens his eyes, sees Hide fighting back a smile and feels embarrassed. Kaneki complains and looks like he’s going to run away so Hide presses (read: attacks) small kisses all over his face until Kaneki goes to push Hide away because it’s ticklish and they’re both laughing. 

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soft concept of the day: little soonyoung really loves napping with other people! he especially loves cuddling between jun and minghao bc they're /actually/ the sweetest??? like they do this thing where jun presses little kisses all over soonyoung's face and makes him laugh while hao whispers about how proud they are of him and how much they love him and holds him until he falls asleep and it's the cutest thing (1/2) - ribbon anon

soonyoung also adores napping with little seokmin bc they’re best friends and they do everything together! nine out of ten times soonyoung ends up either clinging to seokmin in his sleep or lying on top of him and seok really loves it??? he’s just as prone to cuddle back and drape himself all over soon and aufjjwsjks i love soonseok so much :“) [2/2] - ribbon anon

ahhhhh i love little soonyoung sm

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first kisses with akaashi, kuroo, and aone? c: thank you~

Surprisingly enough, the thought of kissing his crush would have crossed Akaashi’s mind on several occasions, but the timing never seemed to be right. That is, until one day after practice, he found his crush to be waiting outside of the gymnasium, smiling while offering a water bottle to him. His emotions overcame his brain and he forgot about his sweaty state as he brought his face to theirs in a gentle kiss.

Kuroo’s first kiss would likely happen in the spur of the moment, when he felt the mood was right and was sure that his crush liked him back. He would probably end up cutting them off mid-sentence to press his lips to theirs quickly, before pulling away to evaluate their reaction. If they seemed to be on board with his affections, he would plant another one on ‘em.

Not shocking at all, Aone probably wouldn’t be the one to instigate much physical contact for fear of being too pushy and scaring his crush away. It would take a really long time for him to work up the courage to even ask if he was allowed to kiss them, a bright red blush on his face from the embarrassment. As for the kiss itself, he would only be able to kiss them for a split second because of how bad he would be trembling.

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send me a ๑ and my muse will roll the dice to see what task they have to perform.

                          let your muse video tape my muse masturbating.

                              The idea was of course Nathaniel’s, with his closet exhibitionism. It was a night where the blond was the first to initiate. A lustful idea floating into his head as the two relaxed on Archer’s couch drinking wine. He wanted to try and make Archer go crazy, and from past conversations, Nathaniel’s own kink would do just that.

                               Kisses intertwined with needy moans were exchanged before Nat played cute and asked if they could try something out. Before the other could finish giving the okay, the escort was already eagerly dragging him to the bedroom. Nat, putting himself at the head of the bed, made Archer face him while sitting at the other end with his phone in hand and ready to record. Multiple times Nat had to make the other promise not to touch him and to only record until he said so. He knew it would be hard for Archer to hold back.

                               Finally he undressed himself down to his underwear and leaned comfortably against the pillows and headboard before making sure Archer hit the record button. Nathaniel was already becoming excited just from the anticipation of being watched, a bulge already forming and stretching the cotton fabric of his underwear.

                               Grey irises watched his cameraman lustfully as he pulled the waistband down enough just to let his member escape from its confinement before fingers wrapped around it. Not once did his eyes look away from the raven as he stroked his cock, taking in every little twitch the other made and fueling the blond more in his lust. Just stroking himself would make for a very boring video though. After a bit of being at full mast, Nathaniel slipped his underwear past his ankles and kicked them away to be found later, before lathering a hand up in a peachy smelling lube. 

                              Not wanting Archer to miss a single angle, he turned his body around, now on his knees and face pressing down into mattress. A pearly smile bit at his lower lip as he reached behind himself and oh so teasingly rubbed circles at his entrance, shivering slightly at the cold lube touching his hot twitching hole, before slowly pressing a finger inside making him let out a low, hot gasp. Not just from the feeling but also from knowing that Archer’s piercing eyes were there watching every bit of his actions of enticement with his phone recording every bit of it too.

                             Only a few minutes passed before the blond was already able to put in another finger and begin thrusting them in and out, his other hand at his moaning lips where his teeth would occasionally bite at the knuckle of his finger when his others inside him would graze against his prostate. 

                              Every so often his eyes would take a glance to Archer, still recording, and a smile would grow on his face as he took notice of the tent pitched in his pants and hungry gaze that said any minute he was about to break, so close to his limit of holding back. It thrilled Nathaniel to make his lover sit there, watching and recording as the sexual tension built up inside, making the other want him more and more with each second he wasn’t allowed to touch. 

                             He never cared to do this with anyone else, because no one else’s eyes could look at him and cause his spine to shiver and make his body melt with all the love and lust that burned in those dark colored hues. No client that pronounced their love for the blond could ever match Archer’s in the slightest.

                            Feeling the heat build up more and more inside him, Nathaniel stopped his fingers and pulled them out before he could cum. With a lust-filled, love drunk expression, Nathaniel turned himself back over so his front faced the camera once more, letting it get full view of his cock slick and dripping with his pre-cum. Shaky breaths released from his lungs as his body ached for the continuation, hot and on edge to reach that pleasure high.

                             Lithe fingers caressed their way back down to his hole but didn’t resume their thrusting. Instead, eyes looked up to Archer (one hidden behind his sweat dampened bangs) before a melodic moan of the other’s name left his smiling lips that finally gave permission to his lover to ravage him endlessly, fucking him stronger and harder than usual with an almost animalistic nature, and Nathaniel loved every second of it before finally passing out.



6. Kissing someone

Malia was walking out of the dorm room, but stopped in the doorway and turned to face Silas. She leaned in and kissed him gently for a moment before pulling away with a grin. “Until next time, novio.” She winked at him playfully and walked away as he closed the door and went back into his room. As she walked away, she could hear Lachlan inside yelling about them being loud again and Malia just laughed as she walked away. She got to the end of the hall and that’s when she heard a familiar voice. She looked at Bambi and arched a brow, confused. “I’m going back to my room? Did you need help or something?”

How would EXO take selcas with their girlfriend

Sorry I’ve been away. I missed you.
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/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Always being funny* “Another pic? Okay… let me put my best face” *Sleepy face*


*Always serious* “I swear I’m smiling Y/N… look at my lips” *can’t tell a difference*


*Ends up taking a pic in his worst moment* “No no… that’s not me! Take it again! I’ll smile this time!”


*Doesn’t take the pic until he looks as pretty as you* “Do you think this one is okay? I don’t know… let’s take 1000 more!”


*Look at the camera in the perfect moment* “I’m so handosme~”


“Smile Y/N, Smile!” Look at the camera!” *Steals a kiss from you while he takes the picture*


*Rest his head on your shoulder* “Love me okay?” *Always looks like a puppy*


*Always looks better than you… because it’s luhan xD*


*The kind of boy that never stop laughing no matter how angry you get*”I’m sorry I’m sorry… I’ll be serious now….”


*Can’t stop smiling and blushes until he looks red like a tomato* “Did you take it jagi? *Is his new wallpaper*


*No matter what he does, he always looks funny* “I’m a beautiful Christmas tree!”


“No no wait… this is my best angle!” *sassiest selfie ever* xD

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@alecolightwood and me talked about andreil taking late night walks

  • It starts after Neil had a particularly bad nightmare and nothing can calm him down
  • After half an hour of Neil pacing back and forth Andrew finally has enough and drags his idiotic boyfriend outside
  • The clean air and the quietness of the night calms Neil down immediately
  •  But Andrew just keeps walking
  • At first their fingers only brush against each other occasionally but when Andrew can´t tolerate Neil being stupid anymore he just grabs his hand (he doesn´t let go until the end of their walk)
  • Neil is grinning and Andrew is glaring because he “hates” this idiot
  • Eventually it becomes a thing
  • Andrew growls every time Neil wants to go for a walk “ It´s 3 am wtf Josten”
  • But secretly he enjoys their walks very much
  • It´s peaceful and quiet
  • Sometimes they kiss under a street light because Andrew always wants to see Neil`s face to make sure it´s really a yes
  • One night they end up in a little park near campus
  • Neil discovers swings
  • Andrew rolls his eyes but he still sits down, lights two cigarettes (one for him and one for Neil) and watches Neil gently swinging back and forth
  • When Neil holds out his hand Andrew grabs it without thinking twice about it
  • After he’d finished smoking he fishes a packet of sweets out of his pocket
  • He grabs something for himself and offers the leftovers to Neil
  • Neil who actually doesn´t like sweets that much gladly takes it because it´s Andrew who offered. Andrew who normally doesn´t share his food with anyone
  • When they head back it starts to actually get quite cold
  • Neil and Andrew automatically move closer towards each other
  • Neil always makes sure that Andrew is ok with it
  • He also has this scarf with him that Allison bought him the last time they went shopping
  • When Andrew starts to shiver he unties it and wraps it around Andrew`s neck instead
  • “What the hell are you doing you idiot”
  • Andrew accepts the scarf because he can´t say no to Neil
  • And because his boyfriend is the biggest asshole and Andrew “loathes” him so much he grabs Neil`s hand and tucks it into the pocket of his jacket
  • Neil smiles so hard
  • Andrew is very pleased with himself (because he loves making Neil happy)
  • Maybe the corners of his mouth are twitching the faintest bit
  • Neil is freaking out because did he just made Andrew “soulless” Minyard smile
  • He´s also so fucking proud of himself
  • When they get back home and go to bed they lie close together and they´re both smiling

Felicity says I love you in a million different ways.

Companion piece to ‘dancing in a snow globe round and round’

AO3 | FF


did you really think I wouldn’t do a Felicity one too? posting now because it seems like this fandom could use some happiness :\


Felicity says I love you in a million different ways. She says it with her touch and her warmth, and the fact that she’ll follow Oliver to the ends of the earth and back. She says I love you with every breath she takes and every beat of her heart.


She says I love you with small fingertips and brightly colored nails running absently down his back as they pass in a hallway. Without time to stop and exchange kisses and words, because they’re at work and they’re professional. Instead, settling on a quick upturn of lips and a brush of her delicate hands over his suit jacket. The smile always stays on his face until she’s out of sight, when it gradually fades away along with her presence.


She says I love you with the press of each bandage to his damaged skin. By some unspoken shift, she’d become the one to hover over him with medical supplies and steady hands in place of Digg. She tells him years later, that she likes to be the one to treat him because it makes her feel a little more in control. In control of fate, of his mortality, of the fact that he will get to see another day. So she dabs at his wounds with antiseptic, and carefully cleans blood away without flinching. And closes his eyes and lets her, because he’d be lying if he said it’s not a nice thing to come back to. Injured and in pain, her presence heals more than any medicine ever could.


She says I love you with a shared gaze across a crowded room. Eyes warm and full of promises of later. The affection on her face making his chest tighten because she’s the best thing to ever happen to him and he’ll never deserve her, and yet she continues to look at him like that.

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AU where Emma and Killian meet because they are the only two people in the sleepy town of Storybrooke who play Pokémon Go and always end up at the same spots, screaming excitedly when one particularly good Pokémon appears. When he steals the gym from her and has the nerve to fuckin’ smirk at her while doing so, she swears on everything she holds dear she’s gonna take it back and make him pay. And she does. Multiple times. Until the day she opts to kiss that damn smirk right off his stupid, stubborn, handsome face.

Dance With Me (2/?)


Chapter 2! Leggo!!! More angst

Zendaya follows Val out of the garage into the house she hasn’t stepped foot in in over a year. He’s hauling her suitcases toward the stairs, leaving her to wander by herself. She counts each step he takes - it’s like everything he does is a dance, on beat, in time. She wanders around the large house, watching her feet glide across the marble floors. She ends up in the threshold of the kitchen. She smiles at his parents.

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